The walk back up the stairs and to the bedroom had been nearly as bad as the walk down. He had never been so happy in his life to lie down in a bed. He could feel gentle caresses as someone unwrapped the towel from around his body. He relaxed further as a sheet was spread over his still warm skin. A hand on his forehead caused his eyes to flicker open. He smiled up at his brother's expressionless face.

The door slowly opening caught his attention and he squinted, trying to see past the sheets. The warm smell of broth and freshly baked bread caused his stomach to grumble loudly, earning a chuckle from Al. Winry crossed the room and placed the tray on the nightstand beside the bed. He whined when she slapped the hand he put out reaching for the rolls. He grimaced as Al sat him up against the headboard, Winry fussing with the pillows behind him until he was propped up how she wanted.

Winry sat close to him on the bed, spoon in hand and ready to feed him. Al, giving up his spot by his brother without a word headed towards the door. He shot a look at Winry and pointed with his chin. Winry smiled, understanding and grabbed Al's hand before he could make it out of her reach. Gently shaking her head she tugged on the gauntlet and pointed to the floor beside her dangling feet. He smiled encouragingly when Al shot him a questioning glance and the smile turned into a grin as Al and Winry quickly launched into silly conversation. He managed to choke down all of his broth and an entire roll before he lay back against the pillows, stuffed. He drifted as their laughter washed over him, driving away the aches and stings of his body.