While in disguise on Fire Nation soil:


Senseless violence.

It wasn't something Aang had ever really understood. It wasn't something he had been taught. Yet there he was with blood on his fist.

Aang staggered backwards, the side of his face stinging from a hard blow.

Sokka grabbed Aang by the arm and tried to pull him back. The smaller boy wrenched out of Sokka's grip and launched himself forward, all bending forgotten.

Forgotten in rage.

Katara's wide blue eyes followed the arch of Aang's fist as it went slamming into his aggressor's face. Again.

The large boy went reeling backwards, holding his nose. Blood spewed out between his fingers.

The crowd parted to let him stumble backwards. They weren't going to help him.

"Really," murmured a man from behind Sokka, "you'd think the bigger kid could put up a better fight, after trying to start it and all."

Another one chuckled excitedly, "The little one's going to beat the fire flakes out of him."

"I would," scowled the other, "If he had said that about my girl, I would probably kill him."

Aang's rage was righteous.

Sokka turned toward them, "What did that guy say about my sister?"

The men quickly fell silent.

A cry from the bloody Fire Nation boy made Sokka turn back around. Aang was on top of the older boy, punching him mercilessly.

Toph stood at the edge of the crowd with her hands on her hips and a lazy smile on her face.

Katara's hands were cupped over her mouth in a strangled kind of way. She was caught in indecision.

The Fire Nation boy had somehow grabbed an end of Aang's headband. It was pulled loose.

Sokka rushed forward, grabbed Aang and the head band and ran. Katara and Toph quickly followed.

As they ran out of the crowded bar into the hot sun, Sokka saw guards coming down the street. He quickly rushed them down an alley way and hid behind some crates.

They all crouched.

Aang was shaking. Sweat dripped down his face as he scowled hard at the ground.

"Was it worth almost getting caught?" Sokka asked Aang seriously.

Aang just breathed heavily for a few moments. Katara's clear eyes were fixed on him; a slight blush tinted her cheeks.

"Yes," Aang seethed. "Yes it was."



Senseless violence.

It wasn't something Aang had ever really understood. Until now.