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With Him For Eternity

From beneath the branches, eight robbed figures appeared. Their strides were quick and aggressive, bringing them before us in a matter of seconds. The few in the front stepped apart to allow a small girl to approach Carlisle. Edward held me tightly in his arms, killing any last doubts I might have retained concerning his love for me. His cold lips blew muffled breaths playfully in my hair, obviously relishing our reunion. Being close to Edward cleared the last of the dams built up around my memory. It was as if the last couple days had been but a dream and now I was here with Edward, picking up where we had left off.

"Your presence is requested by the Volturi," came the cuing voice of the child. She glanced sideways, a look of slight fearful concern skittering across her features.

"And for what reason have we been summoned, Jane?" replied Carlisle, carefully attempting to debate our way out of the visit.

She lifted her finger rigidly towards me refusing to look me in the eye. "They wish to see her, her powers have been discovered and greatly interest Aro."

My family turned curiously in my direction, causing Edward to send a growl rumbling through his chest.

"What will happen if we refuse his request?" sneered Edward.

"A most unfortunate decision on your part," cackled Jane. Behind her Demetrius and the other angled forward in anticipation.

This time Edward failed to retain his growl and emitted a startling roar. The noise was absorbed into the landscape and echoed across the trees. "You must be a fool to think you can take her from me now!" The rest of the Cullens prepared for the battle, mimicking the hunched Volturi.

Jane's lips pulled up at the side into a devilish grin as she focused her attention on Edward. His firm, protective grasp around me released as he crumbled to the ground. My eyes were stuck desperately on his pathetic writhing form before me. I was so helpless as I collapsed next to him, caressing random parts of him in an attempt to cure his pain.

That stupid girl was doing this to him and I was sick of people ruining this last chance I had at life and love. My furious glare turned back to the little girl's petite form. As I expected, she was surrounded in a dim flame. The anger and fury built up in me as I yearned to give her a taste of her own medicine.

"You whore; you will regret the day you decided to mess with my life!" The wind whipped my hair angrily about me as I raised my hand to suck the energy from her. Realizing her impending fate, Jane stared in horror at my magnificent furry. With control of her power I felt another urge overcome me. I could feel how it worked, I could use it. I gave Edward a sideways glance; he was staring awestruck at me. "This is for you."

A malicious grin wiped across my face as the surge of energy hit Jane two fold. She collapsed on the ground, feeling all the pain at once that she had ever inflicted on anyone. The little girl had finally got what was coming to her.

Before I wanted it to, the power ended. Jane lay on the ground motionless and paralyzed. I threw a threatening glance up at the remaining Volturi who quickly gathered their fallen leader and retreated, horrified back to the Italian city they came from.


The pain ripped through my head and sent me sprawling on the ground. My poor angel fell beside me trying to find a way to comfort Jane's doing. How I longed to sink my teeth into that little brat, or for once show her how it felt to be killed from the inside out.

Almost as if she could read my mind, Bella rose and cried out angrily toward our foe. As she did so I was released from my torture and she peered down at me. "This is for you." Her feature shown lovingly on me, but twisted angrily as she returned her stare on Jane. To all of our amazement, my Bella sent the little brat sprawling backwards with a full dose of her own power.

Thoughts flooded in from my family and the Volturi: "Holly shit! Go Bella!" "I can't believe she has already gained full control of her powers at such an early stage." "What power, I wonder what Aro will think when he sees it!"

Jane's pathetic struggling grew still and her comrades rushed to steal her away and escape back to Voltura. After a minute of silence, and me still on the ground, we all turned our attention back to Bella.


As the last threads of anger left me, I held my hand out for a dumb-founded Edward. I was glad that for once I could protect him.

The wrest of our family turned to gaze at me and as Edward held out his hand a bit of his aura crept up my arm.

"How did she do that? It was so amazing; it's hard to believe she was a human once," came Edward's clear thoughts.

Using the same feeling I had felt before I answered him, "I don't know how I did it. In my desperation to help you it just came to me. Kind of like it is now, it's my love for you." If I could have I would have flushed red at my last confession.

Edward just stared at me not sure how to respond. Tired of everyone starring at me I wrapped my fingers around Edward's wrist and hoisted him to his feet. Regaining his composure, he rubbed the back of his fingers across my cheek and collected me in a strong embrace. "I'm sorry I was staring at you so stupidly, it's just that I never…" Edward's caring thoughts flowed soothing into my head.

"It's ok, I'm still getting used to it too."

The two of us turned to face our family who was now smiling compassionately in our direction. Alice, clearly fidgeting with excitement, gave up her attempt to reign herself in and bounded over to me. She wrapped as much of herself as she could around my already claimed waist.

"Edward, share her," whined Alice.

"Sorry Alice, Bella's all mine," he chuckled.

What followed was like a family reunion. Emmett challenged me to numerous games of strength that would take place when we got back to the house and Esme would have been crying with happiness if it were possible. Carlisle gave me a fatherly hug and to my surprise Jasper did the same.

Rosalie walked up casually with a small smile playing across her beautiful face. "I'm sorry you had to become one of us, but I'm glad that you and Edward are happy."Edward let me go for this short little reunion, but I gladly let him take me back when it was over.

On the drive back, we snuggled in the backseat thinking to each other. I showed him everything that happened to me since I was bitten. In response to everything I went through he snuggled closer to me and rubbed is smooth nose along my cheek. "I'm sooo sorry Bella." My forgiving eyes gazed lovingly back at him ending with a gentle kiss. As our lips locked the kiss became more intense as we read each other's desires. Edward's hands searched hungrily under my shirt and up my back for the latch of my bra.

"I'm sorry to break you two up, but I would appreciate it if you could wait till we got home to do that," chided Carlisle. Esme turned around in the passenger seat and smile awkwardly at our tangled mess.

Giggling sheepishly at each other we contented ourselves with me laying across Edward's lap. He fiddled contentedly with the knots in my hair as I peered up smugly at him.

"So where would you like to go?" questioned Edward.

"Go, why are we going?"

"Silly Bella, would you like me to get on one knee?"

My breath was caught in my throat as realization hit me. "To get married?"

"Did I say something wrong?" This time Edward voiced his question out loud, stroking my shocked face.

"No, it's just…" a smile broke across my face when I finally surfaced from the shock of it all. "As long as I'm with you Edward I'll go anywhere and do anything."

If our happiness was light we would be blinding everyone within 100 miles.

"I so heard that! And I'm so going to plan your wedding!" squealed Alice's ecstatic thoughts.

"Are you okay with that?" Edward chuckled.

"Like I said before, as long as I'm with you. As long as I'm with you for eternity." I said the final part out loud to prove to Edward the extent of the meaning of those words to me.

His response was the happiest smile I'd ever seen on him. His smile reached his eyes and radiated throughout the car. I could almost feel the love pulsing off of him in waves. "Don't think for a second Bella that I'd have it any other way."

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