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Chapter 1

Harry Potter was put with his relatives; Dumbledore wanted his tool grown up down-trodden and obedient. He used McGonagall's grief for Lily and James to make it look like Harry would be better off with his only family. He left after putting the lights back in their rightful places, going back to Hogwarts smirking at his success.

Things went back to normal after that, or as normal as they could. Many people were arrested, including Severus Snape, who was rescued after a month in the hell they call Azkaban the Wizarding prison. Severus knew Dumbledore could have gotten him out quicker, but he was just grateful to be out of that foul place. Many people arrested were put in that prison for being Death Eaters and so the public began feeling safe once again. The war was over, and all were hailing a one year old boy as their savior for surviving because of his mothers love.

They were all curious to know what had become of their savior, but there was never any satisfactory answer for it. Dumbledore was tight lipped and had any owl concerning the Boy Who Lived redirected to Gringotts. The Goblins decided just to put the mail into the Vaults; they belonged to Harry Potter after all.

Severus soon started getting better and was back to his normal snaky self within a couple of months. Severus had not been a Death Eater for many years now. He grieved for Lily, for she had been his friend, his only friend. She had believed him and not hated him when he had become a Death Eater. He regretted ever telling the first half of the prophecy to Voldemort.

However, if Severus had not, the prophecy would not have come into fruition and perhaps Voldemort's downfall would never have come. It was almost like fate had intended on Voldemort getting his hands on the first half of the prophecy before going after the Potters and making the second half come to pass.

It almost seems as though they were destined to die; however, Harry Potter's destiny was much more important. Despite the road it was being lead down, destiny was going to be altered. So, they needed to do something about it.

For if Harry grew up unloved and unwanted, he would have never truly believed in himself; he would sacrifice himself for anyone just because he thought he was not worthy. This is what would have happened; he would have stepped in front of a killing curse meant for Ron Weasley. Eventually that would have been the end of the light. The only person able to kill Voldemort dead, Dumbledore would have been shocked to the core.

Dumbledore would have simply thought that Harry thought it was his place to end the war; he would have gone too far in making Harry think he should save everyone. Thus, he shielded his best friend from the killing curse. Of course, that resulted in the dark wining and slowly taking over.

However, time and destiny needed to be put to rights. Suddenly, Severus felt a pulling; a need to go somewhere. He found himself out of the dungeons and up the stairs of Hogwarts. Severus didn't resist the pull because he was curious to know what was happening. So he let the pull direct him. He was surprised to find himself at the very top of Hogwarts at the Divination classroom.

Going in, he wondered what the pull was. Just as he entered, Professor Trelawney went into a trance and began talking hoarsely. Severus immediately realized that this was a prophecy he was hearing. Part of him didn't want to hear it in case he did something else wrong. However, he unwillingly heard it and he was horrified by what she said.

The chosen one must train, be loved and love.

The bumblebee has lied.

The bumblebee doesn't mean well, thinks of everyone as a pawn.

The bumblebee has left the savior to be abused.

If this continues, the darkness shall win; The Dark Lord will prevail.

Save the savior like he saved all of you, for if he isn't saved, all is lost.

The Bumblebee will keep the boy in darkness; save him for he will one day save us alllll!

Away from Hogwarts, away from England! Away from anyone wishing harm. Take himmmmmmm.

"Severus what are you doing here?" the Divination teacher asked looking confused; having no idea she had just told a prophecy.

"Nothing, just making sure there are no students lurking around," sneered Severus softly before leaving.

Severus' head was a whirl wind of thoughts. He knew what the chosen one meant; Harry Potter. That much was obvious. Could the Bumblebee really mean Dumbledore? It is his coat of arms after all; could the man really have lied? He was a Slytherin and knew Dumbledore was manipulative and thought like a Slytherin.

He nodded. Yes, it must be Dumbledore. He and Dumbledore were the only people who really knew whereabouts of Harry Potter, as well as McGonagall of course. The only reason he knew was because it was where Lily had lived. He had always known where Lily had been brought up as a child, 4 Privet Drive, Surry. He had signed enough letters to know it by heart by now. Shaking his head, he could not believe what he was about to do.

But what choice did he have? He would not let the Dark Lord win; he would not let the world be ruled by that mad man. He would not let the wizarding world fall to darkness because of Dumbledore's manipulations.

Growling low in his throat, he quickly left the school despite Dumbledore having told him not to because it was not safe. He would check on the boy, perhaps regularly. If anything was happening, he would know and take the child before anything could happen.


Severus apparated to Surry before making his way around the houses in search of 4 Privet Drive. Finally, half an hour later he found it. Making his way down the rows of identical houses, he grimaced. It was odd seeing most of the houses identical; most of the doors were all the same even. Apart from one, the one he was wanting. Number four had it colored blue instead of the normal brown.

Making sure no one saw him, he crept into the silent house. He didn't want anyone phoning the police. Dumbledore probably would know immediately and perhaps become suspicious and start watching him. He would not have another chance to get to the boy. Sighing softly, he walked up the stairs. Obviously, he would be in bed.

He opened the door to the first room he found. His eyebrow rose, a room full of junk? Perhaps Harry was spoiled? Could there be any other kind of savior? Shrugging his shoulders, he continued on. He had sworn he would check on the boy and he would. In another room, he found a huge man and a woman sleeping soundly in their beds. This was obviously not Harry Potter's room.

There was only one room left, the other was the bathroom. Deciding to get it over with, he went into the room. He found one child in the room sleeping on a bed. He crept over and he saw that it was not Harry Potter. This child was huge and fat, had no scar on his head, and bore no resemblance to Lily or James. He had heard that the boy was exactly like his father. Now Severus was confused, where was Harry Potter? If he was not here then perhaps they had put him in an orphanage.

"Point me Harry Potter," said Severus softly once he was out in the hall, not wanting to wake the huge hippogriff baby up.

The spell directed him down the stairs. Frowning in confusion, he was startled when it took him to a cupboard. The spell must be wrong; there was no way a child would be in such a small, enclosed space.

"Point me Harry Potter," said Severus; again it pointed him in the direction of the cupboard.

Shaking his head, he opened the latch and his eyes widened at the sight. There lay a sleeping child with a huge, bulging nappy on. The smell of pee, shit, and sick met his nose, causing him to nearly gag in disgust. The child was skinny, too skinny for any child; he was lying on a mattress that was disgusting and soiled.

He closed his eyes and composed himself; he knew this child was Harry Potter. He lifted the mop of hair up from his face. He had to bite back a gasp. The boy was bleeding! It looked like he had been hit repeatedly with something; he just knew it was because the child had been crying. Swallowing the bile in his throat, he saw the scar…identifying him as one Harry James Potter, the hero of the wizarding world.

Shaking his head, he banished the nappy before using a cleaning spell on the tot. He had nothing on and was freezing cold. He had a blue cover, which had HJP on it; obviously he had had it on when he came here. Cleaning the cover as well, he was just about to pick the child up when his eyes opened.

Startling green eyes, dull and pain filled. It was not a sight Severus ever wanted too see again in his life. There was no life in the little boy, just pure and utter misery.

"Sssh, I'm not going to hurt you little one," said Severus. He really didn't want anyone seeing him taking the child.

"Sev'rus?" asked Harry looking confused.

"How?" gasped Severus. He had never seen the child before.

"Picture, mummy," was all the little boy said.

Severus understood none the less. Lily had obviously shown Harry a picture of Severus; he was curious to know why Lily had bothered. Shrugging his shoulders, perhaps it was a picture from their childhood days, who knew? Lily certainly could not tell them for she was dead, thought Severus sadly.

"Come on little one," said Severus picking up the child that hardly weighed anything. Severus actually did become sick when he could feel every bone on the child, as though he had no skin at all.

"Accio bottles," snapped Severus, causing Harry to whimper softly. He looked far too weak to even move due to the loss of blood the child had suffered.

The bottles of milk flew into his hands; there were six of them. Quickly heating one up with his wand, he dug around for something he could use to transfigure.

Harry was sucking a mile a minute on the bottle once Severus gave it to him. He had not had food in a long time, and the little ones stomach was growling something fierce.

Finding a cover on the bed, he transfigured it into something nice and warm for the little one. He delicately put it on the child as though he was scared he would break. He also put a new nappy on the child, causing him to whimper in pain. The child had ulcers on his bum because of not being changed.

"Hush, little one. I'm going to take you away from this awful house but you have to stay quiet. I will make you all better once we get out of here, I promise," said Severus quickly covering the child in the huge blanket with his initials on it.

Harry didn't make a sound. Whether he understood or could not speak or didn't want to, Severus didn't know. Tucking the child under his cloak as well, he wanted the child to warm up as much as he could. The little one was actually frozen; he needed to get him to his quarters were he could check the child better. He would not be surprised if the child had pneumonia if that was the condition he had stayed in these past months.

He whimpered occasionally when he was moved or jostled too much. Apart from that, he was as silent as the night. Severus quickly left Privet Drive, thanking the gods that he had gotten a new wand when he had. If anyone found out, they would not know it was him. The wand was not registered, so they would meet a dead end there.

"We are almost there child," said Severus. The bottle was finished so he quickly tried to pry the child's hands away from it, but he would not let go.

"You can have another one child, just let this go," said Severus. The child must be starving.

Harry did as he was told and grudgingly let go of the bottle. It had been nice and warm going into his cold, hungry tummy. The thought of getting another one made him happy. He was not disappointed. Severus heated up another one before giving it to the little one; Severus knew Harry would need real food before he would actually gain weight. However, the bottles would do the trick for now.

Apparating with a child in his arms was no easy task. He managed it none the less; all their body parts were still there anyway. He had taken Harry back to Hogwarts It was a bit risky, but it needed to be done. He wasn't going anywhere without his potions and personal things. Now all he needed to do was get to his quarters without being seen. However, no one ever usually spotted him when he didn't want to be seen so he was hopeful that would hold true for tonight as well.

Walking back to the dungeons, he didn't get any trouble nor did anyone see him. When they had gotten into the dungeons, Harry started whimpering. It seemed staying with the Dursley's had made him afraid of the dark.

"Sssh little one, I'm still here, no one will hurt you so shush now," said Severus smoothly into the child's ear. Severus' rich, smooth voice calmed him instantly.