He awoke to a shifting and jerking of sheets accompanied by whispered curses. He took a moment to absorb the pain and let his nightmares be forgotten before he tried moving. He opened his eyes and looked around, relieved to be back in his usual room at the Rockbell House and out of the torture chamber they referred to as the surgical room. Little hands raising his foot caught his attention and he looked down, trying to figure out who was moving him and why. He opened his mouth to speak; to ask Winry what she was doing and where Al is, but the harsh air stopped him. His throat was on fire, sore and burnt, it tasted awful, too. He gagged as he breathed in deeper, a harsh cough aggravating the pain and making his eyes water. He froze in fear as Winry looked up. She cursed at him and quickly left the room. As her blond hair swung out of view in the doorway he promptly burst into tears; causing more pain to shoot through his chest and throat; and fell back asleep.