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Once again I would like to thank everyone who helped make The Search my most popular story ever, after almost a year it is still gaining reviews and inching ever closer to 700! All I can say is HOLY SHIT! LOL

I know you've been waiting anxiously for this, its been a long time coming. Well faithful readers, your wait is over. I am thrilled to present

Mr. MomYokai

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The Search

Note: There may be some small inconsistencies between the sequels and The Search, Particularly in characters names, most notably in InuYasha and Kagome's children's names. This was done in order to improve some aspect of the story and to give some definition between Sesshomaru's family and InuYasha's family to avoid confusion as the sequels progress.











-Mr MomYokai-

-Chapter One-

-Such Sweet Sorrow-


Present Day


1:55 a.m.

After nearly two hundred and twenty-four years as a healer, it wasn't unusual to Dr. Sesshomaru, better known as Sessho Toyoki or his mate to be woken in the middle of the night by an emergency. They were even beginning to get use to the obnoxious pounding and vibrating of his new cell phone mixing with the ear piercing alert of his pager. What they weren't use to was this frequency they had been treated to suddenly over the past two weeks.

It was a damned good thing that Sesshomaru could function better on very little sleep than most could on a full nights perfect rest.

"Sesshomaru" his mate groaned, rolling over and clicking off the pager "Do you think it will be long?"

Sesshomaru was already up, had pulled on a pair of casual pants and was in the process of buttoning his shirt.

"It's hard to say. You know how it is, I won't know until I can assess the severity of the situation."

"Would you like me to come with to assist?"

"I can't ask you to do that."

"You didn't ask, I offered. Besides, as you always say, two pairs of old hands are better than one."

Sesshomaru chuckled lightly and knelt on the bed to give his mate a soft kiss on the lips.

"No, it's okay. You stay and sleep so you can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the children tomorrow."

"Right. Good idea." She rolled over and cuddled his abandoned pillows against her chest as Sesshomaru pulled the blankets back up over her shoulders.

"Sleep tight Kioshi." he whispered before swiping at the light switch and closing the door all but an inch so she could hear if their youngest children, a 3 year old girl and 2 year old boy, woke in the night.

He padded down the stairs and met their only house help, a young Kitsune yokai female named Eki who helped his wife with the children, cooking and chores.

"Sesshomaru-sama...another emergency tonight? So soon again!"

Sesshomaru smiled "My toils are never finished Eki, I swear, Its so exhausting."

Eki laughed "Mrs. Sesshomaru-sama told me to tell you toils my big left toe when you say that."

Sesshomaru laughed appreciatively at his mates humor "And how is Heji?"

"Oh he is wonderful Sesshomaru-sama, and he asked me to tell you thank you again for signing him on contract for this summer."

"I should be thanking him." Sesshomaru finished tying his shoe and stood to get his coat from the closet. "With Myk and Aim me so swamped at the hospital, and Shippo and Kuroki running kami knows where, all my other kids scattered all over the world who has time for things like keeping up the lawn and gardens?"

He shook his head and with a small smile walked out the door, making sure the burglar alarm reset itself, then got into his car and sped down the quiet city streets, intent on reaching his destination as quick as possible, even with the pit stop he knew he had no choice but to make.

To pass the time Sesshomaru let his mind drift, back, back over the centuries to the day that was both miserable but fantastic. Hellish but fantastic. Both the worst and the best day of his life. The day that he lost and gained everything...


Sengoku Jidai


Sesshomaru looked sadly down at the tiny sleeping bundle he held in his arm, knowing it was the last time for five hundred years. His heart was breaking and it hurt badly, even though he'd had ample time to prepare himself, he had known this day was coming for sometime, maybe even before his brother had made the decision. It was what Sesshomaru knew he would have done had the pups been his and had they been doomed to a life of misery on this side of time. But knowing this, and knowing that he was partly to blame for the "halfbreed" prejudices that still ruled over the Sengoku Jidai didn't do a whole lot to help stop the flow of pain to his heart, if anything it was widening the trickle into a gaping chasm.


Sesshomaru looked up to see the source of his greatest pain coming towards him from the hut where his mate rested. His brother, the brother he had only just recently learned he loved, his daughter and other son cradled in his arms.

"Eloquent as always InuYasha."


But the hanyou was grinning as he carefully sat on the ground by his brother.

"I would suggest you not let the young Miko hear you speaking like that in front of the pups, hell hound that she is, she is liable to do you serious bodily harm for using profanity around the pups."

"I don't think she would hurt me too bad, as long as I was holding one of the pups."

"That's very dirty InuYasha, using your pups to shield you from your mates wrath."

"Hey, I got the idea from future you."

Sesshomaru didn't speak, only the very tips of his ears turned slightly pink.

"Not really...I'm just shitting ya..."InuYasha guffawed loudly, nearly rolling over.

"InuYabaka" Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and let InuYasha have his moment of humor, but eventually he had to get to the truth.

"You came out here to tell me something InuYasha" Sesshomaru looked at InuYasha, his eyes burning a hole straight into InuYasha's heart and soul in the search the truth.

InuYasha sobered at once.

"Uh...Yeah..Yeah I did."

"It has been decided then."


"When..." Sesshomaru's voice caught for the first time ever in his life.

"When will you be leaving?"


InuYasha's voice was weak and quavery, like he was fighting desperately to hold his tears in check and coming close to losing the battle. Sesshomaru knew that the battle was being fought for his benefit alone and was grateful, after his voice had caught he was pretty sure that he might now be capable of tears as well.

"Will the others agree to go with you?"

"Kagome is talking to Shippo and Kuroki now, later we will talk to the others."

As if on cue a furry head popped out of the hut and yelled for Sesshomaru and InuYasha to come into the hut.

Sesshomaru knelt down and kissed Kagome's cheek, then sat next to her, still unwilling, maybe even unable to relinquish his hold on his nephew quite yet.

"Sesshomaru, I don't know what I would have done without you in that cave"

Kagome rested her head on his shoulder and he felt a rush of tears soak through the fabric of his hoari. "You really have become my best friend and aside from InuYasha and our pups, your my favorite person in the world."

Sesshomaru knew he should say something, anything, but her words struck him silent.

"Kagome and I decided that the pup your holding will be named Shomaru, to honor his uncle who brought him into the world."

Again Sesshomaru was nearly speechless. Feeling a need to move to safe ground he looked to the small kitsune who lurked in the corner with Rin.

"And what of the devious duo? Will you live with Kagome and InuYasha in her time?"

Shippo stood and wiped at a tear on his face. "I love Kagome and InuYasha Lord Sesshomaru. I wish I could stay with them forever. But I have something that I need to do here, and I can't ask them to wait for me to accomplish it. "

"And Shippo is my best friend," Kuroki shook her head "he saved my life, and cried when he thought I was going to die. Shippo and Rin are the first ones that was ever nice to me and made me want to be nice to them back, and I don't want Shippo to do what he has to do all by himself. Its lonely to be all alone, I know, cause I was alone for a really long time. So I am going to go with him." Shippo smiled at Kuroki

InuYasha knelt down in front of the kitsune "Damn Shippo, I promised you I would take you to Hashagu-Mori to see Lord Kashikoi no Kitsune Hashagu-Mori for information about your brother and sister. I never did...I'm sorry Shippo."

"I promised as well" Sesshomaru remembered, speaking mostly to himself.

"Huh?" Kuroki looked up

"This Sesshomaru also promised the kitsune youth an escort to Hashagu-Mori as well as my influence as TaiYokai, Lord of the Western Lands to convince Lord Kashikoi no Kitsune Hashagu-Mori to help you in your search for your family. Shippo, if you so desire, this Sesshomaru would be pleased to do so immediately, once we have retrieved Jaken and Rin of course."

"You'll take us?"

Sesshomaru nodded "We will leave as soon as you can pack."

"Yes sir!" Shippo and Kuroki did a little dance out of the hut where they heard Kuroki loud and clear.

"Everything will be just fine if we can keep him from breathing on us all the time with that nasty monkey spanking dog breath!"

"What about after Hashagu-Mori?" InuYasha quarried "Then what?"

"There is plenty of the room at the family Castle, after all they are family, and Rin will be happy for the company once we are there full time."

Kagome couldn't suppress a grin "Looks like I'm not the only new mother around here after all"

InuYasha burst out laughing "Yeah...hes a real Mr MomYokai"

"Its not too late for me to kill you" Sesshomaru growled before looking down at his namesake nephew to get as many glances in as he could before the time to leave arrived. Parting was still sweet sorrow, but with his own little pack to enjoy, maybe now it wouldn't quite so painful.


Present Day


2:30 a.m.

Sesshomaru couldn't resist the tiny smirk of triumph when he checked the dashboard clock at the same time as he felt his foot smash down on the brake, brining him to an abrupt and jerky stop. Damn he was good, country to city, even with a stop in between, he had made it front door to front door in just under thirty minutes.

He took the stairs two at a time, the reason for his rousing just reaching his ears by the time he was halfway up the stairs. By the time he had reached the top and ran to the second set of stairs it was quite apparent why he had been rousted from his bed, the bone shattering screams made his blood run cold, even after all these years.

At the top of the stairs he swung the door open to find the situation was even worse than he had anticipated.

"Sess...Sess..." Kagome hiccuped and was nearly hyperventilating through her heavy sobbing "Sess-ho-ma-ma-ru he-he-lp me! My...my...m the pu-pu-pu-pups ha-ha-hate me!!!"

Kagome sat on the floor attempting to feed and diaper three screaming babies at once. The apartment was a shambles and Kagome was deep into her seventh nervous breakdown that week.

"Don't be silly Kagome, they don't hate you."

"Th-th-they do s-s-so" she blubbered in perfect postpartum depression spawned defiance "They hate their own mother!!"

Sesshomaru quickly scooted down in front of Kagome and revealed that he had brought her an entire bag with a variety of chocolate, and then took Shomaru from her and changed him which seemed to please him. He then took Kichiro, leaving Kagome free to care for Chimi, and changed him as well, but Kichiro, being the bottle pig of the three demanded to be fed.

When all three were semi quiet and Kagome was calmed down to soft tears she fed Chimi with one arm and picked through the bag of chocolate with the other. Sesshomaru looked at her with a worried frown.

"Where the hell is the baka this time?"

"Shippo and Kuroki lined him up to be bodyguard for some Australian diamond guy who's in town for a couple hours to sell his crap to some Japanese big wig"

"Why is he working damn it? He doesn't need to work. I didn't spend the last five hundred years building up his net worth so he could be some damn idiot leaving you home alone with the pups all the time."

" It's not about money, its about pride, you know how he is."

"He should be here with you."

"Its not his fault, not really. Mama was suppose to be home, but Gramps got sick again and they kept him in the hospital and Sota was staying with a friend. I told Mama I would call someone, but then I realized, Everyone I know is off in college now."

"You need a nanny if he is going to insist on working"

"Keh, bet you never used a Nanny when Shippo, Kuroki and Rin were little"

Sesshomaru threw his head back and laughed "They weren't helpless three week old infants when I got them, and I didn't know there was the amazing being called a nanny. Had I known...You can bet I would have. Particularly on that damned trip to Hashagu-Mori."

Kagome smiled for the first time since Sesshomaru arrived. "But you had done such a wonderful thing, offering to take all the children, plus Jaken, nearly through the entire country."

"HA! Only one good thing came from that trip."

"She is beautiful and so perfect for you."


"But there must have been something else that was good that came out of that trip."

"Not even remotely ."

"Oh come on." Kagome was laughing now as they lay the sleeping pups in their bassinets.

"Besides my kioshii, the only good thing about that trip was that it eventually ended."

Kagome laughed

"You don't believe me." Kagome shook her head

"Right, right. You've only heard bits and pieces haven't you...never heard the full horrific thing."

"Nope, enlighten me."

"You asked for it."

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru expectantly while she searched hopefully for a Hershey's with almonds. She knew Sesshomaru hated almonds, but she also knew Sesshomaru knew she loved them, she also knew that when she was upset Sesshomaru would do anything possible to make her smile. Even buy, as he called it, "defiled chocolate"

"I don't know how you and the others traveled with Shippo for so long without choking him to death" Sesshomaru shook his head "That boy was trouble from the moment I said, "Let's move"

Kagome pulled out a Hersheys with almond at last and she smiled. She was well aware of what Shippo was capable of, she was also well aware of what Kuroki was capable of. She could only imagine the hell those two could create together.

She couldn't wait to hear someone make her parenting troubles seem tiny in comparison to theirs and if anyone could do it, it was Shippo and Kuroki.

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