-1Bad Memory

Athena Constantine Callaway glared at her husband, Mark as he tried to explain away the woman who answered his phone the previous night. It was seven o'clock in the morning and Athena had just put the last bag in the trunk of her black Mustang GT. They'd been having problems on and off for the last three months. For the last month the couple hadn't even shared a room, let alone a bed. Athena cursed herself the night before when another woman answered the phone to her husbands hotel room. She should have done more to keep him. Did she love him? Yes. Did she want to hold on to him? Hell yes. But could she forgive him for the ultimate betrayal? For breaking their wedding vows? Probably not.

"Mark I don't want to hear your excuses. Like you like to say, excuses are like assholes everybody has one and they all stink. You are both a huge asshole and you smell like shit. I wish I'd never married you." Athena yelled, getting in her car and pulling out of the long drive way.

Mark raked his fingers through his hair and sighed, letting his hand hit the side of the house with a bang. What was wrong with him? Why did he drink so much the night before? He always swore he'd never cheat on Athena, never hurt her. He remembered when he'd caught Sara cheating, it had almost broken his heart. Now he'd done the same to Athena. Only he'd hurt her worse than he could ever imagine anyone hurting him. As he watched her pull out of the drive way he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket calling Glen Jacobs, his onscreen brother. He'd be able to talk some sense into Athena. She saw him as an older brother. The only reason Athena had even agreed to date Mark at first was because Glen talked her into giving him a chance. She was an innocent virgin than, barely 22. Now she was 23 and though Mark had taken her virginity he'd hardly taken the time to show her what real sex was like. She was too innocent for that. To angelic, too young, pure.

"What's up Mark?" Glen answered the phone. "How well did Athena take it?"

"She left man." Mark said, sighing. "She was already packing when I got here. She didn't listen to much. Just called me an asshole and left."

Mark almost dropped the phone when he heard a loud crash.

"Athena!!!!" Mark yelled, sprinting down the long drive to the end of the road. He saw the Mustang not far down the rode, a big F350 crashed against the drivers side of the car. "Athena!!!"

Mark yanked open the passenger door, dropping the cell phone to the ground. He saw her small body, head slammed against the window, blood dripping down her face. He quickly removed his long sleeve shirt and placed it against her head to stop the bleeding.

"Athena baby. Wake up." Mark said, unbuckling the seat belt carefully.

"Sir. Sir." Mark heard someone saying behind him. Mark turned to see the young boy that had jumped out of the truck. He saw red, wanted to rip the mans head off for hurting his beautiful wife. "The ambulance is on the way. There's a man on the phone that wants to talk to you."

The boy reached his hand out with Mark's cell phone in it. He snatched the phone out of his hand.

"Glen get down here now." Mark said, not letting his eyes leave Athena again.

"Mark what's going on?" Glen asked, already packing a bag.

"There's been an accident." Mark said.

"How bad?" Glen asked, stopping and sitting on the hotel bed.

"Bad." Mark said, hanging up just as the cops and the ambulance pulled up.

"Sir. We need you to get out so we can check on the young woman." The paramedic said.

Mark moved to the side of the rode, glaring at the punk that was talking to one of the other officer's.

"Sir I understand your angry but I need some information." The officer said. "What's your relationship with the young woman? Is she your daughter?"

"She's my WIFE!" Mark growled.

"Sorry sir. What's her name?"

"Athena. Athena Callaway." Mark said, turning to see the officer helping the three paramedics carefully remove Athena from the mangled car. He watched as they lay her carefully on the board and started inserting IV's in her hands.

"Can I go with my wife?" Mark asked.

"Yes sir." The paramedics said, loading her in the ambulance.

Mark sat back quietly as he watched the men work on her, he let his eyes fall on the machine next to them. He could hear the beeping and see the numbers. At that moment he wished that he could remember what they all were for and if her numbers were good or bad. He couldn't remember what numbers were good blood pressure, though the doctor checked his weekly. All he knew was that her small numbers were much lower than his large ones.

When he blinked his eyes once more they were at the hospital. Houston Regional Hospital. They'd gone the hour drive to Houston and Mark hadn't even noticed. He shook his head, trying to think.

Glen. Glen's leaving Houston to go to the house. He's probably at the hospital at home. He followed the men as they pushed Athena through the double doors of the hospital and was surprised to see Glen, Dave Batista and Ashley Massaro already standing at the ER entrance. Before Mark could ask Glen opened his mouth.

"I called the PD they said they were bringing her here. Why…." Glen began only to let his eyes fall on the small woman on the bed. "Oh my……"

Mark turned to see tears falling down Ashley's face and her burying it into Dave's shirt. Mark shook his head and turned to watch as they took his wife through more double doors and out of his sight. He took a step closer only to be stopped by one of Glen's large hands.

"They won't let you back there man. Let's go find someplace to wait." Glen said, putting a hand on Mark's back and leading him to the waiting room.

Mark let his head fall in his hands and shook his head again. It was like his entire life was going in slow motion. He opened his eyes to see a man in his mid-twenties standing in front of him.

"Can I have your autograph?" The man asked.

"Could we get Mr. Callaway a private waiting room?" A doctor asked from the entry way.

"I'm Mrs. Callaway's doctor will you please follow me." The doctor led them down the hall to a small room and asked them to sit.

"How's my wife?" Mark asked.

"Your wife's blood pressure is very low, she has lost a lot of blood. She has a concussion, a bruised rib, sprained wrist…. Mr. Callaway most of your wives injuries are minor but she isn't responding to us."

"What do you mean?" Mark asked.

"Mr. Callaway your wife is….she's in a coma." The doctor said. "There are some medicine's that we could give her for pain. For her blood pressure. They may help. Sometimes the pain and low blood pressure can keep a person from wanting to wake up."

"Do whatever you have to." Mark said, waving a hand.

"No." Ashley said, standing up.

"What? Who do you think you are?" Mark demanded.

"It'll hurt the baby." Ashley said, turning to the doctor. "If you give her those drugs it'll hurt the baby, won't it."

"Baby?" Mark asked, turning to look at Ashley.

"She was going to tell you next week on father's day." Ashley began, biting her bottom lip. "The baby is okay right?"

"I'm not sure ma'am. I'll need to go re-examine your wife." The doctor stated, leaving the room.

Mark watched as the doctor left. Not only was he losing his wife, but also his child. And the worse part was that it was all his fault. If the woman hadn't been in his hotel room, if he hadn't have hurt his wife. She wouldn't have been in that car, she wouldn't be in this hospital. He let the tears stream down his face. For the first time in a long time he prayed.