(Bella's POV)

The knocking on the door is urgent, almost desperate sounding. Each thud drifts into the one after it, causing a rapid procession that only ceases when I near the door. Charlie is behind me, the anger and smugness still emanating off him. I roll my eyes and mentally sigh, Charlie could be such a child sometimes.

My hand wraps around the doorknob, turning and pulling the heavy door open slowly. I really have no idea who it is, who it could be that would be coming to see me at this moment in time. I look up and immediately get lost in the face before me. Edward…

His clothes are torn, his eyes tired. However his beauty was not diminished for a moment. No matter what he wore, rags or designer, Edward exuded is own beauty that surpassed the surface of clothing. My heart stopped for a moment and my breathing shortened.

He smiles at me, his mouth stunning. Again I forget to breathe. Charlie moves closer to me, his body tensing in irritation and rage. "Cullen what in the…" I really am not in the mood to listen to Charlie rant again. However my silent prayers are answered when Edward interrupts him.

He lowers himself before me, one knee touching the ground while the other stays up in an angle. His hand glides inside his jacket pocket, coming out with a small black box. "Charlie, we weren't talking about sex."

I almost laugh at his words, but my mind is too occupied on him. My heart is erratic now. I want to say something, anything to make this all seem real. I knew it would happen eventually however I was expecting to feel what I was just now. I open my mouth to say something but just like with Charlie, Edward interrupts me.

His eyes are locked with mine, his hand gently stroking my palm. "Bella, I want to ask you for the pleasure of your hand. Will you marry me? Will you take me as I am and be with me for," he pauses for amount, struggling internally for his next word. "Eternity?" I almost lost my focus for a moment.

Did he mean what he said? Did he mean for forever? I search his eyes. His golden orbs shine back at me. Yes, yes he did mean perpetuity. My eyes fill with tears, my hand tightening around his.

Charlie's breathe catches for a moment. He begins to breathe heavily out of his nose. He doesn't say anything, but like Edward, for that moment I knew what he was thinking.

I lower myself down to Edward's height, kneeling before him like he had just been kneeling before me. He is searching my eyes, trying to figure out what it was I was thinking. I smile, my thumb rubbing along his cold skin. "Yes." My response is so quiet but I knew he had heard. His both falls open a little, his mouth curving up into a smile. He pulls me tight against him; he nose nestled in the crook of my neck.

My arms move around him, my cheek press against his head. Yes, for forever and a day.

(Edwards POV)

I almost forgot how to think when she whispered yes to me. My heart almost beat again from the sheer joy of her agreement. I pull her against me, my arms encasing my very joy and reason for existing. I look up at Charlie, expecting him to be glaring down at me.

Charlie's expression surprises me. He is smiling, his face relaxed and his eyes soft. I search his thoughts, trying to find the reason for his appearance. Finally. It is enough for me to smile even more. He is happy, happy for Bella, happy for us.

I run my fingers through Bella's hair before coming back to reality. The ring! Gently pushing the small brunette from my body I hold her hand in mine. With the other hand I open the box, taking out the heirloom within. The ring is beautiful, but simple. I know Bella will love it. Just as I know she will love it because it is old, not new and expensive.

I slide the ring onto her tiny finger. It is a perfect fit, a fact which made Bella smile. I kiss her then, bringing her to stand up with me. Her cheeks are rosy and warm. I have to push aside to feeling of dread as I know that the days of her rosy cheeks are numbered.

"Forever?" She asks quietly.

I smile and nod, holding her even tighter now. "Forever."

And I meant it.