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Promise in a Kiss

Chapter 3

Life is full of twists and turns, with something always lurking in the shadows waiting to attach itself to you the moment that happiness seems to be dawning. It was like that now as Jason stood within the four walls of his grandfathers room. This morning he'd thought that his life was complete, that he'd found his fate and he'd been satisfied with the knowledge that no matter what came his way he'd be able to keep his family safe... but standing here staring at the bed in which his grandfather had been murdered he realized just how out of control life was and the fear that had always dwelled within his heart where Elizabeth, the boys and his family were concerned reared up its ugly head and told him a very stern I told you so.

Had he fooled himself completely in believing that he was strong enough, powerful enough to keep those around him safe, should he have even risked taking Elizabeth and the boys into his domain, allowing them to be targets for his enemies? A deep sigh left his chest and past his parted lips as ice cold eyes closed as these dark thoughts plagued his mind once more. He missed the rays of sunlight his wife and children brought to him, keeping his demons at bay. If he lost them forever, they're gentle loving laughter silenced forever within his mind, what would he become?

He turned his gaze to the nightstand beside his grandfathers bed and saw the picture of his grandmother. Lila was the epitome of grace and the living embodiment of love. She'd been the only one to even come remotely close to taming his grandfather, to showing him the way to being a gentle kinder man. His grandfather had his demons, perhaps not the same that plagued his grandson but still, demons none the less and Lila had been his ray of sunshine, his hope.

A part of him had died when she passed, that hope forever banished except for the fact that Edward prayed he'd be fit enough to join her in heaven, for his greatest hell would be to be without her. If anything was to come out of this that was good in anyway it had to be that Edward was with his Lila now, holding her hand and walking with her through her gardens, feeling the rays of her love upon his face and the gentle healing peace that she'd always seemed to bring him.

There was no peace within they're grandson now, only an awakening of furry that seemed to bloom within his chest. Someone had stepped within his life once more and had taken carelessly that had been his. He was left now with the same feelings of guilt that he'd felt when his father had passed. Feelings of doubt and helplessness. The idea now that perhaps he shouldn't have cut his family so deeply out of his life. It was too late to change past mistakes but he could make it up to his grandfather by finding out who had killed him and making sure that no one else of they're family was taken.

He moved with a predatory grace around the room, those ice blue eyes were now open and hard with focus as he searched for any detail, any hidden hints that the police might have over looked that would give him a clue as to who had made the mistake of killing one of the ones he loved. He moved over to the window and knelt down, long lean fingers picking up a piece of bark and held it up to the light, twisting and playing it as thoughts formed in his brain. It was out of place in the emaculant quarters that surrounded him.

The window was closed and as he stood he noticed the tree outside his grandfathers bedroom. He lifted the window and looked at the tree, judging the distance between the window and the nearest limb, the distance up and down and knew that if this was the way the killer came in then it would have to be someone that was relatively young or at least strong enough to climb a tree three stories up and down and have the strength to murder a relatively still strong man in his bed without allowing for any noise.

He lost track of time moving around his grandfathers room, inhaling the strong scent of the mans cologne that still lingered within the room his eyes trying desperately to find any clues that wasn't there. Whoever had dared to strike the old man down was a professional, someone who knew exactly what he was doing and how to get away with it and that thought was a problem for Jason to handle, because if it was a professional, then the likely hood of him being responsible was overwhelming.

Jason turned and when he gazed out the window this time he only saw the pale moonlight casting a dark shadow over his small world and the thought that he'd relaxed his guard, just enough, and it had caused his grandfathers death only made him think of his new wife and sons. Had he put them in the greatest danger of all by allowing them to be in his life openly, or were they safer now being with him when there might be a crazed killer out there that actually had nothing to do with him or his profession.

It was these thoughts that would plague him when he finally laid his head down tonight, even in the sanctuary of Elizabeth's arms, and it was these thoughts that would flow over into his day life as he struggled desperately to cope with the death of yet another member of his family as well as keep the remaining safe.