Post-game fic set shortly after Lloyd and Colette have been on their journey to collect up exspheres. Pointless fluffy happiness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. I believe that it belongs to Namco.

Dedication: to my "Lloyd", who I love very much.

It was funny, Colette thought, the amount of stuff that she and Lloyd had kept in the bags that they had carried with them on both of their journeys. Some of it made sense, was practical to have with them, that was true she'd admit. But some of their luggage, well…

It was important to them though, had made travelling as they had done that little bit more comfortable. Others might raise their eyebrows or laugh if they found out that she'd carried a small pebble all the way across two worlds and then some but it was special to her, made her smile and feel warm inside, because Lloyd had given it to her.

As she unpacked the last few things in her bag she chuckled at her own sentimentality. Then she touched a soft piece of fabric and gave a quiet, happy sigh. Here was something that had both sentimental and practical value. Their blanket.

It was her favourite blanket, one that she and Lloyd could snuggle so cozily under together. The warmest, coziest blanket with the lovely pattern stitched around the edges. One that always made her feel safe and secure.

It wasn't just good for keeping them warm though, it was surprising how many times she'd found herself pulling that blanket out of her bag. Before she had started out on the quest to regenerate the world she had only thought of using the blanket to snuggle under or to sit upon. Now though she knew that it was useful in so many different ways if you just used a bit of imagination and, sometimes, some pieces of string.

When they'd run out of room for supplies in their bags Sheena had shown her how to make blanket into one. It had become a dress when she'd run out of clean clothes. Not a very fashionable dress admittedly but it had been better than wearing clothes that were muddy, soggy from the rain, torn or, in some cases, all three. It had been comfortable and Lloyd had said that it had looked cute but she thought that, perhaps, it worked better as a hooded cloak.

The blanket had also been useful for when she'd wanted some space to herself. With a few other bits and pieces it could be turned into a small, cozy den. It had even been useful for Noishe. When placed on his back underneath items he was carrying for them it helped to stop the ropes tying their packs and equipment together from rubbing or digging into his skin too painfully.

As Lloyd entered the room Colette smiled, deciding what her favourite use for the blanket was. In a swift, fluid movement she wrapped the blanket around his shoulders then let go of the fabric as he took hold of the edges of the blanket and wrapped it around her. She gave a soft, contented purr as he nuzzled the top of her head then kissed her nose.

Then, still holding each other, still with the blanket wrapped snugly around them, they flopped onto the bed, settled cozily in each others arms and drifted into a pleasant and peaceful afternoon nap.