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-Chapter Six

-The Young Lord and Ladies of the Western Lands

"IF YOU THINK I'M WEARING THAT UGLY PIECE OF SHIT YOUR OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!" Kuroki screamed at the nurse as she tried once again to get Kuroki into the disgustingly cute kimono. It was pink, with little purple flowers and clouds. She had already lost the war over her hair, but the nurse fought dirty, she had hit with the brush.

"That will be enough Koi. You must look proper, Lord Kashikoi would not have you at his table with such goings on."

"My name is not Koi, quit calling me that! It's stupid!"

"Why isn't it ready to go?" A pretty kitsune woman had entered, followed by a handsome male kitsune. "We were told we wouldn't have to wait for it."

"Sorry my Lady."

"So, Father has taken in another two."

The young Lord took Kuroki by the chin and lifted her face in his hand. She jerked it away

"He will bring us to ruin."

"I don't know why he does it." Lady Jaiya sneered wrinkling her pretty nose as if she smelled something bad.

"Fathers head is as soft as his heart." he glared at Kuroki "Rather an ugly one don't you think?"

The woman giggled as she nodded in agreement

"I would think Father could at least find attractive older ones that he might find some enjoyment from, instead, he always finds...things like that.

Kuroki had had just about enough and her nostrils were flaring with the anger she was repressing.

"Why isn't it dressing? We haven't all day." The woman asked testily

"The child, is hesitant to cooperate is all."

"There is a simple cure for that you know. Even one as simple as you can pull it off."

"Yes my Lord." The nurse bowed, her eyes glowing with indignation.

"You must take it firmly in hand."

"QUIT CALLING ME IT YOU DUMBASS!" Kuroki was glaring, her tolerance finally at an end."My NAME IS..." Kuroki was silenced by the nurses hand over her mouth.

"Lord Waizu, Lady Jaiya, my..."

"I'll finish here, you go get the other one dressed." Lady Jaiya huffed, dismissing the nurse with a wave of her hand

"Now, lets get something straight." Lord Waizu turned to Kuroki "You'll keep your tongue and do as your told or you will lose it. Do you understand?"

Kuroki said nothing

"Your not the first you know, or even the second or the third. I don't think your even among the first ten."

Kuroki refused to look at him, she crossed her arms defiantly and stared at the Sakura trees outside.

"You see, the orphans my father insists on his ridiculous visits to that orphanage. The moment he steps through the screen he falls into fits and then next thing, another two of those things are bundled and boxed and his vassal brings them here. Then, few days, a few weeks. They suddenly, die. Did you know that?"

Kuroki looked at him from the corner of her eye, inside she had begun to shake badly, praying under her breath for Shippo and Lord Sesshomaru to come and rescue her.

"Its rather mysterious, the village healer hasn't a clue aside from male- nourishment, but you look healthy enough, ugly, but healthy. You might even last a week."

"This is a rude one" Lady Jaiya stood in front of Kuroki holding the Pink Kimono. "Get this on, now."

"Fuck You."

"What did you say you little bitch?" Lady Jaiya rounded on Kuroki "You will not speak like that to us."

Kuroki lifted her hand and gave them the finger.

Lady Jaiya and Lord Waizu, having not been made familiar with the gesture both looked to the ceiling to see what she was pointing at, causing Kuroki to laugh hysterically.

"What are you laughing at?" Lady Jaiya demanded

Kuroki lifted her finger once again, and once again the Lord and Lady looked up, expecting to see something that wasn't there.

"What?, what are you pointing at? Tell me!"

Kuroki moved her hand up and down, fits of giggles pouring out of her mouth.


She didn't see the punch coming, or feel the pain as it connected with her tiny face. She was unconscious before she even started to tumble from her chair.

At the edge of the forest, a young girl began to scream uncontrollably.

Sesshomaru had felt it since the dawn had begun to break, the danger the children were in. No, the danger HIS children were in. Yet it wasn't Lord who had taken his children that he was feeling this trepidation from. It was something else, something deeper, darker.


Hell, those weren't even their real names. Try Kurokina, and Shouppori.

The only survivors of a blood bath, and if the ones behind it found out they were alive they wouldn't stop until Shippo and Kuroki were dead too.

It didn't matter to Sesshomaru, all that destiny to be fulfilled crap that Kashikoi filled him with the day before. What mattered was that the bastard has kidnapped the children, Sesshomaru's children. And he was going to take them back as soon as Rin and Ejiki woke.

He hated the thought of taking them into battle with him, but he hated the idea of leaving them alone and vulnerable even more.

Sesshomaru reached into his sash and pulled out the Kitsune ha-fu Tessiaga that Shippo had given him for safe keeping the day before. He knew the kit had been practicing, remembering the mantis he had killed the year before , he knew that Shippo could hold his own in battle.

But could he do it on the top of a huge transformed InuYokai during an escape attempt?

"Well Shippo, I guess we are about to find that out for ourselves." Sesshomaru mumbled to himself, just before Rin began to scream.

Sesshomaru shoved the Kitsune ha-fu Tessiaga into his sash and pushed through the brush.

Ejiki sat up with Rin in her lap and her arms around her. Rin had a tight clutch on Ejiki's hands.

"What happened?"

Ejiki looked up and shook her head

"She just woke up screaming, I can't get her to say anything."

Sesshomaru knelt down and lifted Rin's face. Her eyes were wild and haunted, like someone who had just been through a terrible ordeal.

"Rin...Tell me what's wrong."

Rin seemed to be struggling to force some control into her eyes and at last, they connected. Her face was tamed, but now she began to cry.

"Lord Sesshomaru" Rin threw herself into his arms "We have to go, we have to go now okay? Right now."

"Go ?"

"To get Kuroki, and Shippo!"


Rin pulled back and tugged on his sleeves

"No! We have to go now!"

Sesshomaru looked at her in concern


"Someone hurt her! They hurt her really bad!"
"Someone hurt Kuroki?" Ejiki Asked

"A man hit her ...and...and...and she fell. And she's crying and alone."


"They took Shippo away from her too, and the kimono her mama made her."

"Rin" Ejiki turned her slightly "How do you know all this?"

"I saw it, before I screamed"

"Rin" Sesshomaru turned her back around gently "It was a dream, you are worried and..."

"But, Lord Sesshomaru...I...I wasn't, I wasn't even asleep."

Sesshomaru looked up at Ejiki in alarm, then let go of Rin.

"Let's go."

Shippo glared across the table at Lady Jaiya, the two Lords having left to make their morning stroll of the grounds. Shippo supposed she was kind of a pretty kitsune bitch, as InuYasha would have no doubt referred to her, but she was as fake as they came. And personally, he thought Kuroki was much, much prettier...as far as kitsune went at least. In the long run, nobody was prettier Rin, except Kagome.

Shippo didn't trust her. She was a liar and normally Shippo wouldn't hold this against her, as all kitsune had a bit of shiftiness about them. It was part of their survival instinct. But this wench wasn't lying for survival. This bitch was lying to cover up why Kuroki wasn't at the table where she was suppose to be, and why she wasn't eating breakfast when she was suppose to be.

Shippo made sure that she wasn't looking and then slid more food from his plate into the napkin in his lap. After the day before he was damned if he was going to eat a thing they gave him in this place.

After all his travels with InuYasha and Kagome, he should have known something was wrong with the food, that they had been given something to make them sleepy and limp so they couldn't fight when the nurse came and took them from the sun room. When he woke up it was dark.

The old Lord had come in to bring a dinner tray that Shippo had ignored.

But his true mission was to tell Shippo that Lord Sesshomaru's had already left Hashagu Mori, he would not be coming for them.

Shippo did not believe, would not believe that Lord Sesshomaru had just gone and left them behind.

Sesshomaru promised InuYasha and Kagome that he would take care of them until they were all together again, he promised Shippo and Kuroki that they had a home ... a family with him.

Lord Sesshomaru was a lot of things, he could be dangerous and vicious and cold. He could be evil and ruthless, but he could be warm, and generous, and kind. Lord Sesshomaru could be a lot of different things, he was a walking talking enigma, but a liar he was not.

Finally the Lord had gotten angry by his refusal to believe and left Shippo alone, locking the door behind him. Immediately he sought escape, but gave up right away. He was in a room with only a single window, His bubble form couldn't possibly go through, it was placed so he couldn't possibly jump that high, and there was nothing for him to hang onto so he couldn't transform in mid air... he was stuck.

But if he sat by the door, he could see the moon. So he did just that. Wondering when Lord Sesshomaru would come, and hoping that Kuroki was okay.

Kuroki, he was really worried about her.

"I want to see Kuroki."

"Please." The woman looked at Shippo sharply

Shippo grit his teeth in a fair imitation of InuYasha at his best and allowed the word to be pushed between.


"That's better." she smirked. "And, No, you can not."

"Why not? What did you do to her?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." the woman seemed to be enjoying playing with Shippo and watching him get more and more pissed off.

"You better not have hurt her." The same look had come into Shippo's eyes that they had bore the day he killed the mantis, and had the woman been smarter, she just might have backed off then.

The woman shook her head "If your done, I'm suppose to take you back to your cell...room...whatever it is."

"I said, I want to see Kuroki."

"And I said NO." She stood up, walked around the table and grabbed Shippo roughly by the arm. "Lets go. Back upstairs for you."

Shippo walked quietly behind her. He knew soon he would be locked back in that room again and any chance he had to get them out of there was gone. He listened and paid close attention to the other four doors in the hall. There were only six, and only three had locks besides his. If he could hit that bitch with a big enough blast of foxfire, he thought he might be able to find Kuroki and get them out a window.

"Would you quit dawdling brat, I have things to do too."

Shippo came to a dead stop and crossed his arms, waiting and prepared himself. He knew the more he focused and the angrier he got, the hotter and more force his foxfire would have. He hoped to blow that stupid wench back into the ugly tapestry on the wall and have it fall on her to keep her busy for a bit.

But what if what he had been told about Lord Sesshomaru was true?

Sesshomaru did have a cold side, hadn't he once tried to kill InuYasha and Kagome?

No...Shippo furiously shook his head. He wouldn't allow the thought to even have a space in his mind. Not for an instant. It was the stupidest thing he had ever heard.

And the more he thought about it the angrier he became. He had come here for help, for answers about his brother and sister. Not to be torn from the safety of his family. THEY were his family.

Kuroki, Rin, Ejiki, InuYasha, Kagome and the others in the future they were his family and they would all be together again. And they would be one family.

And... Lord Sesshomaru... Sesshomaru was their Alpha male, their leader.

InuYasha and Kagome...Beta and Omega

Sesshomaru, Alpha

He would never leave Shippo and Kuroki behind.

Shippo felt his mind go hazy as his yokai blood bubbled up inside of him and his body began to shift , for the first time, into his natural form.

"I thought I told you..." Lady Jaiya had begun to stomp towards Shippo but now she stopped as he stood bigger, his fangs dripping in saliva, a full fox.

Shippo ran forward and opened his mouth, an incredible wave of blue and black flames came forth, and Lady Jaiya ran into the nearest room to escape.

Shippo, still transformed, ran from door to door pushing them open, breaking through the locked ones. Finally he came to a room with a familiar scent.

Blood, Kuroki's blood, and it mixed with another. Tears.

Softly he padded to the side of the bed where she lay in the hated pink Kimono, her face buried, crying. Shippo nudged his nose under Kuroki's hand and he whimpered. Kuroki opened her eyes and jumped back on the bed in fear.

Shippo jumped on the bed and lowered his head, nuzzling her hand once again. When she didn't jump, he raised his head again and looked into her eyes.

"Shippo?" She whispered "Is that really you?"

He lay his muzzle on her hand again briefly then lifted his head to her beaten face. Her left eye was completely swollen shut, and her cheek was a solid ugly bruise. Dried blood still clung to her split lip.

"Oh, well, you know how your always saying my mouth is going to get me into trouble? Well, you were right, cept it was my middle finger."

Shippo whimpered again like he was in pain and began to lick the blood off her face. When she was clean, she smiled at him.

"Thank you for spitting all over me. Now I'm gonna smell like fox spit."

"Shippo, why don't you transform back?"

He just blinked at her

"You don't know how do you?"

Shippo gave a tiny growl as he looked towards the door.

"foxfire ?"

"We gotta get out of here and find Lord Sesshomaru. You know he's probably been in horrible trouble all night without us there to protect him."

Ten minutes later Kuroki and Shippo floated over the forest, their escape unhindered, and unnoticed. Shippo suddenly gave a loud growl and a gentle nip and Kuroki lowered them to the ground and popped out of her bubble form. A few moments later they met up with the three most welcome faces they had ever seen

Kuroki started crying, and leaving Shippo behind ran to Lord Sesshomaru.

"Lord Sesshomaru!"

"Lord Sesshomaru! It's Kuroki look! Rin jumped up and down, excited."

Sesshomaru looked in the direction of the voice and saw the little girl in pink with a badly battered face, she was being trailed by a fox.

"Be careful Kuroki, you were followed." He picked her up and handed her to Ejiki

Sesshomaru pulled Bakusaiga from his sash "Transform at once Kitsune or die."

"Lord Sesshomaru! No! Don't." Kuroki squirmed to be let down and she ran to the fox and hugged him tightly around the neck to protect him while the others watched in confusion. "It's Shippo."

"Shippo? But he..."

"I don't know how it happened, I wasn't there. But he did, and now he can't transform back."

"I see. Kitsune, It appears you spent far too much time with my baka brother and picked up his annoying habit of transforming against your will." Sesshomaru smirked.

Shippo growled

"Do not take that tone with this Sesshomaru, Transformed or not, I am still your alpha."


A group of furious voices broke through the brush.

"Lord Kashikoi, we have no further business. Leave at once."

"We have come for the children Lord Sesshomaru."

Shippo growled from behind Sesshomaru's legs and Sesshomaru gave him look that told him to stay back.

"You may have my children, after you have killed This Sesshomaru."

A look of pure evil filled Sesshomaru's eyes

"And this Ejiki." Ejiki stepped up just behind Sesshomaru

Rin poked her head out between them.

"And this Rin too you shit head."

Sesshomaru put his hand on the top of Rin's head and gently pushed her back behind them.

Kuroki was unable to push through, but she yelled out.

"This Kuroki too Dick head."

"That's a powerful threat." The Kitsune Lord spoke with a twitch in the corner of his mouth

"You dare mock this Sesshomaru!?"

"No Lord Sesshomaru, only commenting on what my eyes can now see."

Shippo chose that moment to run forward and sink his fangs into the lords robe, aiming for something else, but was disappointed when he was pulled away by Rin.

"Control your beasts Lord Sesshomaru." Lord Waizu said furiously

"Waizu, take the men and return to the Palace, you may leave Kenzin to assist me."

"Yes father."

"Now what is your trick Kitsune Lord? I find it hard to believe after resorting to kidnapping you would give up so easily." Ejiki glared at him

"May I speak to Kuroki?"

Sesshomaru nodded "If she will allow it."

Sesshomaru bent down and spoke Shippo, then to Kuroki and she nodded and then whispered something back which was responded to with a nod from Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru picked her up and carried her to the Kitsune lord. Kuroki immediately buried her face.

"She has agreed, if this Sesshomaru is present, and holds her for protection."

"Kuroki" The lord spoke gently "May I see your face?"

"What for?"

"Did you get hurt at my palace?"

Kuroki nodded and Sesshomaru stiffened, her hair had been down and covering her face, in the rush of things...he hadn't seen.

"May I see, please?"

Kuroki lifted her face

"Kuroki" Sesshomaru asked softly "Who did this to you?"

Kuroki thought hard, just as she had been since that morning. All she saw was fuzziness, her middle finger and knew that was the reason, and it was her own fault.

"I can't remember, just that it was my fault, for doing the finger."

Sesshomaru froze, he was going back there and he was going to kill someone.

The kitsune lord's hands flew to his eyes and tears poured from between his fingers.

"Oh Kuroki, oh, poor child...I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. I sought to protect you, and I failed you..."

Kuroki patted his hand "We all goof up."

"Lord Sesshomaru, may I speak with you? Alone?"

Sesshomaru nodded mutely and handed Kuroki to Ejiki. He glanced over, pleased to see that Shippo had once again returned to himself.

"Did you know Lord Sesshomaru, I had a little girl once? A little girl and another little boy. One day there was an attack on the palace and when my family was trying to escape my youngest two children and my wife were killed. Since then, I have brought children from the orphanage to live with me. They are often sickly and weak children, but twelve children have died in my palace in as many years. Two, were Shippo's brother and sister. They were the second brought to me, under the guise of orphans, to be protected."

"The last children died three and a half years ago and we were certain we had caught the killer. He was executed. Two more children came to my house and all was lovely, they left when their mother found them. Their were no murders, we were sure."

"And now?"

"Lord Sesshomaru, Please understand, I truly had only the children's best interests at heart. There is so much at stake you understand. I apologize most humbly for my underhanded methods."

"I understand that you took my children from me, and my daughter has come back to me badly beaten."

A nerve jumped in Sesshomaru's jaw, he couldn't remember feeling this angry before.

"That is why Lord Sesshomaru, I now wish for you to take the children with my blessing, and full cooperation."

"Meaning ?"

"There are certain individuals Lord Sesshomaru, that we are keeping a watch on. One of them is the yokai that killed Kuroki's family, and Shippo's mother. All Information we gain I will immediately send to you, and ask that you do the same."

"An exchange of information. This Sesshomaru will agree to this."

"Lord Sesshomaru, it is imperative that these children be alive five hundred years from now, prepared to... well you know, and ready to complete their destiny. If they are not...the entire yokai population ..."

"I know the possible repercussions. You need not remind me. The children will be safe, I assure you. All they meet will know them simply as A Young Lord and Lady of the Western Lands "

The night had finally arrived, three childred buzzed with nervous energy like busy little bumble bees. It had been like that since reaching the castle the week before, nothing could calm them down, any of them.

Inside Sesshomaru's newly completed suite, the energy level was even higher. Through one large sitting room the children could reach one anothers bedrooms, and Lord Sesshomaru's and what would after tonight, be Lady Ejiki's room.

The childrens new companion, Hessia, knocked on each door in turn. Bringing with her a cloth covered robe.

Shippo uncovered his robe and gasped. It had been altered obviously to help keep him from tripping, but it was still the same robe that InuYasha had wore the night Sesshomaru had bonded InuYasha and Kagome into the InuTashio Hierarchy. Shippo had decided not to take the blood, to retain his own identity to honor his own family. But Sesshomaru wished him to participate in the ceremony nonetheless, as he was still a part of the family, blood bonded or not.

Kuroki as well would not be talking the blood but for completely different reasons. There was no need as Rin had already, inadvertently, bonded herself to a yokai... Kuroki. By participating in one of her favorite past times, giving comfort, Kuroki had kissed enough of Kuroki's owies bumps and scrapes, to have taken in enough blood to have bonded them in Yokai sisterhood.

Because of the increase of yokai men mating with humans, and the anger of yokai women at the loss of potential mates, the tradition had all but been forgotten. Rin now bore the seal of sisterhood. Two pink flowers, intertwined.

Rin also, now shared Kuroki's lifespan.

And it was through these bonds, they would all be bonded and protected.

It was for this reason that Sesshomaru had also altered Kagome's robe for Kuroki.

Rin wore Sesshomaru's mother's robe, and he nodded over Rin's head at Lady Shankoutetsu and she winked in return.

Finally, Ejiki joined them completing the circle, amazingly beautiful in his Grandmother's robes.

One by one Sesshomaru drank a toast to each of his children.

-His beautiful Rin:

His oldest, his first. The strange little ningen who wouldn't take no for an answer and threw water in his face. She taught him that he was capable of love... giving love and receiving love in return. It was because of her, that he had healed the rift with InuYasha and Kagome, and now had a niece and two nephews waiting for him.

He kissed her forehead and slipped a small gold ring with a tiny pearl in the middle on her right hand.


His Brave,Shippo. His first transformation behind him now, he would be growing faster than ever. He was so like InuYasha, the unbeatable spirit of a hero, the heart of the bravest Yokai. Shippo had taught his about loyalty, and standing by those you love no matter what.

Sesshomaru bowed deeply and presented Shippo with a beautiful Hakema, Haori and Sash, and then Totosai stepped in and handed Sesshomaru a sword.

In the tradition of InuYasha...and the Kitsune Ha-fu Tessiaga

The Kitsune ha-fu Bakusaiga... forged from half of one of Sesshomaru's fangs.

Sesshomaru stepped around Shippo who stood frozen in shock staring at his new fang, then picked up Kuroki.


Sesshomaru looked at Kuroki and seemed struck dumb, he couldn't find words for what the little girl kit meant to him, what she had done for him.

She had taught him how to give comfort, and how to accept it. Some how it seemed it wasn't right to have Rin and not have Kuroki, or Shippo, and not have Kuroki...she rounded out the three children, sweet and sassy...never boring.

Sesshomaru placed a ring exactly like Rin's on Kuroki's hand, but hers he placed on her middle finger and when she looked up at him questioningly he simply told her that it was just as pretty as the rest of her, and she shouldn't blame it for other people being mean.

Of course she quickly stuck it up and showed it to Lady Shankoutetsu, who HAD heard of the gesture and laughed into her hand discreetly.

Sesshomaru then completely the Marriage rituals with Ejiki, the exchange of blood and wine, and vows, and then bowed to her to present his gift.

Like Kagome's from InuYasha Ejiki's ring was made from the other half of his fang.

To her, he said simply, but perfectly.

"You, came and took our hands, and you completed the circle. You made our family whole."

Even Lady Shankoutetsu had to wipe away a tear as she approached.

She reached in her bag and pulled out an envelope to hand to Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru" Sesshomaru kissed her cheek, and she accepted the envelope and a half hug from Ejiki. "I must leave right away, I am sorry I cannot stay longer"

Lady Shankoutetsu laughed at the sight of Jaken running away from Shippo, and Shippo begging him to help him with sword training.

"I'm glad to see Jaken finally came around."

"He's a work in progress." Ejiki grinned

"He's a little green idiot my dear, but, Sesshomaru seems to like him." Lady Shankoutetsu smiled and turned away, Ejiki at her side to walk her out. .

Sesshomaru opened the flap and pulled out a piece of paper, flipped it open and began to read.

Hey Bastard,

So, did you finally find a mate dumb enough

to have you e or did you just decide to give

Jaken a pink Kimono?

Dearest Sesshomaru,

Ignore InuYasha

you know, I can't sit him anymore,

but I can make him change dirty diapers.

We made the decision to go to my time this morning,

and InuYasha will be telling you soon. It breaks my heart

to say goodbye to you after all that you have come

to mean to us this past year.

Kaede has promised to get this to Lady Shankoutetsu

so she can give it to you on the day you take your mate

Just think of it as a final gift from me to you, until we meet again

. I love you ! Kagome

Hey Bastard, I told Kagome this is

gonna be moldy as all hell by the time you find a

mate but...owww! Damn woman hits hard!


Take care of Shippo and Kuroki okay?, and of course Rin

I'm glad you found someone,

you deserve to be as madly happy

as loving Kagome has made me.


Sesshomaru smiled and tipped the envelope.

Into his hand fell two super sized Hershey Bars

...no Almonds.

Sesshomaru was heaven.

Dawn was breaking when Sesshomaru finished, he glanced over at Kagome and sighed gratefully. She was sound asleep. He carefully picked her up and laid her on the bed and pulled the blankets up around her neck and tucked her in. He peeked in the three bassinets to be sure the babies were still sound asleep then tiptoed quietly into the kitchen to make coffee.

The first delicious scents were filling the air when he heard InuYasha's key in the door, then InuYasha's head poked through, followed by his body as he looked around, only mildly surprised to see Sesshomaru there so early.

"What are you doing here so early?"

Sesshomaru filled his travel mug with coffee then pointed to the door

"Walk me to the car."

"Wait till I check the kids."

Sesshomaru wasn't waiting for shit. He grabbed InuYasha by the collar of his jacked and pulled him so they were face to face.

"Walk me to my car NOW. I assure, Kagome's children, are fine."

Sesshomaru let him go and InuYasha walked back outside. Not about to walk down the stairs in front of a pissed off Sesshomaru, he jumped over the side and hit the pavement, followed shortly by Sesshomaru.

"What the hell are you pissed off about now?"

"Where have you been all night?"

"Doing a job with Shippo, Kagome knew that."

"Where should you have been?"

"Did something happen with the kids? Is one of them sick or Kagome?" InuYasha flushed white.

"So now you care?"

"What the hell, What's this twenty questions bullshit about?"

"What were you thinking, leaving Kagome home all alone with three pups to care for ?"

"Her mother..."

"Her mother was called away because her grandfather is in the hospital again."

"She said it was ok..."

"InuYasha, when the hell does Kagome EVER admit can't handle something?"

InuYasha looked upstairs guiltily "Did something happen?"

"I'd say that. Yeah."

"You gonna tell me or let me guess? You know Kagome won't."

"Kagome called me in the middle of a panic attack, she couldn't even talk. I get in the car and race over here and find her trying to diaper and feed three screaming pups at the same time, and crying her eye's out because she thinks her pups hate her."

"Oh shit. She ...she said her mom would be here, and her friend Ayami was home this weekend."

"InuYasha, why are you taking work from Shippo? You don't need the money. I purposely got you set up so you were taken care of so you could be home with Kagome and the pups when she needs you."

"She won't let me do anything when I am there Sesshomaru." InuYasha sat heavily on the ground. "At least this way I feel like I am contributing something to life."

"What do you mean?"

"Everything I try to do, it's wrong. I try to change Kichiro, 'your using too much powder InuYasha, oh forget it, I'll do it' I go to dress Chimi, 'no not that one, this one, oh forget it, I'll do it.' I try to do anything with Maru, same crap. I don't know what to do."

"I got to get to the hospital. Let me talk to Eji and see what she thinks. I'll come by later. Until then, InuYasha, do not leave Kagome all alone with the kids again, no matter what. You do, the effects to you personally will nothing short of horrific."


"Because if you run out on her again and I find her in that kind of panic ever again because of it...I am going to kill you."

"That would do it I suppose."

"Give Kagome and the kids and Kiss for me."

"I ain't kissing my mate for you."

"Not her fault she picked the wrong brother,"

Sesshomaru grinned at InuYasha " Have a nice day little brother."

InuYasha watched Sesshomaru pull away, the same word came to mind that always seem to come to mind as if linked to Sesshomaru by fate.



The End




Coming Soon!

The Search: American Summer

It's 1977

Jaws2 is scaring people out of the water again

and Star Wars is brand new.

OZ is one of the hottest Discotheques in the US,

As a favor to Sesshomaru, Shippo, still feeling the burn of Rin's elopement with Sesshomaru's oldest Son, travels to Minneapolis to track a dangerous yokai, a killer with murders dating back to the Sengoku Jidai.

Kuroki accidentally overheard something she shouldn't have, now she has sneaked aboard Shippo's plane bound for Minneapolis International Airport.

Between the hot summer Minneapolis nights, and the heat of the dance floor an unrequited love takes a new direction as a killer is brought to justice...but who is REALLY pulling the strings?

And... Shippo and Kuroki come face to Face with

the shocking truth about their Destiny and The Secret Sesshomaru has been keeping for 500 years explodes!!

Coming Soon