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Warning: SPOILERS for season 3 first eppy- The Magnificant Seven.Mature language LIMPSAM! and protective Dean-although he doesn't seem to be all that protective this seaosn-especially when the evil 3 demons crowded him!!! unfair ppl!

Summary: He heard the door exploding off it's hinges, it appearing weightless in the demon's power as they entered...he knew what they wanted, he was scared as hell...who wouldn't hold a grudge for your family putting most of the evil back into hell-yeah he was loved.

Then they saw through his defences and the shit hit the fan. WARNING season 3 spoilers!!!

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Save Me One More Time

The resounding thud padded off the walls almost gaining intensity when it reached his ears, spinning, seeing the thick steel door flung to the opposite wall in crumbs.

Brown hair waved in presence of invisibale wind, un-natural and silenced when the three figuires entered the room with authority and an air of calmness only dark beings share.

Hazel eyes grew wider as their eyes in unison flicked the darkest black, reflecting pain and fear and the unknown into the room, now oddly cold, he shivered.

"HERE'S JOHNNY" the first, and tallest man shouted with rage and collectiveness of a mad man, well...demons kinda were..are...well plainly and simple mad and evil so..yeah that fits.

The reference to the movie didn't scare Sam, he'd seen 'The Shining' dozens of times with Dean and his dad, but the way the man eyed him as if the next chop would be Sam's head, and he liked that thought very much, goosebumps formed under his light jacket when he felt the Demon bore into him, suddenly feeling violated and intruded.

Sam brought in his first line of defence, unscrewing the cap of the blessed flask with his survival to get rid of three demons with a single small flask of holy water, the demons stared at his hands-holding the flask nervously, shaking and smirked. The odds were against the boy now.

They walked forward in unison, great as if the eyes didn't creep Sam out already. he felt hope as they dared under the ceiling version of his devil's trap. suddenly stopping and raising his hand, what seemed to be the leader of the three smirked lopsidedly and glanced up at the drawn trap, smirking again he chilled Sam's core.

"Shit!" he ground out with cold breath. This plan was soooooo majorly fucked up!

"C'mon..." Sam lost the breath he was holding into frosted air. "You really think something like that.." he gestured the ceiling briefly "is going to stop something like me...i mean.. Me?" he added the petulence and gave himself an air of kingdom, great fucking pride had to pick me...stupid seven sins.

Sam flinched at the careless tone. In a shaky breath Sam spoke slowly "let me guess...your pride" Sam didn't question it.

Sam smiled, although it never met those cheery dimples, nor his warming eyes but cold even glare.

The demon lifted a hand and waved, effectively breaking a straight crack and ripping a peice of ceiling out as he destroyed the Devil's trap.

Dust rained down upon them, Sam hitched a breath as plastor caught in his throat.

He swallowed hard-now all his defences were fucked.


"The root of all sins" It chided, so proud of itself-go figuire. "You..." It edged ever closer, clsoing the distance on Sam, who stepped back into vertical "Are Sam Winchester..." Sneering, it laughed and Sam fought to stay in control not let his rushing blood or fear show-he didn't do very well at hiding that. "That's right I've heard of you...we've all heard of you" The other demons stood just an inch behind their leader now, Sam sized up their faces, he couldn't tell which sin's they were...he didn't want to find out.

"Prodigy?..." He blinked and mashed hip lips together in thought, admiring. "The boy king!" It raged, smile gone.It sized Sam up thinking, "I gotta say, looking at you now...don't believe the hype" He scowled.

another step, forward un-natural speed, it seethed "You think...I'm gonna bow down to you!" it looked on in pity "A cut-rate, piss-poor human, like you" Pity."I have my pride after all" It grinned, flattering itself with insane audicity. Sam half smirked, ridiculous-this guy thinks he's god or something.

It frowned, in thought.

"And now, with your yellow-eyed friend dead.." he stepped closer, Sam shifted, but they surrounded. "I don't really have to do a damn thing now do i?..." It smiled isanely.

Sam shifted left, the female closed in. Sam's breathing quick and sharp.

He was cornered.

Sam flinched when his heart missed a beat with it's next words.

"Your fair game now boy...and it's open season" It sneered meliciously. All the demons barely an inch from him. Its eyes grew wide then narrowed in on its prey. 'Gotcha'


Something moved in the dim light, and he felt a hand on his shoulder, resting. It jerked violently and he whipped around to meet plastored brick with his head.

The resounding crack made black spots dance from his vision, not to mention the torn grunt from the violent shrug.

if thats all a shrug could do...please no punches.

Another hand, then two more pairs, spun him round again, eyes darting wildly, breathing harsh intakes.

Thye pulled him down with such force, he felt his own head swing back, then down on the concrete floor, as a mop of hair fell.

He honestly thought he wouldn't get up.

The pained grunts and moans echoed loudly in his still throbbing head...strong or what?

before Sam could registor, the pride demon swung him up in one fel sweep and wrapped a tighenting elbow and arm around Sam's neck with a cry of alrm and harsh gasping breaths. he felt his throat tighten slowly, the demon could break it, but all the more pain to endure the slower...slower and slower it tightened until Sam didn't even feel his lungs burn anymore.

Tight hands held his ams down to prevent the agonizing strangle-how many things want to strangle me??

A final hitch of air left his depriving mouth, his glazed and pian induced eyes watched the demons taunting him. he realized the threat was not to be killing him-well not now anyway.

"Gaaahhhh...ah..." Sam fought to free his arms from the demons hold but on his knees, 3 demons pinning you down, and choking you-he was at odds the least you could say.

Another quick jolt of pain ignited his neck when the demon turned slightly, pulling muscles and bone, veins and nerves taught.

"Ah..." A slightly reddoning face..he saw the female smile at him cruelly before he felt the jerk of tighter hands on his neck and light left him.

Pain still registered.

Eyes filled with unshed tears and struggle slowly dimmed to half shut, then slipped closed, his body limp as the demon let go.

It smiled and smoothed down its clothes and suit, straightening it's tie, and gesturing for the other demon to check the boy.

Sam's body laid arkwardly on his back, head lolled to one side, his throat already an ugly blue and purple marring bruising from the intense ferociy of pain the demons inflicted.

"We have the bait...let's catch a bigger winner with this one" he knocked Sam's foot with his own high polished shoes. even the demon had to admit Sam had taken longer than a normal host to lose conciousness, and his struggle to stay here..fight back-Even pride had to admit Sam was strong and he felt a certain jealousy over that fact.

The remaining demon, the female and the other guy grabbed each of Sam's arms and dragged him through where they busted the door down, over broken wall and glass.


Now Bobby, Tamera and Dean had finished their exorcisms, they were looking for a few more...after all they got Envy, and lust..the fat guy and the one possessing Tamera's love.

3 more to go.

Dean saw Bobby first, then Tamera both looking victroiuos.

"I got one"

"me too"

"Well i got another, and with that other guy we brought here...makes four. where the hells the other three"

All three hunteres looked on in unison, "Sam"

Dean's heart jack hammered in his chest, stomach dropping violently.

Dean back peddled down the stairs to find his brother, it sucked if the deal you made didn't even cover some of a year for your brothers life.

"OHHH DDEEEE-AAAANNN...I've got a little present for you to see...all wrapped up" Pride anounced at the bottom end of the hallway.

Dean ran so fast down the stairs, his heart leaping in his chest to what they had done to his brother.

he stopped sickenly when he saw three demons he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting...Sam did-shit shit shit!!!

"Dean...oh Bobby, tamera what a pleasant surprise...you've all gathered just for me...aw that is just too good" The demon smirked.

"let me guess...Pride" Dean ground out.

"Oh, what a good guess...Sammy said the same thing" the demon held a hand to its hosts chest in mock.

"What the hell did you do?" Dean stomped forward, green eyes blazing fire.

"I don't like the word 'hell' Dean, why i'm here...out"

"Answer the fucking QUESTION" Dean soared.

The demons hand twitched and Dean saw the other two move left toward the basement and lazily drag Sam, half standing due to their firm holds.Hands bound together in front of him.

"Sammy..." Dean whispered, features crumbling, the night when Sam...when he...it all came back.

"OH he's alive Dean...but just barely.." it made and inch gap between its fingers. Then snapped them shut. "life is so fragile sometimes" It smiled.

"What do you want?" Bobby asked suddenly, laying a comforting hand on the breaking Winchester.

"freedom...but tonight is not exactly how i'd of seen things going...lay off us...he'll live" The demon grabbed Sam's chin and leaned in close.

"Don't freaking touch him!" Dean shouted, the noise vibrating the wooden boards beneath and around him, an echo of the anger he felt.

Dean got a glimpse of the purple and blue bruising over Sam's neck and collarbone, he winced in sympathy, the demon moving to show Dean the colours he made...He had no choice.

"Your free...now put him down" Dean said defeatedly.

the demons all smirked...'Bingo' "I want a little fun first" It cocked it's head to the side and smiled hatingly at Sam. "he hasn't woken up yet"

"SAMMY" Dean ran at the demons as fast as he could, nothing would stop him, he was too late in getting there last time, he ran faster...

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