Oh My God There's Two Of Them

Chapter 1

Go Back and Change It Harry

"Potter!" snapped Severus Snape coming towards him.

"What do you want?" asked Harry his eyes no longer the bright green of his youth but very dull, years of war would do that to a person.

"Listen Potter, I've made a potion, a potion that will take you back in time, it will have to be taken tonight though because the moon has to be at a certain phase. It will send you back in time to change everything, your horrendous childhood, your friends, save everyone" said Severus, his haunted eyes on Harry.

"Why can't you go and change it? You know more about the war than I do" said Harry looking like he wanted to just fall over and never get up again. He had lost all his friends in the war and most of the Order was gone. They had left it up to him to kill Voldemort and his Death Eaters, he silently cursed Dumbledore for not training him when he should have.

Dumbledore had forced him into Auror training, and at the age of twenty finally decided to teach him personally. Mind you, that's when the War had been at a turning point, they were losing people, and people were losing hope. Harry had learned long ago he was just a pawn in this war and so Dumbledore making himself out to be the hero had come as no surprise.

"Potter, I don't want to, I've lived through two wars, and I'm ready for death. I'm will be even more ready when Dumbledore learns what I've done, and believe me when he does I will be dead. Now please quickly summon your stuff and get out of here!" said Snape.

Severus had defected from the dark side to get away from war and killing, but he soon found out that the light side had to kill to win as well. He was just a pawn shifting from Master to Master, and he was sick of it. He had been found out as a spy and consequently tortured only to be saved by Harry. They, in private had come to understand and respect one another, however, to the outside world they were as bitter and horrible to each other as ever.

"If it doesn't work I will end up under that mind control potion, so this better be good" growled Harry.

"Trust me it is, now summon your stuff and go, get outside and drink it before the night is out" said Severus.

"Goodbye Severus, it was good knowing you" said Harry, wandlessly summoning every precious thing he owned and shrinking it all, leaving Hedwig to sit on his shoulder.

"Goodbye Harry, for what it is worth I'm sorry for everything I've done. I was blinded and my judgement was impaired." said Severus looking tormented.

"You know I forgave you a long time ago, don't you?" said Harry smiling sadly as he started striding from the castle.

"Wait" said Severus running towards him.

Harry didn't stop, he just slowed to let Severus catch up with him and found something placed into his hand as he got to the steps of Hogwarts. Looking down he found a bundle of journals, with Severus's handwritten name on the front. His mouth dropped open as he looked at Severus in stunned silence.

"Go" said Severus.

"I-Thank you," said Harry knowing he had Severus's ultimate trust.

Coming to a halt on the grass outside Hogwarts he chugged the disgusting potion down, he grimacing at the taste and watched and waited for something to happen. He frowned, looking at Severus, his companion pointed at the moon and suddenly Harry understood that the potion would kick in when the moon reached a certain point. Just that second Dumbledore came crashing out of the school and he saw Severus's eyes widen with fear, not for himself but for Harry not getting away. In that moment Harry saw that Severus was indeed ready to die, for there was no longer fear in his eyes.

"Don't you dare Mr. Potter," snapped Dumbledore walking as fast as he could.

"You're too late, Harry is well out of your reach" Severus said smirking and finally feeling free of the torment that had been eating away at him. He had tried his hardest to get Harry to see what the old man was really like, it had however, been too late by the time he had realized he true nature of the headmaster's manipulations. He had been too focussed on saving the whole world to take notice, no matter what speech he'd been given. He had been far too controlled to be able to break free; now however, Severus was giving Harry his chance of independence away from Dumbledore.

"Severus what have you done?" demanded Dumbledore coming up against a shield that even he, Albus Dumbledore could not break.

"I've sent him back in time, a new potion of my own creation" said Severus smirking wickedly.

"Too bad it won't take affect" said Dumbledore pointing his wand at the shield.

"As I said you're too late," said Severus, just as Harry began fading, it looked as if the whole ground in the shield was being lifted up.

Severus smiled, he knew when Dumbledore killed him Harry would break free. Free of the manipulation and beliefs, that he would finally realize Dumbledore was no better than Voldemort.

Harry had been told repeatedly that the Death Eaters had to die, otherwise they would keep coming for him. Of course everyone around him agreed with that, so Harry could not say it was untrue. However Harry definitely didn't think of Severus as a Death Eater and Severus knew that. Harry also now knew Dumbledore was not doing all he was doing in the name of light or the greater good.

Severus could still remembered the day that Dumbledore had forced him to brew a mind controlling potion and he had been shocked when he was told it was for Potter. Harry had still believed that Dumbledore was only doing what he needed to do to win the war, even if it meant making him drink a mind controlling potion.

Harry was disappearing when Dumbledore spilled the words "Avada Kedavra" and Severus Snape died watching Harry disappear, with a smile on his face, finally free of his heavy heart and soul. Hopefully, he would have a better life, once Harry changed the past, he knew his life was not truly over, oh no, time would unwind itself; he would live again. Without any torment or at least nowhere near as much as he carried on him now, the pain and hurt in his heart and soul which left him nearly a broken man.

Harry felt his heart break, he had seen Dumbledore kill and hurt people before but he had never seen Dumbledore kill one of his own Order. In that moment Harry truly broke free of Dumbledore's manipulations.

The whirling stopped and Harry stood in a different place, apparently a small village, he didn't even know where he was and he was thankful he had both Magical and Muggle money Severus had even thought to give him Muggle money of the designs used in the past. Sighing sadly, he quickly started walking wanting to find somewhere familiar. Hedwig had flown away as soon as they had landed, she hated apparition so was probably off sulking again.

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