The night shift CSI team stood in the chill night air, this was a big night. Grissom had requested they attend this function, "come on now, it's for charity." He encouraged the whole team eventually agreed to come after he assured them he would be there as well. "Besides it will be fun" Sara remembered him saying, fun? she could hear the screams already.

"Sara how much longer are we gonna wait for Grissom? I wanna get going!" Of course Greg was the only one truly eager to be there. Before she could answer her phone rang, she stepped away from the chatting group to hear better.


"Sara it's me, Sorry I don't think I'll be able to make it Doc needs my help with something." She strained to hear him.

"Does that mean we get to go home?" She asked already knowing the response.

"No, you still have to go, It's not that bad honestly." She wondered where he was calling from, it sounded like some kind of party in the background. And how does he know? she wondered.

Sara turned back to the group.

"That was Gris, he said he can't make it."

"Good then I'm going, it's cold out here!" Catherine said crossly. Her expression changed when Warrick draped his coat over her shoulders.

"Better?" he asked. She nodded and smiled.

"He said we still have to go through with it thought."

"Yes!" Greg was still enthused.

"Alright gang, lets get this over with" Warrick said bravely as he walked up to the entrance.

After a brief debate on how to pay it was revealed Grissom had made reservations for the "graveyard shift."

"Honestly that man has the strangest sense of humor" Catherine said once they had been wrist-banded and sent inside the gate, "only he would invite us to a haunted house and then not show up himself!"

"Uh, guys, looks like we have a choice here." Greg said. "There is Nightmare Manor or the dark spooky woods trail over there," he gestured.

"I think I'll take the woods," Nick who had been unusually quiet said with next to no hesitation.

"I'll go inside!" Catherine was pleased she didn't have to be outside any longer.

"I'll take the manor with Cath." Warrick volunteered. Naturally Greg wanted to go in the spooky woods with Nick. So that left Sara with a tough decision. She had to stop and think of what degree of unresolved sexual tension she would rather be around.

"I think I'll go with Shaggy and Scooby over here" She said earning a grin from Catherine and a "hey!" from Greg. Nick just rolled his eyes.

"Alright gang, let's split up!" This time Warrick was rewarded with giggles and smirks.

Maybe this will be fun, was the thought that crossed both Sara and Catherine's mind as the CSI's split up and headed towards the night waiting for them.

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