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Chapter 7- Academy

It took 3 hours, the entire 11th division, and several holes in walls to capture the fleeing berry.

Even though it was easier for the shinigami to sense Ichigo, he just wouldn't stay in one place.

Using his newfound power, Ichigo used his concentrated reiatsu to break through sides of buildings to escape with he was cornered. After having only having the 12th division chase him around, they soon tired and allowed the battle hungry 11th division to give chase.

When they finally got him pressed, back against a wall, he was completely worn out, stumbling, mumbling about a spiked hair menace named "Kenny" and a bubble-gun haired atrocity.

-- -- -- -- --

Kurotsuchi glared at the boy that had caused him much headache and pain. Ichigo was currently on the operating table in an unconscious state.

Unsheathing a small dagger, he poised the knife over the steadily rising and falling chest and for the second time that day, he made a small slit across the stomach and set to work removing the last seal.

Maybe if he hurried, he might have some time to… have some fun. (-shiver- not that way. Ugh.)

-- -- -- -- --

Ichigo woke up in a warm bed yelling. He had had this strange dream that he had died and went to heaven where the evil scientist tried to experiment on him and he gained this awesome power.

He sighed in relief. It was just a nightmare… then he became aware of his surroundings. (O.O)-- his expression.

He pulled up his shirt and found a long, thin scar across his stomach. It… wasn't… a… dream?? Then-OH MY FING GAWD!! HE REALLY WAS MOLESTED BY A FREAK!!

The door slid open and a very flustered female shinigami stuttered, "A-ano.. Kurosaki-san, Y-yamamoto-Soutaichou would like to speak with you…"

Before she left the room, she took one fleeting glance at his still exposed abs and blushed heavily. The sliding door closed gently.

Ichigo sighed and let himself drop back on the bed. I was still the same here. Soon, he bet, some strange fan club would pop up somewhere.

He looked at the scar again. Of course, there were many other scars than that one. He really never had the slightest idea of where they came from. He had always toyed with the idea that he had been abducted by aliens, but that was obviously improbable.

But then again, you couldn't be too sure about that. Yesterday, Shinigami never existed.

-- -- -- -- --

"So you're telling me I went through all that trouble of running for nothing?"

Yamamoto closed his eyes in a Kakashi-style upside-down U grin.

Ichigo's eye twitched.

Yamamoto returned to his normal strict demeanor. "The reason for this inability to remove the memory seal is mostly because of how long it's been attached to your soul." He glared at Ichigo before continuouing.

"Unfortunately, because you sloppily applied the seal without much guidance, we are unable to remove it. The seal has aligned too much with your soul. Kurotsuchi was able to get rid of some parts of it, but the rest must stay. If we had tried to remove more of it, we would have pulled your soul out along with it. Sometimes- Are you keeping up with this?"

Dumbfounded, Ichigo nodded.

"Good. Sometimes you will have small memory flashes. I have no idea if they'll hurt."

"I figured just as much since I didn't really remember much after I woke up." Ichigo said, chewing over the information he just heard.

"I'm quite surprised that you understand this," Shunsui drunkedly pointed out.

Ichigo stared, "Are you implying that I'm stupid?"

"No, noooooo….. Just when you first became a shinigami, you were somewhat on the… dense side."


"Shunsui-taichou, that is beside the point." Soifon said, crossing her arms, "We are here to discuss the placement of Kurosaki here in the academy. Personally, I believe he should be put with the fourth years."

Ukitake intercepted, "Ah, but if he starts in fourth year, he won't know the fundamentals."

Yamamoto nodded. "Very well. You will be put in with the Advanced 1st years."

Ichigo groaned. More school.

-- -- -- -- --

"Where are we?" Ichigo asked, turning to his guide.

"We are in the special dormitories reserved for nobility."


The unseated officer jiggled the key in the lock. "For those who have been born into the higher ranks." The door slid open.

Ichigo gasped. The room was a western styled bedroom. He sat down on an ornately decorated bed and proceeded to sink a full foot into the mattress. He looked at his guide, "Isn't this a bit too much? Can't I just have a normal room?"

The man pondered for a moment. "Wait here. I'll go check for any available rooms."

He shunpoed toward the main office. Ichigo attempted to heft himself off his bed, but only fell to the ground.

"Kurosaki-san, we fortunately have one room available. The former occupant had a…. tragic accident."

"Th-thank you…" Ichigo looked shaken.

The man handed Ichigo the key and gave him a map of the academy grounds. Pointing at a large building, he said, "You will be in dorm A, room 1515." (I thought that was fitting, since Ichi go means 15 after all)

121… 122… 123. Ichigo tried his locker. It opened, revealing cobwebs. He brushed them away. The locker was empty. He closed it and headed toward his next class on the schedule.

The current class was just about to end. He plopped himself on the ground outside the door and waited for the bell to ring.

-- -- -- -- --


"It's okay… it's okay…" A hand patted him on the head, comforting him, "I'm sure you'll manage…"

"Sensei!! SENSEI!! YADAMARU-SENSEI!!" A girl with blue hair ran into the college sized classroom, back from the restrooms.

"What is it Namida?" The Vaizard/teacher asked, hand poised over the chalkboard, in the middle of her lesson, rudely interrupted by a certain screaming boy.

"There's a dead man outside of our classroom!!"

Murmurs went throughout the class. "What?!" Lisa ran up the stairs to the door. She look in the hallways and finally down to her left. And gasped.

The other students crowded in the door, trying to catch a glimpse of the "corpse."

Lisa looked at Namida. "He's not dead. Merely sleeping. Look, he's breathing!"

"Now, class, who would like to tell me who this person is?" She looked at her class which had already slowly filed out of the door to see the sleeping person their teacher was referring to.

An uncertain girl's voice rose from the crowd, "… uh…. One of Kurosaki Ichigo's fanclub members? Or possibly Kurosaki Ichigo himself?"

The boy standing beside her laughed, "There's no possible way it could be him! Kurosaki's not dead yet!"

Lisa nodded, "That's correct. He wasn't dead…. Until three days ago."

Confusion hit the class. "He died? How did he die?!" somebody called out.

"He was hit by an 18 wheeler."

"What's… a… 18 heawer?"

"…has Shinji been lax in his teachings again?"


Lisa turned around to find that strawberry was waking up.

He yawned and sat up. When he became aware of his surroundings, his eye twitched. There was an entire crowd staring at him. "Uh… how may I help you?" he asked politely as the bell rang.

Lisa crossed her arms. "Ichigo…?" she glared at him.

"eh… yes?"

She grabbed his ear and pulled him to his feet. "Come with me." Even though she was a whole foot shorter than him, she was able to lug him into her classroom.

"Ow! Ow! OW! What's wrong with you!!"

Lisa slammed the door shut and locked it. "YOU… IDIOT!!" she yelled at him, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?!"


Lisa softened a little, "Oh."

Ichigo looked away. "I'm sorry about doing whatever to you, but I can't do anything about it." He uncurled a fist and stared at it. "I want to remember. I want to know. It's difficult, not knowing if this entire ordeal is just an elaborate prank or something I've seriously gone through before.


"And just out of curiosity, what exactly did I do?"

Outside the classroom, students fought to get close to the door and hear the ongoing conversation.

"Holy-!!" Kurosaki Ichigo- the Kurosaki Ichigo will be here with us in the Academy!!"

The rest of the class chattered excitedly among themselves. Lisa jumped to her feet. She opened the door slowly, a glint in her eye. "Guess what?" she crooned.

The class shuddered. Too scared to say anything.

"Since the bell has already ran a while ago, all of those huddled outside the door will be late to their next class."

There was a scuffle and everybody ran for it.

"But those who have mastered shunpou should be fine!" she yelled.

Lisa glanced at the remaining students. " I assume you are the next class. Well, either that, or you're really stupid."

One more person left the doorway. Lisa waved the students in and turned to Ichigo. "We'll continue our conversation later."

She returned to her spot in the front of the classroom, "Anybody brought extra credit?"

Several students blushed and slowly raised a hand holding a magazine. One of them caught the light and Ichigo squinted to tell what it was then turned red as well.


-- -- -- -- --