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chapter 4... Hopes into flames


"Now...back to you" She leveled even glares and threw her head back.

Air whooshed past them, then lightning pain ignited his bones, He saw Sam drop his eyes with renewed pain and felt the shake when Bobby too hit the wall.

Tamera dropped dead with a snap.

"I never liked her" She smirked. "a waste, really...Now to get started on my real plan" She walked seducivly forward, each step adding pressure they already had pusing on the wall, after three steps, Sam cried out, his ribs couldn't take much more, breathing wasn't as easy...

Bobby felt guilty, but at least his friend was with her husband now, and hopefully at peace.

Now he had to make sure the only surviving Winchesters...well survived.

That didn't bode well for Sam right now...her sights were set on him.

Dean growled...this was getting old.


" crawled outta your back for what? you couldn't get enough last time!" Dean said angrily, sick of his head being smashed into every damn wall when they encountered demons.

"I didn't get what i wanted last time Dean" Meg drawled, a new body, a new look. A whole new way for torturing a Winchester.

"Well you never had the guts to kill your own brother. And i never got through my list of hunter friends to kill, i had all these ways of murdering every last one...and you messed it up!" She spat at the floor. Smiled toothily.

Sam wimpered not far from Dean, arms bent at his sides level with his shoulders, finger's clenched into fists.

Dean swallowed, Sam was hurt bad with what the demon did, and what Dean hadn't seen when they made the drop on him. He couldn't handle much more of this, surely.

Sam's head tried to sink lower to his chest, but the force Meg kept upon them made it extremley difficult, more painful.

His head sunk slightly, with a flick of her wrist his head shot back elicting a cry of pain from a semi-concious little brother.

He'd been hit there with a few more walls then this today and it was really starting to annoy him.

Pained and dilated hazel eyes glanced at Meg, then Dean and Bobby from Dean's view. "What's the plan?" he croaked, avoiding the intense glare of the demon.

"Sammy..." Dean sighed whole heartedly, he honestly had no idea out of this mess.

"you've got something, right?...coz i gotta tell ya, being like this" he gestured to their forced and limited movement "get's boring after awhile" Sam smiled, though his glazed eyes told of concussion and Dean paled ever more at the realisation.

"Nah. I'm working on it. Just hold on for a while 'kay?" Dean nodded as much as his position allowed.

Sam blinked hard, sighed and turned his aching neck toward Meg.

"What are you gonna do?" He asked pleadingly, the clear defiant tone from earlier left with his adrenaline.

Meg smiled at his weakness, Now Sam was down for the count, she could easily manilpulate Dean...the eldest hunter didn't matter-just another tool, another way of hurting the Winchesters, after all her game plan was to exterminate every last friend or known ali they had ever come in contact with, she could start with him...

Ignoring Sa, and facing the bearded hunter she coyly asked. "Singer? it?"

"I'd imagine you know" he sniped, the Winchester attitude having found some of his own senses to change.

"Now now..Bobby" She waved a finger angrily, and tutted. "I hold all the cards woudn't want nice little Sammy to be all hurt again from your mistake would you?...Dean maybe?" She twirled a finger through short dark styled hair.

he growled along with Dean muttering something like 'gonna kill you' or it could have easily have been 'fuck you' she didn't catch.

A large intake of breath and a few echoed footsteps had her evil smile too close the Sam's innocent face, still bloody and coloured.

"I warned them Sam, but as we both know ..boys will never learn now will they" She deadpanned.

Swallowing thickly he awaited the punishment she told of.

but it never came.

Opening his eyes, he saw she's laid a hand on his chest, gentle and soft yet cold.

"Wha.." he stuttered. glancing to Dean, mirrored his confusion, wasn't she going to knock ten kinds of shit out of him again?

Smile turn frown, she felt around for the last peice Bobby ever gave him and snapped the metalic possession charms the wise hunter had bestowed in his reach.

Frown turning to anger, she turned over his wrists revealing the two drawn devil's traps. growling she lifted a small, appearing rock slice but sam felt the familiar slash jsut enough to break the trap's power from the knife he'd seen her use to slit so many's thoats, he felt nausia rise in the bakc of his throat and managed to hide the hiss's of pain.

bringing an empty hand to clasp Sam's forehead he flinched and gasped at the swiftly icy tingle her firm touch brought with it.

Cocking her own head to the side, she lifted the just used scalpal object and brought across her own host's throat.

releasing the bond between the meat suite, her still connected hand formed a new bond with Sam.

Eyes widening and fear coursing through him enough to make him tremble and thrash for escape the black sulphar scented smoke flowed from the girl's now pretty yet lifeless face, eyes turned blue with sadness and entered toward Sam.

The body dropped, the hand fell away yet the demon knew whom to make it's new host.

Sam gasped, his pinned in place position having no give, just how powerful had Meg gotten?

Dean forced himself to look away he didn't want to see Sam get possessed, he'd seen it leave before-the pain it left and brought. Sam just couldn't handle that right now.

Tears building, Sam shook his head. Never once allowing the demon access, trying to hide into himself and not be chosen.

Catching his breath from the labouring lungs, and sore ribs. The smoke fluttered in anticipation to enter a new host, to control a lot more then just this body, maybe even Dean's perception and the other hunter's will. she could have anything. power spiked the air in a rush when it pelted forward, Sam turned away but the smoke engulfed his dying breath and squeezed down his bruised neck and into another living, human.

Eyes squeezed shut in pain, breathing barely under control when his throat expanded for te new arrival, he could feel it settle inside him, feel his memories, find the pedals and ride the gears-jsut like riding a bike , possession she had to find the controls first.

"Sammy..." Dean's eyes watered, he had to witness Sam being used like bait again-why couldn't one of the big and ugly's just go for him anyway.

Even though Meg had swapped hosts, her power on the three still held them in place, even her control over this new body, of Sam's.

"ow" Sam smiled faintly at Dean, ghosted eyes.

"Sammy man, you ok?...are" Dean feared this was all another trick, but Sam seemed sincere enough.

"No...i mean, i can feel it inside me..but..she isn't fighting yet..." Eyes drooped a moment, then blinked rapidly. "Ahhhh..."

"SAM!" Dean yelled, straining, nearly dislocating his shoulder he reached for his baby brother. Everything had it in for him today!

"Dean...she's fighting me...i can't control her!...AHH!" fists clenched, eyes squeezed, head thrown back the pain lines and sweat were more pronounced.

"Fight it Sam, you can win this" Dean and Bobby coaxed, it was their slim chance, if any other turned up...they didn't have one till then.

"I won't let you win!...get out!" Sam screamed, adrenaline temporally gievn for the fear and Dean's worry of the situation.

Silence deafened the room.

Sam's inner battle and tourmoil with a Meg face-off.

With a final scream of agony, Sam slumped. head resting on his beating chest, hands and arms limply stilled on the walls.

Dean only hoped when he opened his eyes again, they weren't being used by something else...

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