Oh My God There's Two Of Them

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Chapter 29

Christmas And News

"We'll be there in ten minutes guys," said Hermione almost jumping up and down. She had so much she wanted to share with her parents, the letters she sent just didn't seem like enough. So many subjects! So many classes and good teachers although some of the work was too easy. Defence Against the Dark Arts was definitely a challenge, Professor Quirrell liked to give them puzzles and logic work. He was very fair though and liked by all students. He didn't remove points if they couldn't get the work done, and he always fairly awarded students from all houses for right answers. "It's going to be so great coming you yours for Christmas day! How is your dad going to cook for everyone?" she then asked curiously, Sirius, Remus, Severus, Hadrian, her mother, father, her, Harry and Neville as well as Neville's parents.

"Magic," said Harry wryly, causing Hermione to scowl at him, shaking her head. He couldn't wait, his Da and dad had moved into Potter Manor, since the home he'd grown up in wouldn't be big enough for everyone at Christmas. Since his dad had magical custody of him, he was in fact charge of the Potter estate until he came off age when he was seventeen. He didn't know much of what he had money wise, but knew he had a few homes and manors. His Da and dad always answered his questions truthfully and he loved them more than anything else in the world. He was looking forward to spending Christmas with them, he'd missed them more than he could express. Potions was too easy though, he'd already learned the potions with his Da, and defence spells were too easy, his dad had taught him those years ago. Other than that, it was a new experience learning all the different variety of magic Hogwarts had to offer.

"With a bit of luck mum might have my baby sister when I'm home! I want to see her." said Neville. His entire childhood, he'd wished for his parents to miraculously wake up and hug him, take him home and tell him everything was going to be okay. He'd never once thought to imagine any brothers and sisters, his parents would have been enough for the love starved child he'd been. His wish had been answered, and he had Harry's Da to thank for it. He could remember being intimidated badly by Severus at first. He'd always been kind and patient with him, proving that you should never judge a cover by its book. Someone their act of kindness, had made Neville whom he was, a confident young boy with plenty magical abilities. It might not have been anything extravagant but the parents had acted as if it was. Making him feel over the moon for a small display of accidental magic. In turn it had convinced him he truly was magical and thus the circle was complete. He wanted to be like Severus, brew Potions for people and help them, maybe one day he'd be gifted with the sight of a child being reunited with their magically comatose parents. He was determined and adamant, he would be a Potions and Herbology Master if it killed him.

"You are so lucky!" said Hermione and Harry together, they'd both always wanted siblings. Especially until they'd met each other, finding three kindred spirits, bounded them beyond that of a brother or sister bond. Hermione had just wanted a friend that didn't pick on her for being smart or use her for their homework. Harry had just wanted to be accepted, and happy something his cousin had made sure didn't happen…until his dad came along. Neville's wish had been similar to Harry's, to be loved, wanted and cherished.

"The station is coming up!" said Harry as the train honked. He with the help of Neville started taking the trunks of the shelve. The lightening charm they'd placed on it before leaving Hogwarts was still going strong, so it wasn't difficult to get them down but Harry almost fell, and would have if not for Hermione steadying him when the train breaks caused the cabin to lurch. "Thanks Mione." said Harry breathlessly, giving a 'phew' of breath he hopped down and the three of them quickly made their way down the hall to the door.

Thankfully they were the first ones at that particular door, so as soon as the train stopped he opened the window right down and unlocked the door from the outside. They were supposed to wait for the conductor to do it, but they didn't as nearly all the doors opened as one and students climbed out.

"Can you see them?" asked Harry standing on the tip of his toes for the adults, was Sirius and Remus also there? Or just his parents? Its funny, nobody had blinked at the fact he had two fathers, well maybe a few Muggle born's. They all knew Severus and Hadrian had adopted him, and Harry was proud to be their son. His name had probably been the longest one called.

Harry James Severus Potter- Anderson- Snape. In the actual newspapers when they were mentioned it was always as 'The Snape's' Not that it made sense, since his Dads weren't married. He and his Da were Snape's though and it seemed like enough for the paper to call them by that. What Harry didn't know was that somehow Harry's magic had bonded them both, actually making him a Snape too.

"Nothing, are we early?" asked Neville craning his neck trying to see for himself. He couldn't make out his parents in the crowd.

"Could they be on the other side of the barrier, like my parents?" asked Hermione. Looking at her time, she couldn't wait around with them, her parents would start getting anxious soon. "I have to go, but I'll be right back…" she'd wait with them, she just needed to explain to her parents.

"No need Mione, DAD!" yelled Harry finally noticing his parents and the Longbottom's near the back of the platform, leaning against the pillar - thankfully not the magical one or he wouldn't have been able to see them at all.

"Da! Dad! I've missed you!" exclaimed the young exuberant eleven year old throwing himself at his parents.

"We've missed you too, how was school?" asked Hadrian as he hugged his son tightly, Merlin he'd missed him more than words could express. Not having anything to do, or someone to look after made him feel slightly lost. After all those years of taking care of his son. Now he had a baby on the way, three months time she'd be here in his arms. Six months he'd been pregnant, and after the 'morning sickness' had abated it had been smooth. Although why they called it morning sickness he didn't know, he'd grumbled about it especially with his head down the toilet at twelve o'clock at night. He'd been to St. Mungo's three times since the first appointment to make sure everything was fine.

"It was fine," said Harry, "Hi Auntie Alice, uncle Frank!" they might be his godfather and mother but he'd taken to calling them Aunt and Uncle. It helped him move on from the damage Petunia and Vernon had inflicted.

"Hello Harry," beamed Alice, her huge tummy even bigger since the last time Harry had seen her.

"Let's get going!" said Severus, holding onto Harry and Hadrian. Hadrian's magic had been wonky as of late. He didn't want them ending up in Timbuktu, so he did the Apparating. Nodding his head to the Longbottom's, who had become really good friends once the 'thank you's' for the potion he'd invented stopped.

"WOW!" gaped Harry spinning around trying to look at everything all at once, he wished he had eight eyes. He didn't want to miss a thing, this was Potter Manor? It was so awesome. There was five different greenhouses, the same sized ones they used at Hogwarts. Animals, horse in stables, peacocks, there was even a hippogriff. He had a soft toy in the same shape, it was grey and at his dads suggestion he'd called it Buckbeak. "Why didn't we come here sooner?"

"We had no need for a bigger place when it was just the three of us," said Severus wryly as he continued to prod his curious eleven year old into the manor. The distracted child didn't catch the hint Severus had dropped, causing the Potions Master to smirk and shake his head.

"The colder weather is early this year," said Harry tightening his cloak around him as they continued to walk up the immaculate pathway. "I recon its going to snow soon."

"Wouldn't surprise me," said Severus, opening the door for his lover and son before closing it, stopping the bitter winter chill getting in. sooner afterwards they all began to warm up. Harry wouldn't get to decorate the tree this year, they'd woken up one morning to see it already done and completely symmetrical. All same colour, gold ribbons and red baubles. It was obvious they'd been told what colours to place before, and had continued to do it despite their new 'Master's'. Of course it wasn't just that colour anymore, Severus had changed dozens of them green. Hadrian had also added some of their old ornaments, to find them evened out the next morning. It was house elf obsessive compulsive disorder gone too far.

"I hope so! Can you imagine everywhere white?" grinned Harry still awed as he stared around.

"You didn't mention Blaise in your letters very often, is everything okay between you?" asked Severus, "Blippy!"

"Yes sir?" asked the house elf, dressed in a small elf closed cloak.

"Refreshments please," said Severus kindly.

"Right away, Master Snape." said Blippy, bowing low before disappearing from view.

"He became friends with Draco, he spends a lot of his time with him," said Harry.

"It happens sometimes, doesn't mean its anything you did," said Hadrian firmly.

"Did you miss me?" asked Harry smiling shyly.

"Yes we did," said Severus. "It's been very quiet, too quiet actually." which was strange, because a few years ago he'd wished for complete silence, away from the dunderheads and teaching. Then he'd been requested to make potions, and his curiosity had gotten the better of him. In turn he'd been given a life he had always wanted.

"We have some news we'd like to share with you Harry," said Hadrian, turning to face the curious eleven year old, his face was still flushed red from the cold. Thankfully they were right next to a roaring fire, and would soon all be warmed up.

"What is it?" asked Harry excitedly. Years ago he'd have been terrified of those words, but he wasn't anymore.

"Here you are sir," said Blippy placing the heavy load on the table, almost falling over herself.

"Thank you Blip, that is all." said Hadrian nodding his head smiling slightly, to show the elf that she'd done right. He had spent a month looking for Narcissa and finally found her. He'd demanded Dobby from her, since he'd spared her, and not given her in to the authorities since she had known what her husband was up to. Only to find out that Dobby was no longer there. He'd been Lucius' personal elf, and he'd probably been sold on or on offer. He'd found Dobby and a dozen other elves in a small cramped shop. Disguising half transfigured pallets to lie on, no privacy and hardly any food to go around. With the owner kicking them about telling them how useless they were. Hadrian had lost control and nearly choked the man to death, the terrified man had then proceeded to sign them over to him free of charge. They'd all been brought to Potter manor of course, as much as his old feelings for Dobby wanted to make him the head house elf, he didn't have the experience. So he'd put Dobby under the care of the head house elf, making it clear that Dobby would at least share the duty with him one day, until it was time to take over. They had their own quarters, and not just a cupboard, bathroom facilities and clothes, summer light wear clothes, warmer autumn/winter cloaks and a few other items. It came with the job so it wouldn't mean they were 'fired' so to speak.

"Hot chocolate!" said Harry taking the large mug with bobbing mini marshmallows on the top. Sprinkled with chocolate curls, mmm it looked delicious and couldn't wait to start drinking. "So what's going on?"

"You know your dad and I will love you no matter what don't you?" said Severus sitting forward, he loved Harry as his own son, even if he wasn't biologically.

"Of course," said Harry staring at them strangely. What was going on both of them were acting weird. He had nothing to fear, he knew his parents loved him and wouldn't give him away. Dumbledore wasn't around to try and get him taken away, and he loved uncle Sirius and Remus.

"In three months time you are going to have a little sister, your dad is pregnant." said Severus. Passing the magical sonogram to let Harry see his little sister. Harry's eyes had widened in disbelief but quite quickly changed to glee as he stared at the moving baby. A little sister! Hermione was going to be so jealous! She was in his dad's stomach? It was nearly impossible to believe. He stared in awe as her little arm waved as if saying hello to him. He puffed up proudly, he was going to be the bestest big brother in the world.

"Why didn't you say anything before?!" shrieked Harry his face glowing with happiness.

"Because we wanted you to be here when we told you," said Hadrian relieved beyond belief that Harry was okay about it. During the first week Harry was away, he and Severus had gotten into a big discussion. Hadrian didn't want to tell Harry, he wanted their identities kept completely. Harry wouldn't be able to handle it, the child Hadrian was technically Harry's as well…what eleven year old could actually comprehend that? No, he was more convinced than ever to let the past lie. Harry wasn't to be told, and he'd told the others also, not that they can tell anyone they were under vow. This baby girl he was carrying, would only ever know Harry as her brother, not a younger version of her dad.

"This is so great! I have to tell Hermione and Neville!" said Harry already digging into his trunk, his hot chocolate was already forgotten.

Yes, they deserved the innocence and life they should have always had.

"We have something else as well, Harry." said Severus.

"What?" Asked Harry sitting down, ink, quills and Harry bunched into his lap, his attention solely focused on his Da. His Da didn't like talking to himself or him not paying attention. It was more out of instincts to reply and pay attention now than anything else especially with his Da.

"We are going to get married before the baby comes, you of course we want to be the ring bearer." said Severus seriously.

"Wicked!" crowed Harry rubbing his hands together, a huge grin just about splitting his cheeky face in two. "Can Mione and Neville come? Please!"

"Of course they are, they will all be here most of the holidays along with their parents. As well as Sirius and Remus." said Harry, thankfully with the increase of house elves they could cater to their guests.

"This is going to be the best Christmas ever!" said Harry barely able to contain his excitement. He was writing to his friends, rushing it, making it almost unreadable. He was getting a sister, his parents were getting married properly, he was the ring bearer and everyone was getting together under one roof this year. Not just for one day but nearly all the holidays! It had been years since it happened, at least everyone all at the same time.

Severus and Hadrian stared at each other in amusement at their son's antics. Severus stared back across at Harry, and realized his soon to be husband was right. To know the truth would drain the innocence Harry had left right out of him. It wasn't just Harry he had to think about now, but also his daughter. To tell Harry would require telling his little girl one day. No, Hadrian was right, this was a secret they had to keep to themselves. The more people knew, the more dangerous it was. At least he didn't have to live with the past, at least not the dark one Hadrian had.

There was still two of them, but it wasn't such a shock anymore. He'd change nothing, with that Severus stood up, summoning all his old journals, and he placed them into the roaring flames. Which leapt higher, lapping up the paper until it was reduced to ash.

"Be right back!" exclaimed Harry, who was no doubt looking for Hedwig.

"Everything okay?" asked Harry getting up, wrapping his arms around Severus from behind. Severus moved his arm, allowing Harry to tuck himself into his side.

"Yes, more than okay, its time to let the past go, as well as everything else." said Severus, the everything else being an alternative future he'd have no part in. He should have done it years ago, but for some morbid reason he'd clung on.

Both men watched the fire reduce the seven books to ash, feeling rather therapeutic just watching it. "I got you this last month, I was saving it until the baby was born…but I should just give you it now." said Harry, summoning a green wrapped package. He'd noticed Sev didn't write in a journal anymore, and so went out getting him a personal made one. A picture of three of them on the front out rimmed with Slytherin green colour and the Slytherin crest on the back. Whether he was at Hogwarts or not, not in this case, he would always be a Slytherin head of house. He wondered though, sometimes what had become of his Severus, was he really here in his soon to be husband? Or was he in hereafter? Watching and cursing? He bit his lip at that deeply amused. Its certainly what his Severus would have done. His Severus had been more of a mentor than a lover…but hey, this Severus had been younger, not as war hardened…it was to be expected. He closed his eyes and said a prayer to the heavens thanking Severus for all he'd given him…which inevitably had been his life too. He opened his eyes when Severus laughed, his lips twitched - he'd found it amusing then, good.

Inscribed property of the half blood prince

Read at your own peril

Severus Snape

Severus laughed out loud, that name he had not thought on for many years. Somehow it didn't surprise him that Harry also knew this about him too. Kissing him on the head they continued to stand by the fire just enjoying the normalcy that so eluded them in the past.

"So who's your best man?" asked Harry coming back down ready for his hot chocolate now.

Severus groaned and Harry laughed, he'd been avoiding that decision for weeks. Harry had a sneaky suspicion who Severus was going to pick. It certainly wouldn't be Sirius, so it was either Remus or Frank, but his gold was on Frank. Remus and Severus might have buried the hatchet so to speak, but the man whether intentional or not, had tried to kill him.

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