Gone Or Unseen?

DC: your probably wonder why I'm writing a Tak fanfiction, yes? Well I've played the Tak games and I've even seen the TV episode of Tak and The Power of Juju on Nickelodeon, and I found it entertaining. Ok I loved it! But that's just how I work, ok? I can't help it if I'm weird. I like being weird anyway, being weird is FUN! Who in their right mind would want to be normal? What IS normal anyway?

The people of the village nodded their greeting and stepped aside as the group walked toward the falls. An old shaman man, a full of himself pretty boy, a glowing beautiful maiden of lavender colored skin, a small floating green girl with a red twin, and an ordinary looking village boy, conversed about their destination and the upcoming events.

"Sooooooooo. Where are we going again Jibulba?" Lok asked for he 5th time that day. Tak put his hand over his eyes and shook his head sadly.

"We are going to Dry Rock Canyon, Lok, please keep that in mind. I am getting tired of repeating myself."

The party continued to travel past the falls to the gondola that lead to Dry Rock. Climbing in one by one, Flora and Fauna transfiguring into glowing orbs of green and red so as not to overload the small cart, they all began to descend.

"Do you really hear music echoing in the canyon?"

"Oh yes, Tak. Beautiful music. The way the sound echo's around the canyon makes it sound like many are playing at once. But it's a solo." Flora answered.

"Yeah yeah, big deal. It's a bunch of corny music. Who cares."

The gondola kicked up dust as it landed roughly on sandy ground.

The Moon Juju cleared her throat, telling Fauna to keep her carlessness to herself. "Some people think it's the wind blowing across the many caves and crevices that creates that sound. Or echo's of the past."

Tak listened intently to the tale the Moon Juju was retelling that he almost didn't hear Lok gasp. Everyone was silent. Faintly, as if distant was the sound of music notes, playing one note and going higher to another. The sound was too clear to have been the wind and the caves, but sounded more like wood pipes. Lok's face held a look of shock.

"Look at all this SAND!" he practically screamed.

"SHHHHHH!!!" everyone quieted.

The sound of the flute grew loader and softer, rising and falling in pitch and notes. And true to Flora's word, the back echo of the music made it sound like an accompaniment.

"Come on. Lets see if we can get closer." Jibolba whispered eagerly.

As best they could they tried to follow the music, trying to track its sourse. Finally they came to the more open part of the canyon and the music reverberated loud and clear around them. Making their way around he edge of the canyon they found an opening into another section of the canyon, a clean blue water fall beat a pathway down into the clearing years ago. Jibulba, after poking around in the sand for a bit, sat down by the waters edge inviting the others to join him. Lok took up residence farther way from the waters edge, the fish giving him a look of hostility, humming along with the music as it played. Tak however, was glad to sit beside his mentor and let his feet kick around in the cool water.

"Well I'd love to stay and listen with you. But I'm afraid I still have matters to attend to in the Juju Realm." The Moon Juju sighed. She turned to walk away, waved a hand and a swirling portal of blue and green appeared before her. She gestured toward the twins to follow.

"Bye Tak. I'll see you later." Flora waved goodbye to her best friend.

"Later." Fauna saluted.

Tak waved goodbye with a smile to his Juju friends before the portal to the Juju Realm swallowed them into its depths. Turning his attention back to the music, he crossed his arms behind his head to lay back into the warm sand.

It seemed as though hours had gone by and the music didn't even bother to pause once. But the music sounded as though it took on a slowed pace. The notes rose and fell slower, as if a sad story was being retold. Earlier the music sounded happy and joyfull. Lok and Tak both had danced to it laughing and enjoying the interesting tones, Jibulba clapping his hands as he watched them. Now they lay there in the warm sand huffing in exhaustion. The sun could barley be seen over the canyons high walls, a majority of the canyon already cast in total darkness. Shadows started to play tricks on them.

"Alright everyone. We need to get heading back to the village before it gets too dark."

Tak stretched his arms up toward the sky.

"Ok, Jibulba. But can I stay here a little longer? I wanna hear want all else is going to play."

Jibulba thought for a moment. He started to protest but reconsidered.

"Ok, but don't be long. Strange creature walk around this place at night. When you come home, be careful."

Tak nodded, turning his back to him and Lok as they began to treck back to the village. After that, things grew still and it was pleasant. The music played in its soft tone, eventually lulling Tak to sleep.