I'm totally and completely on a roll here, so enjoy it while it lasts! P.S. as a warning this chapter is a little icky (but nothing a CSI fan can't handle!)

As the CSI crunched through the layer of leaves lining the dark spooky path they couldn't help noticing the accumulation of advertisements along the trail.

"Doctors Rotten and Grisly will fix you up!"

"Come see the free show, victims...we mean volunteers welcome!"

"Need a hand? leg? Spleen? or a few feet of intestine? stop by for a visit with Doctors Rotten and Grisly!"

"If it doesn't kill you, they just might!"

"So who are these guys anyway?" Nick asked aloud.

"I think we're about to get our answer!" Catherine said as she pointed to a small tent set up near the end of the woods. As they approached the tent they came upon an all too familiar sight. A body lying anatomical on a table (granted this table was a dirty wooden one) chest opened with a Y incision. Organs in little pans. Shelves filled with unidentifiable things in jars lined the back of the tent. The group paused for a moment to process what exactly they were seeing. There were two men behind the table, both wearing blood soaked aprons and face-masks. There was a pile of twisted limbs and discarded bits of anatomy in one corner and the tent itself was sprayed with spatter. One of the so-called "doctors" was opening the head, the saw whirring loudly. The other lunged out from behind the table at a group of passing teenagers. In his hands a human heart! The girls shrieked and bolted, the boys in an attempt at bravery lingered longer to look at the body on the table.

"Watch" growled the doctor who had opened the skull, he probed some of the now visible grey matter, the right arm of the body twitched. The second doctor, whom Sara noted limped, attempted to coax the girls back to for a second look at the heart. One of them courageously came foreword but retreated when she observed it was still beating. It was only after the group of kids passed did the CSI approach the table.

"Ah it's my graveyard shift!" exclaimed the taller of the two. "I thought you would never come. He removed his face-mask. It of course was Gil Grissom. "I would have liked to have joined you but Doc Rotten needed some assistance. I trust you all had a good time?" The team exchanged exasperated glances. "I'll take that as a yes."

"That's not a real body is it, coz you know Ecklie would have a fit!" Greg asked.

"No, it's not we made this one and three others just like it for the event." Robbins removed his face-mask and grinned. "Cool isn't it?"

The gang stayed for a little while longer to watch the doctors in action, they enjoyed watching their friends scare the living daylights out of passersby almost as much as they enjoyed doing it. Before they left for the night Sara begged Grissom for a job and he said he'd see what he could do.

As the group piled into the Tahoe Sara was in such a good mood she decided to make Greg's night as well.

"Jinkies" she said, "that was fun." The blond grinned from ear to ear.


By the time Grissom and Robbins got back to their real jobs, they were even more legendary then they already were. They could frequently be heard being called "Grisly" or "Rotten" by a co-worker and sometimes even by a day shift worker. Greg and Warrick however were now infamous, Nick and Sara having circulated the picture of Sanders at the tea party. He complained loudly when the coffee in the break room was switched to tea.

Catching him alone Nick was quick to pick on Warrick.

"Heebie-Jeebies man?"

"Yeah alright I get it, but Cath was gonna be miserable if I didn't do something. I knew I could make her laugh if I let it get to me. Don't tell her okay?"

"Alright, your secret is safe with me!"

The next day it was apparent however that the secret was not safe with Nick when Catherine cornered Warrick.

"I heard what you did the other night."

"Oh man I told Nick no to tell you!"

"He didn't I heard it from Sara who got it from Greg, Nick told him obviously. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks, it was much more fun."


And thus ends another fanfiction...I hope you enjoyed it!