I Would Follow You

She was dying. She dying right in front of him and there was nothing he could do. No way to fix it. No words to speak. He touched her gingerly and she took hold of his hands.

"It's alright," she whispered, leaning into him as he held her. She lay silently for a while before looking at him fiercely, her chest rising and falling with rapid breath.

"What else is there?" She asked, her eyes beginning to glaze and tears spilling as fear became evident. "What happens now? Is this all there is?"

He remained silent, looking down at her as she cried. "Doctor... Is there anything more?"

"Yes," he lied, his voice breaking. Suddenly the brave, incredible girl who'd always seemed larger than life looked like a frightened child. "There's so much more... Every place you've ever been; all the things you've seen. Everything you've ever dreamed of or imagined and everyone... everyone you've ever loved and lost. And rules about parallel worlds and voids and alternate universes don't matter. They'll all be there."

She gave him a weak smile and began to relax in his grip. He felt a tear slide down his cheek as her eyes fluttered closed. "Don't go." He choked back a sob as he reached out to stroke her hair. "Please... don't go."

Her chest and body stilled as she ceased to draw breath and he pulled her tightly against his chest.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, rocking her slowly. "I can't go." He paused, wanting so much to believe that her soul had moved on. That she was running around some fantastical Barcelona on a sunny day, showing her mother dogs with no noses and eating chips with Mickey and Pete.

He sniffed loudly. "Where ever you've gone, I can't follow. I'd follow you to hell, into pure darkness itself, but whatever follows life... That's the one place I can't find you."

He let another tear fall and watched it soak into the fabric of her jacket before he stood, the body of Rose Tyler hanging limply in his arms, nothing more than an empty shell.