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Makato Kazuka waa happily doing whatever he felt like doing in the streets of Tokyo; Which meant he was pretending to be a certain evil doer. He had zoned in on a park bench he was going to practice hitting his bat on when out of nowhere, a grey haired ninja suddenly appeared out of nowhere, being chased by a black haired yet shorter ninja. "You've trained well, Sasuke!" Said the grey haired ninja as he did some hand sighn that caused even more of him to appear. "Kakashi-sensei, it isn't like you to use Naruto's jutsu." Said the young black haired ninja now dubbed Sasuke. Makato darted his eyes back and forth between the two ninja's before sighing and sitting down on the bench. "My overactive imagination is going to go haywire someday," he thought aloud. Both ninja turned around to see Makato. "Isn't that guy the mission objective?" Asked Sasuke. "No, this picture clearly shows a girl," said Kakashi as he pointed out Makato's year book picture; which he kakashi aqcuired from some unknown source. "That's me!" Angrily stated Makato. "Aren't you touchy," complained Sasuke before walking off. "I'm going to go do something recreational. Take care of the mission, Kakashi." He called back to his sensei.

The elder ninja looked from his retreating squad member and then to the kid that was part of his mission. "Makato Kazuka, I have a message from Uichi Tiara for you. "For crying out loud! I said I was sorry for saying tiera!" Cried Makato after reading the letter. Before long, he had ripped the letter to shreds and watched the pieces fall to Kakashi's feet. "One more thing, why is this letter four weeks late?" Makato asked the ninja. "This kid obviously doesn't know the way I work," sighed Kakashi. "Are you going to answer me?" Makato asked with his temper rising. "No, because frankly, you're annoying." Stated Kakashi wiht as little emotion as usually. "Let's settle this then!" Said Makato as he raised his bat.

However, due to misconception, Kakashi had sattled up a nearby camel. "I said settle; not sattle!" Angrily called out Makato. "Salad, why didn't you say that in the first place?" Asked Kakashi as he looked through his supplies on the camel for a salad. "For crying out loud! I said settle!" Makato yelled to the ninja. "What does Seatle have to do with anything?" Kakashi asked the kid. "Never mind," sighed Makato before skating off.

Now that Kakashi was alone, he decided this would be the best time to dance around. Thus, having forgotten his mission, he did the hula in silence for about three minutes before deciding some karoke would be better. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by a large amount of ninja's singing very badly. He then decided that idea was a bad one and then left to find Sasuke; whom he found making out with a girl that looked like a mix between Sakura and Naruto. "I'm not even going to ask," sighed Kakashi before grabbing his squad member and heading to wherever he was going.

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