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Virgo looked into the sky, and sighed. Why couldn't she have been born a bird? They were free, they were happy, so how come she wasn't? She governed over nature, yet she didn't have the ability to be as free as the things she loved so much. She continued walking, hoping to forget. This chapter of her life was too long. She needed for it to end, forever. "Someone hates me, don't they, Odin- sama?" she supposed, and found herself in front of her home. Sen was probably out, most likely with Hel. It was sad that where her sister was allowed to visit one of Loki's children, she was not. But it was not an unjust factor. Sen worked with Hel; and her duties were entwined with Death. Virgo on the other hand had not reason to speak with him.

You have no idea, my dear… poor sister…


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Heimdall finally decided to muster up enough courage to confront Loki. It was easier said than done. Jeez, trying to murder Loki was simpler. As he walked towards Enjaku, he saw Yamino walking back, and noted how that snake in a human form seemed so downcast. That idiot, Virgo, must not have listened to his advice. He'd confront her about it later. The purple hair god hid in the shadows as Yamino walked past, and as he passed him, Heimdall followed behind, silent and all ninja- like. But, to the purple- haired god's despair, Loki was leaving. He sighed, and turned around, deciding to confront his sister. That idiot, what was he going to do with her?


Virgo wandered inside the tall Victorian building, emotionless. Of course, her assumption about Sen was right. She was out with Hel, and she was alone. She wandered upstairs, into her kitchen. Opening the door, she found herself surrounded by a multitude of blue- green lights. "Ah… So you followed me… I suppose you've only just gotten here, so please, my gardens are downstairs, Flora," Virgo whispered softly, moving past the lights and opening the window to the outside. The blue- green lights formed together to create a silhouette of a young woman wearing a dress. As the figure's appearance strengthened, it was revealed that she was wearing a white gown with a high, ruffled collar. Long, white- blond hair fell beyond her hips, and the bell of her sleeves seemed to blend in with her long tresses.

"M' lady, please return. It will do you some good to avoid the mortal plane. Rubie grows worried," the white- haired woman declared. Virgo twitched, but didn't turn around. When she finally spoke, her voice was laced with anger.

"Do you take me for a coward? I refuse to leave until I can assure that Sen does not harm Loki. Flora, believe me when I say that leaving for my real gardens will only do more harm than good," she almost yelled, and Flora winced. She truly was angry.

"No, please M' Lady, we worry for you! Sen's plot will harm you more than help! Please!" she begged, moving towards Virgo, her eyes filled with tears.

Virgo spun around, her eyes blazing. "I can hold my own in battle, Flora! Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT underestimate me!" she roared, her previously calm demeanor melting. Gentle Virgo was gone, left for the dead. This Virgo was unkind, battle- hardened, and emotionless. She'd changed, and Flora understood. Bowing respectfully, she left, and Virgo turned back to the window, extending her arm out. As she did so, a dove lighted gently on her finger, a small scroll tied to its leg.

"Oh… Father sent me a message…" she mused, freeing the dove and taking the scroll. As soon as she opened it, the formerly small roll of paper became a beautiful letter. It was entirely devoted to Odin asking her if she'd taken care of Loki or not. Giving a small hiss of anger, she crushed the letter in her hand, vines erupting and taking it from her hand, ripping into shreds. He had the nerve to ask her in a letter. Leaving the kitchen, she returned to her original form and not that of her guise.


Back at Enjaku, Yamino was cleaning the study, still slightly dejected. Suddenly, there was a careful knock at the door. As the green haired butler- type- thing came to the door, he found, to his pleasant surprise, Virgo. To add to it, she was in her original form, one, that for him, was much easier for him to talk to. He smiled at her and almost pulled her inside. "Virgo! What are you doing here in this form?" he asked, and Virgo simply looked up at him. She blushed slightly at his worried eyes, and bit her lip.

"Look, if Sen knew that we were reunited, she'd probably try to hurt you. And I can't fight against her without feeling the pain myself. Please, Yamino, I'm begging you to forget me. When we see each other again, treat me as your enemy. We have to close this chapter of our lives," said the young brown- haired goddess, her eyes shining with regret and apology. Yamino grabbed her shoulders and forced her to look at him.

"Virgo, I don't care that Sen would try to hurt me. The only way you will feel pain from her is if you strike her or if she strikes you, and she'll feel the pain as well. If I fight her, then I can protect you, and you won't feel the pain. Please Virgo; don't try to forget that I love you. I swear I'll bring upon Ragnarok if we can be together. Just don't leave. Please, stay with me, forever," he whispered to her, suddenly pulling her close to him and hugging her. Virgo began to sob, silent tears running down her face and leaving a spot on Yamino's shoulder. But he didn't mind, and just hugged her tighter, "Please Virgo, stay with me, forever."

Finally, Virgo pulled herself together and kissed Yamino on the cheek. He blushed, and she whispered into his ear, "Forever."

It was all too confusing. Why had Virgo changed her resolve so quickly? Yamino looked at her in shock and surprise, and Virgo just laughed, calm. "Sen's noose will be around my neck no longer. I'm here, and I suppose that I should stand up to her. She can hurt me all she wants; I won't allow her to control me."

Yamino smiled and hugged her again, until Loki walked in. The chibi god just stared in surprise at the couple; then began clapping. He smiled, and Virgo looked at him, not with contempt or anger, but with a gentle, laughing glance. Loki glanced at her, but walked on, leaving for his study. Yamino pulled away from her, and the two of them said their goodbyes, promising to meet another day.


Meanwhile, in the study, Loki was thinking about the sight he had just witnessed. It was a good thing, Virgo with Yamino, but he was still tentative. Sen's noose… Her control over Virgo was amazing, so how in the world was she able to break their bond? Was it pure luck? Or had Sen purposely planned this? It was just too much right now. He couldn't understand why she was so evil towards her own sister, nor could he understand why Sen was willing to follow her father's orders and exterminate him. It was terrible. She was evil, trying to destroy a sacred love like this. How would anyone dare? If Sen was Virgo's sister, wouldn't she want the girl to be happy? And lord knows; she needed something good to happen to her. "Sen, I want an explanation next time we meet. Why torment innocents? Why hurt the girl that means the most to you? Are you that twisted?"

A voice came from behind him, evil, haunting, and unforgiving, "I believe I am, Loki. Considering, I refuse to let my sister be happy, as you put it. I want you dead!" Loki turned as she finished talking, and stood there, still a child, still calm. He summoned his magic and reverted to his older form.

"We'll see if you can fight me, Sen. Remember, Virgo's watching you, and I doubt that she'll let you hurt the father of her true love," he said, calm and nonchalant. Sen glanced at him with contempt, and lunged towards him, holding a black sword. The moment it touched him, it burned his skin, leaving no marks on his clothes. Sen smiled.

"The sword is specially designed to harm you, and no others. I'd like to see you fight against that," she hissed, grinning evilly. Suddenly, she gave a gasp, and dropped her sword. Behind her stood Heimdall, holding a multitude of throwing knives. He looked at Loki with a sad eye, and Loki returned his gaze with a shocked stare.

"I won't let you die, Loki," he whispered softly, and Sen laughed. Of course, she was cut off when she began coughing up blood from her wound. She turned around, blood trickling down the side of her mouth.

"Do… you… really think… that one… throwing knife will affect me? I can still move!" she managed to gasp out before Heimdall delivered a kick to her stomach.

"Don't. You. Dare. Touch. Loki- kun. Understood?" he almost roared as Sen doubled over. At that moment, a multitude of vines wrapped around Heimdall and Loki. The two were pushed back, and when they looked over to the source, they found Virgo, controlling some of Loki's plants. She looked absolutely livid. Heimdall cringed at her appearance. Sen herself was coughing up blood, the crimson liquid trickling between her fingers. Virgo rushed forwards, but Sen thrust out her free hand to stop her.

"D- don't Virgo. It'll kill you," she gasped, and Virgo shrunk back. Her eyes shined with worry, and she suddenly turned to Heimdall, enraged.

"Your own sister Heimdall! Had it been me, would you have done this? If I remember correctly, you wanted Loki dead more than Sen, so how should I treat you? If you just wanted to protect him; then do it in a manner that wouldn't have left her severely injured! Understood?" she shrieked, and Heimdall grimaced once more. Sen almost grinned, but another bout of coughing overcame her. Virgo almost screamed as she saw that the blood was turning into a dark black color. Her blood was being replaced with antidote. Where Virgo's blood was poison, Sen's was the cure. She ignored her sister's warnings and controlled Loki's plants again, wrapping them around the knife in her sister's back and wrenching it out. Almost instantly, Sen began to heal, and she quickly returned to her original resolve, yet she didn't move to hurt Loki. Instead, she hissed something terrible through her teeth; then walked off. Heimdall turned to Virgo, surprised with her now irritated expression.

"What happened to you? I've never seen you this furious before," he commented, and Virgo gave him a sideways glance.

Her eyes shined with a mixture of anger and intrigue, and she smiled softly. "I've changed from the innocent little girl that Odin tortured when she disobeyed him, Heimdall. Keep that in mind," she whispered softly, and at that moment, she heard a small murmur of anger from Yamino. Everyone turned around to see him, and he walked up to them.

"I couldn't help but to see Miss Sen storming outside, so I came up here… Miss Virgo, did he really torture you?" he commented, then questioned. Virgo smiled grimly.




Odin paced in the throne room of Virgo's garden palace. As the young woman entered, he looked at her with malevolent eyes. Virgo didn't give him a passing glance, at least until she felt him grab her shoulder. At that moment, she twisted out of his grasp, looking at him in a mix between surprise and fear. "Father… What are you…?" she trailed off, the fear in the eyes shining.

Odin frowned. He pushed the young girl onto the floor, unkind and emotionless. "You! What were you thinking!? How dare you disobey my orders and visit Midgardsormir! Were you stupid?" he growled, and Virgo gave a small shriek of fear.

"I- I'm sorry father! I- I just thought that maybe, just maybe you'd let me visit him. I'm the goddess of nature and poison after all. Serpents are part of my governing, both in nature's aspect, and in poisons…" she said, hiding tears and the sobs choking her throat. Her father didn't care, and simply kicked at her fallen body. He procured a vial filled with a black liquid, and Virgo stifled a scream.

"For disobeying me you will be punished, and if you die, that is all the better, don't you think, dear Virgo?" he sneered. Poor Virgo tried to escape, but Odin used a spell to keep her still. Grabbing her arm, he opened the bottle with his teeth, and allowed for a drop of the liquid fall from the bottle onto her arm. She cried out in pain and was reduced to sobbing hopelessly. The now sadistic All- Father grinned and kicked her againThat was when two people came rushing in. A young girl with silvery white hair, and Sen… They held him back, and pushed him towards a wall. Sen helped her sister to her feet and glanced at her injured arm. It was bloody, and the black liquid was still at the edges.

"Good lord… Virgo, we have to get Rubie's help! Hurry, upstairs!" Sen cried, and held her sister as she collapsed. The other girl turned to Odin with a sorrowful face.

"Lord Odin, assassination of another god is a sin. Please, get a hold of yourself," she whispered, then turned around and walked away.


End Flashback- End Chapter


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