Chapter Four

The doctor sighed and finally admitted, "I wasn't going to reveal this until I was absolutely sure. The medicine might not take effect on Kermit. If he had gotten here sooner it might have been different. Maybe not. We'll see in the next 24 hours."

Christy stood flabbergasted while the doctor walked away. Muttering to herself on how much she didn't like doctors she went to find the others. Finally, after 20 bathroom trips, 50 head counts, and 40 taxis the frog family along with Swedish Chef, Rowlf, and Gonzo headed back to the boarding house. Lisa and Christy hurried off to the train station to head back to Leland where the entire town was waiting in the Diner for news of Kermit.

Back at the boarding house the living room was a sea of frogs. Rowlf and Gonzo stood at one end with a clipboard. Pepe who tagged along came cha-chaing out of the kitchen, "Say Gonzo? I'm not sleeping with little frog-mans am I? Oh yes and Rowlf are you sure you don't just want to order pepperoni and fly pizza for everyone?"

"Well we could if you wanted to use our paychecks from last month…why?" Rowlf looked at the Prawn and asked.

Unmentionable goo and smoke flew from the kitchen. The small roar of thousands of frogs came to silence as they looked at Gonzo and Rowlf covered in what used to be dinner. Pepe looked up and simply said, "Dat's why."

"Mmmm….dandelion tapioca!" Gonzo licked his lips and said.

"Yuck! Pepe…order those pizza's and beg Domino's for a discount," Rowlf wiped his face trying his hardest not to taste any of the goo.

After cleaning up and eating several hundred pizza's all the young frogs were bathed and asleep in beds throughout the boarding house. Several of the Muppets filtered in crashing downstairs in Muppetlabs or in a spare bed. Beauregard quietly made a fire in the fireplace. Rowlf sat at the kitchen table sipping at a cup of coffee. Scooter sat at the house computer in the corner of the dining room clacking away.

Robin plodded over to the table taking a seat and sighing. Scooter turned around eyeing the young frog, " Robin it's 3am you should be asleep."

"I know, but I just can't. I've been trying. I just keep thinking about Uncle Kermit, and the show, and everyone being here, and…" Robin began.

"If we're able to handle things ourselves?" Rowlf finished.

"Yeah," Robin sniffed.

"Robin, Kermit's just going to be just fine," Scooter said trying to convince himself more than Robin, " Besides, this is just a sign we need to take on more of Kermit's responsibilities. Take some of the load off of him. The show is going to go off without a hitch. I've already called in a couple of more guest stars who are more than willing to come in and make up for the fact we're missing Kermit."

"And tomorrow I'm going to go pay the bills, and call a repairman for the plumbing," Rowlf added, " Gonzo is working on the catering for the company Christmas party and Rizzo, Pepe, and Clifford are sifting through the old files compiling a show for New Year's."

Scooter ran into the kitchen and came out with a steaming cup of hot chocolate piled high with whipped cream and marshmallows. He handed it to Robin but looked directly at Rowlf, "We shoulda lent a hand a long time ago."

"We all became too complacent. Let's just hope it's not too late to mend our ways," Rowlf agreed as the first lights of dawn peeked through the window.

Downtown a waiter swept up the floor feeling for the young lady in the corner. She sat alone dressed in her finest. Tears streamed down her face and made him wonder who stood the young lady up. Deciding then and there he paid her bill out of his tips from that night.

She stood and made her way to the counter to quietly pay her bill. The hostess explained that it had been taken care of. Miss Piggy sighed and walked outside to catch the morning bus. She dug deep inside her designer clutch for a handkerchief. She looked up the road as the bus topped the hill. With a sigh she climbed into the bus and headed for the back seat, " Oh Kermie you just have to get better. You just have to."

At the hospital, the doctor exited Kermit's room with a slight smile. While nothing on his list was perfect, it was a good sign. Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever you want but he considered it a miracle. Kermit had made it through the night and was holding his own. Now if only he could regain consciousness. The young doctor hurried down the hallway to give the good news to Mr. and Mrs. The Frog.