Chapter Ten

Kermit plodded up the steps of the bus. His face bore a mile wide grin. Briefly he wondered what time it was. The sky outside began showing the pinks of a rising sun. Kermit looked around and saw a few of his friends sprawled out here and there. Quietly he snuck into a backseat and settled down almost unnoticed.

"Did you stay out all night young man?" Steve opened one eye grinning.

Kermit smiled and closed his eyes. The last thing he heard was the chuckles coming from across the aisle. Hours later the sun bore down filling the inside of the bus with light. Kermit groaned and covered his eyes. After a few moments of attempting to return to sleep he yawned and made his way outside the bus. A picnic table full of papers, a computer, and people crowded all around greeted him. The writing meeting ended quickly when Kermit walked over.

"Tough night Kermit?" Christy grinned looking up from the computer.

"You..and you…don't think I don't know what you're up to." Kermit chuckled pointing to the girls as he sat on the grass next to the table.

"Me?! I had nothing to do with this!" Lisa exclaimed.

"There you go again. Passing the buck on us girls. What about you Mr. Disappear Until It's Dawn? Care to share what you've been up to?" Christy shot back as Kermit picked up his banjo and began strumming.

"Yeah Kermit. We're dying to know. How's the new girl? Is she coming with us? Where ya been all night?" sounded from all around the table.

At that moment Piggy walked up to the group, Her stride was filled with confidence. Her eyes flashed with anger. Silence settled over everyone as she marched up to Kermit. "You! You psychopath stalker! Don't think I don't know who you are!"

"Piggy, I can explain…" Kermit stood to face her.

"Explain! Why didn't you tell me you were Banjo Dreamer? No one makes a fool out of Piggy. Take this," with a yell Kermit went flying and hit the ground hard.

Piggy bounced off muttering to herself. Kermit stood up breathing hard. He reassured everyone he was okay and went back into the bus. Kevin tapped Christy on the shoulder and pointed. Her jaw dropped as she tapped Dr. Teeth and pointed. Around it went and soon everyone saw the two younger pigs headbutting and congratulating themselves on the back. A slightly taller arrogant pig led them around the corner and out of sight.

"Don't tell me that was planned," Scooter spoke up first.

"Not cool man. Not cool," Lips nodded agreeing.

"We outta tell them who they're messing with," Lisa glared in the direction the trio disappeared.

"Sí, teach them that no one messes with…with…what are we anyway?" Pepe asked.

For a moment everyone was silent. Rizzo looked around finally spotting the script cover that was lying on the table, "The Muppets. We're The Muppets."

With that everyone stood and followed the three pigs. After a while they came upon the far side of the trailer park. Christy put a finger to her lips as the group surrounded the three pigs. Just as the taller pig finished counting a wad of bills into the other hands Lisa cleared her throat, "What may I ask are you doing?"

"Well…I…uh…er…I'm Link Hogthrob I didn't get to welcome you guys yesterday," his eyes darted at the crowd of bears, chickens, and things in a circle around him.

Ryan stepped forward snatching the bills from Link's hands, "This isn't what I think it is is it?"

Steve Whitmire stepped forward taking the bills from Ryan's outstretched hand and passed it along in the circle. Eventually it reached Christy who was keeping track of the group's finances. She pocketed it before speaking up, "Ya know we don't take to kindly to interference."

"Nor do we like you messin with our friend," Ryan stepped closer glaring at Link.

"Si we are the Muppets man. No bodies messes with the Muppets," Pepe interjected.

"Not cool man. Not cool at all." Lips muttered stepping forward.

"Huh what?" Zoot shook his head waking up from his latest mini nap.

"What…what are you gonna do to me?" Link gulped and ran a finger under the collar of his leather jacket.

Christy came up and put an arm around through one of Link's clutching hard. Lisa came to the other side and dug her nails into his other arm,
"We're gonna make you…"

"…..sing." Ryan finished.

Seconds later under the watchful eye of the entire Muppet crew Link, Randy Pig, and Andy Pig stood at the makeshift stage. Soon a crowd had gathered. Link gulped and began with Andy and Randy joining in as backup vocals, "Miss Piggy…Kermit asked me to sing this for you.

What did you think?I would at this moment??
When you're standing before me?
With tears in your eyes??
Trying to tell me that you -?
You found you another?
And you just don't love me no more.

What did you think?
I would say at this moment??
When I'm faced with the knowledge?
That you just don't love me??
Did you think I would curse you?
Or say things to hurt you?

'Cause you just don't love me no more?
Did you think I could hate you,?
Or raise my hands to you?
Now, come on you know me too well.?
How I could I hurt you,

When, darlin', I love you??
And you know, I could never hurt you, ooh, ohh, ooh.

What did you think?
I would give at this moment??
If you'd stay I'd subtract?
Twenty years from my life.
I'd fall down on my knees,
Kiss the ground that you walk on?
If I could just hold you again.

I'd fall down on my knees?
Kiss the ground that you walk on, baby?
If I could just hold you –

I'd fall down on my knees?
Kiss the ground that you walk on, baby?
If I could just hold you –

By the end of the song faint from behind one of the trailers, Christyb, Kevin Provost, B. Regard, Steve Whitmire, Camilla, Scooter, Rizzo, Lisa, Ryan, Zany, Dr. Teeth, Lips, Zoot, and Pepe the King Prawn could be heard laughing theirselves to tears. In the middle of the dance floor stood a frog and a pig…dancing.