Summary: After the Arrancar War, Ichigo was sad from seeing so many deaths. He sealed away his memories and reiatsu. After he dies, he goes to SS. Random people are following him around. He needs to figure out why everything is so familiar.

Sorry, Sephy-chan, if you think this is just a spin-off of your fic, Secret Student. Your fic is the best I've ever read, I SWEAR! I was inspired by ur fic, but it's not got anything to do with it! I hope this fic will work out unlike all the other ones…. T.T

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BAMBLAMBAMCRASH! Somebody crashed through the sliding door splintering it to pieces. Fearfully, the teen scrambled to his feet, eyes full of fear and ran down the hallways, away from the accursed classroom.

A scowling face stuck out from the demolished doorway and called out, "And don't come back!"

"Etou… Kurosaki-sensei?"

Ichigo whirled around. "Yeah?"

Several boys gazed at him in awe, stars in their eyes. The girl who had spoken grinned, "Thanks for getting rid of him."

Ichigo rubbed the back of his head, "Nya…he was getting on my nerves anyway…hm…wonder if he'll come back…"

The bell rang and everybody got up to leave. "Don't forget to study for finals!" Ichigo shouted above the din as he headed back to his desk.

Sighing as he looked at the demolished door, he plopped himself in his chair. Leaning back, he looked up at the chalkboard which had several notes pertaining to Shakespeare.

He heard some people running toward his classroom. "Hmmm…must be Reiji back with friends…"

But as the running got closer, he could hear them shouting, "Kurosaki-Sensei!!!!! Kurosaki-sensei!!!! There's another fight going on!!!!"

"WHAT??!!" Ichigo rushed out the door and the group of students pointed toward the lobby. Ichigo growled as he raced down the stairs. Must they fight every single day?!

As he ran, he tore off his jacket and threw it off to a side, allowing a freer range of motion. When the lobby came into view, he saw a large crowd yelling and screaming.

Seeing several books littered before him, he jumped. Time seemed to freeze. He jumped much higher and sailed over people's head. Faces watched open-mouthed as the shadow flew over them. Ichigo landed inside the circle, stunned. The crowd fell silent. Nobody moved. The two gangs who were fighting paused, their little brains all coming upon the same conclusion. Destroy the bigger threat.

Screaming, they threw themselves on the teacher. Ichigo, by this time had recovered from his shock. His scowl returned and he shoved his hands into his pockets. Lashing out with one leg, he face-planted one of them into the ground, cracks playing along the tiles.

Pulling his hands from his pockets, he jumped to his hands and spun around, nailing several in the sides of their heads. The rest of the gang turned tail and ran, leaving one standing alone.

He looked around, and finding that he was by himself, he growled. Raising an arm to punch him, he ran toward the orange haired man. A hand deftly pushed the fist to the side and proceeded to punch the boy in the face.

The boy, however, ducked to one side and aimed a kick at Ichigo's knees, trying to trip him. Ichigo dodged the kick and grabbed the leg, twisting it and throwing him in the air. He screamed in pain as he crashed into the ground, writhing around.

Ichigo walked over to the boy and hauled him to his feet. "Good job. Try working on your defenses." Ichigo grinned as he whispered into the boy's ear.

The boy groaned and whimpered. A short, pudgy man walked over to Ichigo, wringing his hands. "Ah… uh… Thank you, Kurosaki-san. I… uh… don't know what I'd do without you…"

Ichigo laughed lightly as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Well… you are my boss…"

But something nagged at him. What was that? How had he been able to jump like that? It was humanly impossible!

Ichigo gently shook his head. It mush had been his imagination. But if so, why was everybody staring at him like that? His head hurt from the strain, and the adrenaline still pumped through his veins.

Pushing the thoughts from his head, he headed toward the exit, well aware of the stares still piercing through his retreating back.

Hollowheart Hollowheart Hollowheart

"Heey! Did you see that??!!!" A boy gushed.

"No. I didn't." A girl drawled, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

The boy apparently oblivious to the sarcasm looked strangely at the girl, "Oh my god! How could you not h-"

"I was being sarcastic…" The girl interrupted.


The girl stared at the boy amusement evident in her voice," The fact that you missed that, Genru, makes me wonder why you're planning to major in rocket science."



Hollowheart Hollowheart Hollowheart

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