Author: Nepeace
Skills Challenge – Single character reflection upon an event either occurring on the show or referred to on the show. 500-700 words.
Word Count: 505
Events: 4x01 Shalom


Abby was stressing over Tony not being back from vacation yet, he should have been at the bull pen already. He took his chance and was playing a game on his computer while waiting for Tony to arrive. He wasn't worried, besides Tony, Ziva hadn't arrived at work either so there wasn't much he could do.

"Well , I am eating for two." Abby stated, still facing the computer screen in front of her. McGee was sitting in his chair, he immediately moved forward and looked at her. It was amazing how many thoughts can be processed by the mind in the mere seconds between her speaking the first sentence and realizing that what she had said. She was typing away at his keyboard when she had realized that he had moved forward, she looked at him before she opened her mouth. "Relax. I was referring to the health food freak over there. Every time I go past her desk, I have this irresistible urge to shove a cheeseburger down her throat."

In that small window of opportunity images flashed before his eyes, burned on his minds' eye. Abby pregnant, himself holding a baby, their baby. He and Abby as a family, guardians for their child.

He couldn't help that the images returned when he was home a couple of days later while he was sitting behind his desk ready to write another chapter for his novel. Finally at work things had settled down and Ziva was cleared of all charges. He finally got some spare time after work, but he couldn't concentrate, his thoughts kept returning to that moment a couple of mornings back when he thought for a second that Abby choose that moment to tell him that she was pregnant.

He wondered what he would have done if that was what happened. Of course he would have done what was right by Abby and the baby. That was just his nature, the way he would react to a situation like that always do what was expected.

But he wasn't so sure that it would be the perfect solution. He pouted his lips and looked at the blank page in his type writer. He had not written down a single word this night though he had been sitting here for over an hour. Sure Abby and he had been good friends, more even. Well they couldn't be called lovers, but at least they where friends with benefits. Not quite the kind of relationship he wanted but it wasn't just up to him, was it?

He took a sip from his now cold coffee. Sure he wanted kids one day, but not right now and not this way. So for that he was glad that he just misunderstood Abby's comment. He smiled as he thought about her, he got up and walked over to his kitchen where he retrieved a new cup of steaming hot coffee. He sat back down at his table, shoved some papers aside and started writing on his newest paragraph.