Title: Promise in a Kiss

Author: Brandy Rose a.k.a. Jaden

Summary: With Jason and Elizabeth married and their family melding together so wonderfully did the couple fool themselves into believing that they had found their happily ever after? What if someone from the past is determined to make that ending never happen. When ghosts begin to plague Jason's mind will it awaken memories thought to never be regained and when they are will the Jason that Elizabeth loved and married be the same man for better or worse?

Rating:M for lemons in later chapters

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters but I wish to god I did.

Author Notes: This is the sequel to 'Future in a Kiss' reviews are very welcome!

Promise in a Kiss

Chapter One

A soft sigh was passed through slightly parted lips as the feel of another's pressed small kisses to the nape of her neck and down to her shoulder. Against her will her lips curved into a soft smile and her head turned to meet and greet those wonderful lips of her lover, and the man that wouldn't allow her to sleep. A deep groan rumbled through his chest as a large hand landed upon her hip and she felt the motion of her body being rolled over onto her back and then into the wall of his hard body. Soft flesh met hard as limbs tangled together as growing passion began to awaken must faster than her sleep fogged mind had thought possible. Lips would part only to spread kisses down and up each others bodies. Hands would slip from under the soft sheets to wrap around and cling, nails raking the flesh of arms and one strong back. This was Elizabeth Morgan's favorite way to wake up, in the arms of her husband and the man that she loved with all her soul. To feel how much he needed her and wanted her, even before she opened her eyes. The only thing she loved more were the lazy mornings when they slept late enough for Cameron to wake first and to wake and find him in bed between them his little arms and legs spread out over both of them as he slept the peaceful sleep of a young boy who knew his place in the world.

Elizabeth had thought that the moment their son had been born, watching Jason hold him and promise him the world, had been the happiest and purest moment of love she'd ever felt besides the birth of Cameron, but the man currently loving her in his arms had made each and every day since then another moment, another piece of heaven. She'd always known that Jason would make a wonderful father, she'd seen how great he was with his nephews and any other kids that he came across. But Jason Morgan was another man when he was with his sons. She wasn't going to take away the fact that Lucky had been an excellent father to Cameron when he wasn't on pills but Cameron seemed to shine whenever Jason walked into the room. She'd been amazed at how quickly Cameron had come to accept Jason into his life, and even more so how soon he felt comfortable calling him "daddy". She could still see the tears in Jason's eyes as he'd lifted the boy up into his arms and held him so tightly, his eyes meeting hers over the dark curls and she'd felt her heart swell with such amounts of love it was nearly painful. Cameron never felt jealous of Jake, as she was afraid might happen, for there was never a need. Jason somehow knew how to turn each moment he had with Jake into something that Cameron could take part in as well, he always included him on decision making, the care of the infant and the play.

If anything Cameron seemed to take more of an active roll in his brothers life than most young children his age would, especially since Jake was too little to really play with. He was so very protective and careful when touching his baby brother and Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh when he instructed her how to hold him, as if she'd never held a baby before. Life in the Morgan house was everything and more than she could have ever dreamed it would be. Her boys were safe and happy and for the first time in a really long time she felt as if she truly belonged. She was brought abruptly out of her thoughts and out of the heat of the moment when she heard the ringing of Jason's cell phone coming from the nightstand. Both of them groaned, resting their foreheads against each others as they struggled to regain their breathing. She could feel the frustration rolling off her husband in waves and couldn't help but laugh softly as she scooted out from underneath him to lightly stroke his powerful back. Deviltry was in her eyes when she heard Carly's voice yelling from the other end and as she watched Jason trying to keep his composure she brought her lips down to his shoulder, her tongue and teeth beginning to play havoc with his body as well as his focus. She got so lost in her game she didn't hear him tell Carly to shut up or she would have laughed delightedly. She'd been getting along with Carly lately, but still the woman had ruined they're moment after all. She moaned into her husbands skin as she moved her lips even lower down his back and traveled her teeth down his spine.

Suddenly she was caught off guard by his growl and the phone being tossed over the side of the bed. Before she could even gather what had happened she found herself being pushed down to the bed, her arms pinned above her head and her husbands long hard frame pressed down upon hers keeping her movements still. She laughed brightly up at his glowering expression, feeling utterly safe even with a known killer looming over her with punishment in his eyes. "You think torturing me when I have Carly screaming in my ear is funny do you?" his deep voice growled down to her, the vibrations it caused within his chest seemed to flow through her as well causing her to moan softly. She bit her lip and gave a nod of her head fighting off more giggles as his beautiful blue eyes narrowed. She forced herself not to lean up to meet his lips when she saw them coming down towards hers but when she heard the soft knock on the bedroom door she wished she would have, at least she would have gotten one more good kiss in. She groaned and he smirked, bending to brush a kiss to her nose before slipping off her. When she tried to roll over into the pillows once more she felt the sharp slap to her backside which caused her to gasp and jump. His laughter was still ringing in her ears as she grudgingly pulled his shirt over her small frame as he slipped into his sweats and opened the door.

"Daddy me and Jake are hungry." came the small voice of Cameron, and Jason's eyes softened even further at hearing that name he'd been blessed with again. It didn't matter how many times he heard it from Cameron, each time was like the first. He couldn't fight the grin that spread to his face even if he'd tried, which he didn't, not anymore. Since Elizabeth and the boys had come into his lives he felt as if he'd never smiled more. Elizabeth had always been able to force a smile out of him even all those years ago when he'd had so much bitterness within him but now it was like having three little rays of sunlight in his world and the two new ones seemed to have caught on to they're mothers ability. He scooped Cameron up in his arms and lowered his voice to speak conspiratorially with him."All right lets go leave lazy butt in bed and go destroy her kitchen to make some pancakes what do you say buddy?" At Elizabeth's gasp and Cameron's giggle he laughed and ruffle the boys hair. "You think your brother might be up for it?" At Cam's nod he smirked and closed the door on Elizabeth's yelled warnings. He wasn't too scared, after all they'd done it once before and had survived her rath, he was sure he could handle it again. If anything he looked forward to the punishment. When they entered Jake's room he smiled as he saw the little boy sitting up in his crib watching his little world with eyes the same as his. He brought Cameron over to the crib and they both looked down at Jake as he eagerly held his arms out to join Cam in his fathers arms. "What do you think buddy, think you can both fit up here?"

He had both boys in his arms and was coming downstairs when they heard the movements and sounds of someone cooking in they're intended domain. Cameron began to immediately giggle and Jake shrieked happily when he brought them in and saw Elizabeth standing in a chair trying to reach the spare bag of flower they'd put up a few weeks before to keep out of the way. Narrowing his eyes he moved to the breakfast nook and sat Cameron down in his chair before putting Jake in his high chair. Then, that done, he slowly turned and stalked towards his prey. He'd had plans this morning and he wasn't going to let one territorial pixie change them. He waited for her to grasp the flower then when she had it secure he turned her around and abruptly threw her over his shoulder. Her shriek had the children laughing and her futile attempts to hurt him as she hit his back caused his own laughter. "Jason Morgan you put me down this instant! I won't have you destroying my kitchen like you did before. It took me days to get all the dough off the ceiling and I'm not even going to get to what you did to my floors!" As she wiggled and squirmed he shook his head and lifted a hand only to have it come down on her backside for the second time that morning which caused another squeal which caused even more laughter. He was escorting her out of the kitchen and towards the couch when they were halted by a knock on the door. Jason immediately frowned and Carly's attempted warnings from earlier slipped into his mind. What was she trying to warn him about?

Slowly he lowered Elizabeth to her feet and placed her behind him as he moved to open the door. He couldn't say he was surprised to see Mac Scorpio standing at his door but the words that came out of his mouth did. "Jason ...Elizabeth. I'm sorry to bother you but theres been an..accident." Jason frowned as he watched Mac struggle with his words and he felt something cold slip over his soul even when Elizabeth slipped her small hand into his and gave a reassuring squeeze. His mind was racing with all sorts of possibilities of what could have happened but the words that came next nearly had his knees going weak with shock. "It seems that sometime between the hours of one in the morning and three...well...someone broke into the Quartermaine Mansion and your grandfather was found when Alice went to check on him. Jason I'm truly sorry but, Edwards dead."