Chapter 13

Plans Put In Motion

"H…Harry?" whispered Sirius his blue eyes wide and full of hope and surprise. He didn't look like James or Lily, Snape had been telling the truth. Harry was in essence Severus Snape's son. Sirius didn't know how to feel about that, but this was his godson nothing not even Snape was going to become with them. It must have been some Potion to do that, then again Potions had never been his strong suit. He had barely passed so he could become an Auror.

"My name is Tyler," said the nearly twelve year old.

"so-rry," stuttered Sirius, of course Harry would be used to the name he had been using for years. "How long have you been here?" he asked slumping down on the seat exhausted. He always got exhausted easily; using so much magic hadn't helped his very weakened state.

Severus narrowed his eyes at Black's state, he looked utterly drained. Rolling his eyes in irritation, and wanting to curse himself for helping the man who had made his life hell at school. He opened his potions pouch, which he carried on his person at all times. Taking out three potions he told Black in his best teacher voice (even though he had only taught for a year or so) to drink them. It was either a measure of trust or stupidity but Black drank them without question. Severus of course drew it down to stupidity, Black couldn't trust him.

"Are you hungry?" Severus asked his son.

"Starving, I didn't take my wallet when I went swimming," said Tyler in explanation. Sitting down on one of the more comfortable seats in the study/library. Severus did the same as he called for his house elf and ordered food for them all.

"Swimming? Do you like it?" asked Sirius quietly, James had hated swimming. When himself, Remus and Peter went into the pond at Hogwarts, James had stayed out. Lily though had loved it; she had been a very good swimmer. She had taken Harry to a muggle swimming pool, when he was barely a year old.

"Yeah or I wouldn't have went," said Tyler dryly. He was much like Severus in that regard. He might speak with an American accent but he was like Severus through and through.

Severus coughed to hide his desire to laugh, especially with the look on Black's face. He looked as though he didn't know whether to say a retort back or cringe at the way Tyler was talking to him. Thankfully the house elf popped back into the room and placed the platters on the table. Seeing a small house elf with two big platters that were bigger than him was a funny sight. Fortunately they were all used to house elves, Tyler had grown up with them, Severus was used to them and Black too had grown up with them.

Severus divided everything up and passed the food to Black and Tyler. He couldn't believe he was sitting in his home entertaining Black of all people. He must have been out of his mind, to feel guilty. At least though Black had proved to be reliable, and come without Dumbledore. Or maybe just the only person stupid enough to do such a thing.

"Where's Lupin?" asked Severus cautiously his lip curled in disgust.

Severus couldn't have been more surprised when Sirius curled his own lip, unless Voldemort had showed up in a pink tutu claiming to want world peace. He wondered briefly what Lupin had done to upset Black, since they had seemed as close as ever in Gringotts.

"I cannot stand him; he's been following me around trying to get me to forgive him. I will never forgive him, I can't believe he thought I'd betray my own friends or worse still my godson." snarled Sirius. "The way he harps on about Dumbledore turns my stomach."

"Indeed," snorted Severus, he was impressed with Black despite himself.

"Why do you not like Dumbledore?" asked Tyler curiously, crunching away on his cheese and onion crisps.

Sirius looked like he didn't want to reply, he had a look in his eyes as if he was wondering whether to tell Tyler or not. "I've told you, he knows everything Black," warned Severus

Sirius rolled his eyes and sighed "The Goblins believe I was only given a trial because Dumbledore was desperate to find my godson. I have to say I believe it as well, after all I've basically served my sentence before he came."

"Probably did, he sent Tyler to the Dursley's to be abused, too bad for him that that plan did not work out," sneered Severus.

Tyler went uncomfortable when his dad began talking about that, he couldn't remember much about it. He sometimes had nightmares but they had become less and less frequent over the years. Now he couldn't even remember them when he did have them, just a sense of fear when he woke up. His dad knew how uncomfortable it made him, so he tried not to speak about them. Not that he ever had much reason to mention them. Tyler would always be forever be grateful to Severus for saving him.

"Sorry son," said Severus realizing his son's discomfort. For years when he first rescued Tyler he had been scared. Of angering him, being taken back, and the nightmares had been the worst. Over the years Tyler seemed to forget what happened to him. Now he was like every other teenager, only just a lot smarter. Tyler had passed his OWL's and NEWT's, but if adults did educate their children from a young age, they would be the same as Tyler. Children soaked up knowledge like a sponge, and had a better chance of remembering everything. Severus, as much as he wanted to just give Tyler a childhood, couldn't. So he had given Tyler a bit of both, educating him for what was to come and letting him have fun.

"It's alright," shrugged Tyler.

"When did you get him?" asked Sirius desperately wanting information.

"Thankfully before he sent too long in their sordid care," snapped Severus not wanting to talk about it anymore. Not while Tyler was there, he didn't like seeing his son so uncomfortable.

"Why did you contact me? You hate me more than anything…what do you really want?" asked Sirius plainly. He knew Snape better or he liked to think he did enough that Snape wouldn't have gotten in touch out of the goodness of his heart.

"Are you doubting him?" snapped Tyler standing up abruptly causing his plate to go flying. Tyler was easy to anger, especially if it concerned his dad. He did not let anyone talk badly about his dad.

"Tyler calm down, Black do not speak about me like that, if you want apparate on out here. I did not need to tell you, unfortunately my conscience felt sorry for you," drawled Severus. Seating his son back on the chair, feeling a headache coming on.

"The plan Black is to teach Tyler as much magic as possible. He will be returning to the wizarding world when he's eighteen years old. He wants to see where his parents lived, where he lived for the first year of his life." explained Severus smartly.

"You know more magic than me," snapped Sirius bitterly.

"Dark magic yes, but you learned a lot of in between magic as an Auror," admitted Severus even though it left a bitter taste in his mouth. In between magic wasn't light but it wasn't considered dark. It's how most Auror's were accomplished duellers and able to bring in quite a few wizards and witches.

Sirius sighed before admitting "My magic is weak, it would take months before I can do proper magic again. Being in Azkaban and turning into my animagus form made things worse…"

"Animagus? Cool what are you?" asked Tyler his eyes lightening up in anticipation.

"A Grim like Dog, my animagus name is Padfoot," said Sirius.

"You named your animagus form?" asked Tyler snorting in amusement.

"I was young at the time," said Sirius weakly. Realizing Tyler was actually laughing at him, for naming his animagus self. He wasn't used to being laughed at, and he seriously didn't like it. Especially considering it was coming from his godson.

"How young?" asked Tyler laughing.

"Er, fourteen," said Sirius flushing red in embarrassment.

"Dad can I practise to become one?" asked Tyler curiously staring at his fathers black eyes.

"Of course," said Severus unable to deny his son anything.

"Brilliant!" beamed Tyler obviously happy with that.

"Why when he's eighteen?" asked Sirius. They came off age when they were seventeen years old, it made no sense to Sirius.

"So he cannot be forced into attending Hogwarts, once Dumbledore realizes Tyler is Harry he will try everything," said Severus. "Unfortunately the Minister is deep in Dumbledore's pocket. If I took him back before then the shite would hit the fan."

"Why would he even find out?" asked Sirius honestly, they were acting as if the world would know.

"Secrets always get found out," said Severus abruptly.

"True, from what I gathered two days ago … he was looking for someone to ally themselves with the Goblins. Get a job there and find out things but nobody I know or Dumbledore knows could get the job." said Sirius a frown covering his features.

"Plus Dumbledore is crafty, he will find a way to get Tyler I can only hope he's old enough to look after himself." said Severus his eyes narrowed in anger.

"All we can do is wait and watch," said Sirius.

"I'd sooner run away than let him get me," said Tyler looking as if there was something foul smelling was under his nose.


I'm sorry this story is ending but its never been good to begin with! i'll start a sequel if its what people want with a good proper plot and he will be eighteen years old. he will come back powerful strong and ready to kick Voldemort's arse! :) what do you think? R&R PLEASE!