-1Chapter 6

Athena sighed as she watched the monitor in Mark's locker room. She didn't understand why he was upset that she remembered David. Was there something about her and David that she didn't remember? Did she betray Mark? Why did she remember him?

She groaned as she went to open the door and meet Mark in the back when his match was over. He looked like he was going to be feeling this match tonight. She stood in the back waiting, shifting her weight from one foot to the other when she looked up and saw David talking to a dark-haired woman who looked to be wearing nothing but a thong and a bra. She could only feel rage shoot through her. Was she jealous? Jealous because a woman was talking to David?

"Hey how you feeling?" She heard Jeff Hardy ask behind her.

"Fine Jeff." She smiled at her old friend. "Jeff, who's that woman talking to David?"

"Candice Michelle." Jeff laughed. "You know who she is."

"Candice." Athena whispered, turning to see Mark step through the curtain with Glen. "Are you okay?"

Athena hugged Mark and looked up at his face.

"That looked like a hard match." Athena said, smiling up at him.

Mark turned his head and noticed Candice watching him. He was going to prove to that little bitch that he loved his wife and he would do whatever it took to keep her. Mark grabbed a handful of Athena's hair and pulled it a little to make him look up at her more and leaned down and kissed her, letting his tongue slowly trace the outline of her lips before pushing it in her mouth. He smiled when he heard a moan escape her throat and he pulled back.

"Let's go back to the hotel baby." Mark whispered in her ear so no one else could hear.

"I'm kind of tired Mark." Athena said, faking a yawn. "I don't think I'm used to this traveling."

Mark laughed and picked her up and carried her bridal style out to the rental car, driving quickly to the hotel.

When they entered the room Mark grabbed her from behind and pulled her back flush against him. She could feel the heat of his body, the hardness of his erection, his breath on her neck. She sighed as he dropped light kisses there and on the back of it and she reached back digging her nails into his thighs through his pants.

"Anxious baby?" Mark asked.

"You have no idea." She smiled, turning and pulling his shirt over his head before removing her shirt and pants quickly.

Mark just stood there, watching her.

"Mark, hurry." Athena said, starting to work on his pants.

"Yes maam." He laughed, quickly removing the remainder of their clothes and picking her up under her buttocks. Athena automatically wrapped her legs around him and felt him push her against a wall.

She moaned as he found her wetness with his finger.

"Damn baby don't think you've ever been this wet before." Mark whispered, inserting a finger.

Athena ground her hips against him and bit her index finger to keep from moaning to loud.

"Mark please." She whimpered.

"A little impatient tonight aren't we princess?" Mark asked, biting the side of her neck lightly.

He rubbed the head of his erection against her slowly before entering her. He groaned when she began to move on her own, grinding her hips against him roughly.

"You want it rough tonight huh baby?" Mark asked, surprised by her actions and even more surprised when she leaned forward and bit one of his pectorial muscles and scraped her nails into his back. "Then rough is what you'll get my love."

Mark sat her on the nearby table and spread her legs open as far as he could without her being uncomfortable, pushing her lightly onto her back.

"Mark…" She moaned.

"Don't you worry baby, you'll get what you want. You just lay there." Mark said, pulling out of her briefly before slamming back in.

Mark held on to her legs and moved his hips and fast and as hard as he could. He knew whoever was in the rooms next to theirs could probably hear their breathing and the sound of the flesh hitting flesh but he didn't care. He would deal with whatever smartass remarks the guys had to say tomorrow, right now it felt to good to stop.

"You like that baby?" Mark groaned, trying to keep up with his rythem.

"Yes Mark, harder." Athena moaned, pushing her hips up to meet him.

"Damn baby." Mark moaned, grabbing her hand and pulling her up to sit on the edge.

Athena leaned back on one hand and moved her hips up to meet Mark's every move.

"Mark I can't….Mark I need…." Athena moaned, biting down on his shoulder.

"That's it baby let it go." Mark moaned, leaning down to kiss her roughly.

He put one hand under her ass for better access and the other in her hair. He grabbed hold to both as he felt her muscles begin to tighten around him and his erection begin to swell within her.

"Mark……" Athena moaned, before returning her mouth to his.

Mark's release soon followed and he held her until he felt her relax in his arms. He could taste blood in his mouth but wasn't sure if it was his or hers. When he pulled back and looked down at her, her lips was swollen and bleeding a little. Both of her hips had handprints on them.

"I'm sorry baby;." Mark whispered, lightly running his hand along the marks.

"Your sorry?" Athena asked. "Well I'm not."

She laughed and jumped off the table, only to stumble a little at first. Mark wrapped his arms around her and held her up.

"Are you sure that's okay for the baby?" Mark asked, getting kind of worried.

"The baby is fine Mark." Athena laughed, turning in his arms and hugging him. "Let's go to sleep. I'm kind of tired now."

"Kind of tired?" Mark laughed. "I feel like I could sleep for a week."

Mark smiled as they crawled in the bed and practically as soon as her head hit the pillow she was asleep.

Athena entered the dark hotel room, looking for him. She was wearing a long coat and nothing else. As soon as the light turned on she smiled as she felt his hands all over her. They removed the coat and cupped her breasts, pinching the nipples lightly. She closed her eyes as she felt her leg being lifted over the pair of broad shoulders, and the expert tongue lick up her juices, causing her to grind her wetness against him.

"Please baby." Athena moaned. "Please fuck me. It's been so long."

She sighed in content as he lay her on the floor and moved in and out of her slowly. Just minutes later she could feel her climax approaching.

"That's it baby." He whispered. "Tell me who you belong to."

Athena moaned, opening her eyes.

"David…." She moaned.

Athena shot up in the bed and looked around. She could feel the warm body next to her and turned her head. Sweat was dripping from her body and her heart was racing. She jumped out of the bed and went to the fridge in the bathroom to get a bottle of water.

"Is everything okay baby?"

Athena looked up to see Mark standing there in his boxers, a worried look on his face.

Should she tell him she was dreaming of another man fucking her? Had she cheated on Mark with David? Was it a memory or just a dream?

"Everything's fine Mark. Just wanted to get some water. Was feeling a little hot." Athena said, taking another big drink.

"Well let's get you back to sleep." Mark smiled, grabbing hold of her and carrying her back to the bed. "Your rest is very important for the baby."

"The baby…" Athena whispered, closing her eyes and trying to get the sleep to come.