Chapter One

Morning sounds echoed throughout the Muppet Boarding house. Clucks, meeps, and muffled "Good Mornings" added to the pounding inside Kermit's green head. Groggily he turned over and read the clock. It read 9:00 a.m. He never slept this late. No wonder the house was quiet. Well as quiet as could be for the Muppets. Kermit groaned and rubbed his neck grimacing.

The house was pretty much empty by the time Kermit made his way downstairs. Rowlf sat at the piano working on his playing. It had been a long road back from the cheese incident. In the kitchen the Swedish Chef clattered and clanged as he cleaned the kitchen. Robin sat on the fireplace hearth untangling Christmas lights.

Kermit thanked the Chef as he placed Kermit's breakfast in front of him on the table. Rowlf stood up, grabbed his cup of coffee and joined Kermit at the table, "You never shoulda switched to decaf. Headache?"

"Morning, Rowlf. That must be it. My shot at trying to be a healthier frog. A couple of Tylenol and I should be fine," Kermit said sipping his coffee while watching his breakfast run from his plate. He needed to remember to remind the Chef to stop using Muppet food for meals.

"Anyways, everyone's at the theatre. Also, Regis called wondering if you'd come on the show next week to promote your book. Then there's the meeting with Disney this afternoon about the possibility of a new TV show.
There's the press conference today also Oh yeah and the script for the Christmas show at the haven't finished it…and that's just what Scooter told me to remind you," Rowlf smiled getting himself a refill of coffee.

"Is that all? Does that mean there's more?" Kermit said taking the two Tylenol for his pounding head.

"Well Piggy said don't forget about dinner tonight…"

"What dinner?"

"Apparently you have a date my friend"

"Not with that Pig."

"Don't let her hear you say that. Anyways, Fozzie said that if you're not feeling well just go to bed early tonight and you don't have to spend time with him?"

"Huh? Oh Friday's with Fozzie…no I'm fine it's only a little headache."

"And I say you should go back to bed. There's a lot of sickness going around and that flu bug is a killer this year. We don't want you getting sick," Rowlf said eyeing Kermit.

"I'll be fine. I do need you to do one thing for me," Kermit took another sip of coffee and looked Robin who was pretending to be busy.

"What's that?" Rowlf asked turning his head to see that the little frog was listening in on the conversation.

"Don't go to practice today and take Robin to buy a Christmas tree. We haven't bought ours yet," Kermit said as Robin came bouncing towards the table.

"Really? Oh I can't wait! Rowlf when can we go buy it? When huh? Can we get a big one? Last years was so tiny! Can we buy new lights half of our old ones don't work. Then can we decorate outside? This is the first Christmas we're spending here in a long time and I want it pretty for when my Mom and Dad get here!" Robin bounced and squealed.

"Looks like I'm spending all day on a ladder. I know my piece for the Christmas show anyway. Run upstairs and get your coat." Rowlf said and Robin took off singing "Jingle Bells"

Hours later Kermit's headache had lessened but a fever had replaced it. He took some cold meds and kept going. In the quiet of the boarding house Kermit had finished the script for the Christmas show and called Regis planning on an appearance next Monday. He had even called his Mom and Dad arranging their train tickets from Leland to Hollywood, CA and the boarding house. The meeting had went as well as to be expected considering he was battling with Disney.

The Muppets were tired of being on the shelf and they wanted to be able to make people happy again. Disney their new boss wanted them to stay on the shelf. It was no surprise that the latest meeting ended with nothing getting done and a press conference happening outside.

Kermit stood in the men's room splashing water on his face. The cool water felt good against his warm skin. His conscience told him that Rowlf was right. He should have taken the day off. Then again who would have taken care of all these details? After all it was only a little cold.

Outside the board of Disney Corporation, Mickey, and Kermit stood amongst television cameras, photographers, and reporters. Kermit knew what his purpose there was. He was to stand there like Mickey and just smile. Normally that would have bugged him and he would have wanted to answer the questions about the Muppets. Today however he was content with just standing..that was if the ground would stop spinning.

Meanwhile, everyone had stopped decorating the Muppet Theatre for Christmas and stopped to watch the live press conference.

"Boy he looks a little green, " Gonzo remarked watching Kermit.

"But isn't he always green?" Fozzie asked.

"If he's not green what color is he now?" Beauregard stopped mopping and inquired.

"He means he doesn't look well you dimwits! Oh poor Kermie. He must've caught moi's teensy little cold," Miss Piggy sniffed and put her handkerchief
up to her nose.

"That's what he gets for hanging out with a pig," Clifford cracked.

"Watch it!" Piggy growled.

On the other side of town Rowlf and Robin loaded Christmas lights and onto the register at Lowe's. Up in the corner a television played the press conference. Robin and Rowlf watched anxiously with the cashier.

"I hope it's good news for you guys," the cashier said.

"Thanks..uh….," Rowlf took a quick glance at the nametag, "Justin. We're
shooting for a new show or movie. So far no luck though. Gee Kermit looks like he feels rotten there. I told him to take the day off. Looks like don't even need him up there."

"Rowlf look!" Robin pointed to the television and gasped.

At the press conference the ground beneath Kermit's feet swayed and rose up to meet him. In moments everything went black with the whole world watching.