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A Re-match Interrupted

Ichigo's eternal scowl deeped, as it usually did when he was confused.

He generally paid attention in class, much to Keigo's chagrin, but lately he'd been daydreaming. An awful lot. About Ishida.

And it confused him. Why did his wandering thoughts always seem to end up at the Quincy's door? As the teacher droned on about Japanese history Ichigo thought of the time he first met Ishida – it still seemed crazy that he had never noticed him before. He snorted inwardly, he'd looked like such an idiot with that sword tied to his head.

It was funny, but why did he keep thinking about it? As if he'd forgotten about something…

That was it! They'd promised to have a re-match! They had never got round to it, with the whole Rukia thing and all. Ichigo's thoughts turned back to the teacher, he'd solve his unfinished business with Ishida later. It was Friday after all. A whole weekend to pound that Quincy's face in.

At the end of the day, Ishida looked up from packing his things away to see Kurosaki standing over him with his arms crossed.

There was a pause as Ishida looked up at him, waiting for the shinigami to speak.

"…Well? What is it Kurosaki?" He asked, pushing his glasses up his nose with two slender fingers, arching a thin eyebrow at the orange haired; and apparently mute, shinigami looking down at him.

"Tomorrow." Ichigo scowled at the Quincy. Damn him, all he had to do was stand near him and he looked at him as if he was an imbecile. "What are you doing?" He asked, his face impassive. Ishida's brow furrowed, 'What was he getting at?'

"Nothing that concerns you, Kurosaki." With that, Ishida stood up, shouldered his bag and walked towards the door – not even looking back.

As he passed, Ichigo grabbed his wrist.

"Because you owe me" The tone was determined, but level.

"I owe you what exactly?" Ishida snapped hautily as he pulled his wrist from Ichigo's grip.

Ichigo mearly scowled. "A re-match."

The corners of Ihida's mouth turned upwards.

"And I'd thought you'd forgotten."

That night Ichigo smiled to himself as he lay in bed. He'd arranged to meet Ishida at noon the next day in a forest just outside of town. They'd agreed on the forest because no one went there – they didn't want anyone walking in on Ishida fighting an 'invisible' enemy (i.e. Ichigo in shinigami form.)

However, his smile was short lived. He'd arranged to a re-match, and now he had bankai he had no chance of losing – not like he had to go bankai to beat that stuck up Quincy. So why did he have this nagging feeling?

Beating Ishida wouldn't be enough.

The thought struck him, almost as if someone else had said it. He certainly didn't understand what it meant. Pushing the thought aside, Ichigo went to sleep. What ever he meant, he'd find out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in a world where skyscrapers reached out to an endless blue sky, a figure sat in eternal solitude; swinging its legs off the side of a roof. A blue tongue shot out of a grinning mouth and flicking along its thin lips, left a glistening trail of saliva. Oh yes, Tomorrow was gonna be Fun! He just didn't know it yet. Sometimes he really did pity his King... but only sometimes.

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