The small one street town of Leland lay quiet and abandoned in the still of the night. Hours before the entire population of five hundred turned out to celebrate the graduation of the Senior Class of 1960. Years ago four frogs came into the town and spoke to humans for the first time. Now along with the humans the first inter-species graduating class took off for the river an hours drive away to the old abandoned house for their last Senior Party.

At some point in history the house had once held the largest and most grand plantation in the Deep South. Now the old stately mansion saw life once a year at the blowout. A pick-up truck sat parked outside town and a few former students threw supplies into the bed. Across the street the local sheriff's office sat with the light on.

Inside the Sheriff and his Deputy sat playing cards talking to one another. They waved at the kids outside. "Bob you gonna stop 'em?" the deputy asked laying a card down.

"Nope, not until 2am." He answered.

"Remember our blowout?" the other man asked.

"Yep, asked my wife to marry at it. Ain't right how her ol' man came in bustin' up a good party at 11:30. Might as well let these kids have their fun," the Sheriff recalled glancing outside.

The deputy took the cards and began reshuffling them, "They still using that punch Mrs. Simms makes?"

"Yep," the Sheriff nodded taking his cards and looking at them.

The Deputy thought for a moment and glanced at the calendar on the wall, "Say when are we gonna close that still of hers anyway?"

"Tomorrow," the Sheriff replied as two guys and a frog jumped into a pickup truck loaded with food, records, and much more pulled out of town.