Chapter one: start of Summer Holidays

After Severus' last check-up before school had officially ended Madame Pomfrey suggested to Albus that writing down his thoughts could help Severus deal with his fears and traumas he had endured. Albus thought it would be a great idea so he ordered a special book filled with blank pages and charmed to correct spelling mistakes sent from Flourish and Blotts. When Albus gave it to his little Twerp he told him that it would be nice to write things down so that in later years when he was grownup he could read about the things he did as a child and how he felt.

Sitting down against the wall of the corridor Severus opened the green and silver journal that he had received He took a deep breath then picked up his quill and sat looking at the blank page for a few minutes before he decided what to write first.

July 1 1996

"My name is Severus Snape. I was born on January 9th 1960. Honest! I know I look much younger than the thirty-six years that I should be. You see I was a victim of a Weasley prank which drastically changed the course of my life and that of the wizarding world. I guess I should do a little recap here of the events that drastically changed my life."

My parents were Tobias and Eileen Snape. We lived at the end of a street called Skinners End. He was a muggle and she was a witch. She taught me dark magic and he beat me up whenever he felt like it. I thought it was my fault that I had to be punished all the time but now I know better. They died back when I was fifteen or sixteen. I don't remember much of my life before but I have had some strange dreams that are very scary.

Albus has taken a lot of my adult memories and stored them in his pensieve so I can have a normal childhood. I wonder what that will be like.

"I now have a very large extended family who watches for me to get into trouble which I have to admit has been a normal occurrence. Am I confusing you yet?"

"If you wish to know all of the details of what took place over the last year I suggest you read 'Return to Childhood' by Albus Dumbledore who is the Headmaster of Hogwarts. It should come out sometime this summer. He has been my guardian since I was twenty years old. I am now nine and a half. Madame Pomfrey the medi-nurse here at Hogwarts is really fussy about keeping me from getting sick, Professors Minerva McGonagall and Filius Flitwick are like an aunt and uncle as they along with Albus were the ones to discover me that day...It is hard to believe that it was only a year ago.

"This will be my second summer since I was de-aged. I lived with the Weasleys last summer and they showed me what it was like to have fun and have a real family that actually likes me ...It felt strange at first to find big people who wanted me to have clean clothes that fit properly and regular meals.

Molly Weasley is the Mom and she sometimes scares me when she yells but she always feels bad about it. She fusses over all of us as she wants us all to be happy. Arthur Weasley is the Dad and he is fascinated with muggles and has a shed full of 'junk' that he messes around with. They have seven kids; Bill, who works for Gringotts and he took this past year off to teach Potions. Charlie, who works with Dragons. Percy, who works at the ministry in the Department of Magical co-operation. the twins George and Fred who are opening up a shop in Diagon Alley called Weasleys Wizardiing Wheezes,. The last two kids are Ron and Ginny who still go to Hogwarts.

They even asked Harry Potter and Hermione Granger to come and stay at the burrow so we could get to know each other. I didn't know who they were but I was told that they had been students of mine.

Harry was known as the boy who lived because he had got rid of the dark wizard called Voldemort when he was a little boy. Unfortunately Voldemort came back just a few years ago but now he is gone for good.

Hermione is a very smart girl. I am told I used to call her an insufferable know-it-all when I was bigger. She still is at times.

I had been scared by Molly who was yelling at the twins and ran out into a storm which picked me up and that was when I met an Auror by the name of Alastor Moody, whose face looks like it was made up of little puzzle pieces with a big round eye that can look out the back of his head. He is known by the nickname of Mad Eye. He is gruff and keeps looking for dark wizards. He says he learned over the years not to trust too many people but he does like me now."

"I also met a very nice werewolf who told me he had been a schoolmate of mine. I think he should marry this girl Auror who goes by her last name of Tonks. She hates her other name. I know she likes him a lot. He has a friend who is an animagus known as Sirius Black who had been in Azkaban Prison but escaped a little more than two years ago. I was really scared of him at first because he didn't like me at all. We finally got to be friends though once he got to see me as I am not what he thought I was." I guess I would not have met him if I hadn't put the family into danger by being kidnapped along with Ginny. Albus and Mad Eye said we had to go into hiding for a while at 12 Grimmauld Place in London.

I then got to go to Hogwarts this past year with the others and we had fun getting rid of the Toad lady who was supposed to be teaching Defense against the Dark Arts. She was not a nice person. I think she is going to spend a lot of time in Saint Mungos according to what the big people said. I guess we went a little overboard with our pranking. Mad Eye took over the class and taught us all some real defenses which helped to defeat Voldemort and his followers. It is hard to believe that it was only a few months ago that the war ended.

I made some more new friends here at Hogwarts...I don't think I had many when I grew up the first time.

I could make a list of everybody I got to meet and became friends with but I am getting tired of writing so I think I should stop here.

Severus Snape also known as the Twerp

Severus stopped writing and after the journal corrected his spelling, he then read over what he had wrote down. He cleaned the quill and after closing the book, carefully put them both away in his knapsack and then picked it up as he stood and slipped it onto his back.

"Severus, what are you doing?" asked Albus as he observed the little boy walking backwards in the air, down the corridor while talking to some of the various portraits along the way. Severus lowered himself back to the floor, turned and then moved quickly to where the elder wizard was standing with a little duffle bag.

"Nothing much. I was just waiting for you." answered the Twerp who looked up at the older wizard with shining dark eyes. "I wrote a little bit in the journal you gave me."

"That is good my little Twerp. " Albus said with a smile. His blue eyes twinkled happily as he gazed down at the small boy who up to last summer had been his moody, grumpy and irascible Potions Master. He smoothed a bit of unruly black hair back from Severus' eye's and said, "I have decided to take you on holiday in Egypt. I believe Bill Weasley is doing some work for Gringotts there."

Severus grinned as he thought of what fun he could have in the worlds 'largest sandbox .' He asked with barely concealed excitement, "Do you think Bill will let me look at some mummies and other neat stuff?" He was feeling excited as he had never thought he would be going to Egypt .

"I wouldn't be too surprised, but please be careful while we are there as there are some very powerful magic and dark curses that may still be lingering about the tombs and Pyramids." cautioned Albus as they walked together down the moving staircases and corridors to the entrance of Hogwarts where The elderly caretaker Argus Filch was waiting along with Hagrid, Madame Pomfrey, Minerva and Filius to say goodbye.

"I'm going to Egypt with Albus!" said the Twerp as he bounced with boyish excitement. The six adults looked at each other with amusement as they were each hugged in turn by the small nine year old boy.

"You are brave Albus by taking the Twerp to another country, especially Egypt." joked Filius. " I thought you were planning to travel around Britain."

"Well I just thought that it would be something different to do and besides I know our Twerp would love it." Albus said with a wistful tone in his voice.

"Yes and I suspect you wanted to have a valid excuse to go yourself." stated Minerva as she adjusted the collar of Severus' robes carefully. Albus grinned ruefully and then nodded sheepishly.

"I do hope you have packed headgear , water canteens, sun glasses, good walking shoes and an extra bag for souvenirs ...and don't tell me you wont require any." said Minerva with a grin.

"Yes Minerva, Bill sent me a list of things that he thought might be prudent for us to bring along." answered Albus with an extra merry twinkle forming in his blue eyes.

"You have your potions in case either of you get sick?" asked Madame Pomfrey. "One can't be too careful, especially with our Twerps health."

Albus rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he went over the list of supplies. "Of course Poppy, We have ample supplies of Dreamless sleep potion and I know we are to use it sparingly. I have packed Pepper-up potion, invigoration potion, strengthening potion, blood replenishing, wound healing potions, and antidotes in case of accidents."

"Not leaving anything to chance, eh Headmaster?" asked Hagrid as he chuckled deeply and patted the older wizards shoulder with what he thought was a gentle hand.

"No, I don't think I have." answered Albus as he tried not to wince from the effects of the gentle giants friendliness. "I want us to enjoy our holiday, not have to worry so much if anything does happen ...Merlin forbid." Both Albus and the Twerp looked askance at each other as the other five adults laughed at his statement, after all this was the Twerp he was referring to.

It soon came time for the two travelers to take their leave and head down to the depot in Hogsmeade where a special portkey had been set up to transport them to Egypt where they would be met by Bill Weasley.

The travel wizard smiled as she handed the portkey to Albus. "Three minutes sir and you will be on your way to the outskirts of Cairo Egypt. May you both have a good trip."

Albus thanked the young witch and after taking the portkey from her, knelt down and pulled the small Twerp close against him.

"Hold on tight to me and the Portkey Twerp." ordered Albus in a no nonsense voice. "I don't want you to end up flying off too soon and land who knows where."

Severus grinned as he held onto Albus and placed one hand on the portkey.

The Burrow

The twins were finished packing up their personal belongings from their room and had levitated the boxes down to the kitchen where the rest of the family had gathered to see them off.

Arthur looked at them with fatherly pride

Ginny and Ron looked at the twins leaving as the end of an era because once they were gone there would be just Percy and them left to sit at the long wooden table in the kitchen with their parents for meals, at least till Severus came back.

Ginny hugged both George and Fred as she whispered "Don't be strangers now that you will be living in that cute apartment above your shop."

"Of course not Ginny old girl, we will come back after all there is the Twerp to consider."

"He will be coming to the shop to help make the pranks." responded the twins in a teasing manner.

"Hey, how about us? " asked Ron. "You will let us at least do something to help out." Ron Pleaded.

"Sure you can be our test subjects." said Fred with a laugh.

" George, Fred!" yelped Molly. "Quit teasing the younger children." Her lip started to tremble as she slowly lost the battle to keep a stiff upper lip and started to sniff a little as she knew that her mischievous boys were now grown up and were going to make their own lives from now on. She had felt the same way when Bill then Charlie went. Percy was still at the burrow for now as he worked with Arthur but even he would soon be leaving the burrow to set up his own home.

"It's okay Mom, we will remember to keep in contact with you throughout the summer."

"We'll work hard at establishing the store and make you proud of us.

"You better," Molly said through her tears. "In a couple of weeks you know that the Twerp will be here and we know that he wants to help you."

The twins sported identical grins as they thought of the Twerps inventiveness when it came to pranks. Truth be known they had to admit that he was their equal.


"I take it your esteemed guests will be arriving shortly?" asked the head Goblin of Gringots Egyptian branch whose long wrinkled fingers stroked his pointed beard. His pointy ears twitched as he listened to the sounds of the desert around them.

"That is correct, the Headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore and the Twerp." answered Bill Weasley. "It will be interesting visit I'm sure." He grinned as he motioned towards the sight of an older wizard with long greying red brown hair and beard trying very hard to keep up with an obviously excited tiny dark haired boy heading toward them.