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Chapter 37

The years passed and Kagome watched as Sango's family grew. Three moon cycles into their new life together, Miroku wasted no time in getting Sango pregnant. Sango had her first child a year after she was married to Miroku.

Their first-born was a son, that they named Yoshiro. He was a happy baby and often times could be seen playing with the twins.

Although the twins were almost 2 years old they were still infants and needed to be taken care of. Two years after Yoshio was born, Sango had another son named Akito. He was just like his father in every way.

Sango took it upon herself to train them in the ways of the Taijiya. She wanted them to be able to protect themselves and not always count on their spiritual powers to help them, though with both skills, her sons were very dangerous fighters.

Sango's sons continued to grow and prosper while Kagome's pups were slowly growing. They would have growth spurts every so often, and by the time that they looked to be about 6 years old, Sango and Miroku were nearing the end of their life spans.

Kagome saw them growing old together. She knew that soon she will lose them both to their mortality. They had a long 50 years together and fought side by side when Kagome and Sesshoumaru started putting their rule into affect.

Together, they traveled around the lands setting examples of what they wanted all to do. But many were not ready to accept their changes. These people spread hatred against the ruling Lord and Lady. But, they were soon killed for their loathsome actions. When others in the land saw that, they were more than willing to comply with the laws of Sesshoumaru and Kagome.

The Lords to the North, South, and East complied with their laws, though reluctantly. It was the Southern Lord who did not want to comply with their wishes. Lord Hashimoto's clan lost the right to be the ruling lord when his clan was weakened by in breeding.

Kagome tried to warn them about what they were doing to their own clan, but they refused to listen. A clan of panther youkai took over the Southern Lands when they defeated Hashimoto, who fled with the remainder of his family for their own safety. The panther youkai refused to bow down to Sesshoumaru as the Supreme Lord to the Lands.

They challenged Sesshoumaru for his right to lead and that was their biggest mistake. Sesshoumaru and Kagome fought side by side and obliterated the panthers from the face of the earth.

Sango and Miroku were there to fight along side them. The panthers thought that they were two very weak ningen, but they were surprised by the amount of power that came from these two, as the South finally fell under the rule of the Western Lands. Once the battle was over, all those that lived there bowed to their will.

Both of Sango and Miroku's sons married very powerful priestesses and in doing so, strengthened their bloodline. They continued their father's work and became the trusted advisors to the Lords of the Lands.

By the time that Sango and Miroku passed away, they had lived a full and happy life together.

Kagome took Sango's death very hard. Her loss made Kagome feel that she was alone again. The only family Kagome had from Sango were her children that continued to grow and live on the lands close to her.

Sesshoumaru helped Kagome during the time that her sister died. He thought that she would never snap out of her depression until their pups reminded her that she had something to live for.

Over the years, Kagome never allowed anyone to see her pups outside of her family. She wanted them protected in case someone came after them. During these years, Kagome witnessed the love that they received from her family.

Lord Inutaisho and Ayashiko were very loving toward the pups. But it was Ayako that was the apple of Inutaisho's eyes. He loved her with all his heart. He made a point to show her his love, and could be often seen with her in his arms. He loved Takahiro very much as well, but it was her Musume that held a special place in his heart.

Sesshoumaru, to her amazement, surprised her the most. He was a very loving father and often time could be seen playing with his pups. It was something that Kagome thought she would never see. He would also tend to them from time to time to give her a break from her duties.

When they had grown a little and were crawling, or as Kagome would say, running on all fours, they would tackle their father to the ground and crawl all over his body biting and playing. When they got too rough, Sesshoumaru would discipline them for their behavior. Only when they submitted to him, did he forgive them for what they did and continued to play.

Kagome, on occasion, got her mate to leave the castle in his true form and they would go off together just to be alone. She had formed a special bond with his other half and would give them equal time. Kagome found that his inner inu was just like any other inu. Sesshoumaru loved to have his ears scratched, and she, on some occasions, got him to role on his back while she rubbed his belly. He loved it and would purr his delight. These were the moments that she cherished with her mate.

Select few in the castle were privilege enough to be in the presence of their pups and Kagome wanted it that way. She wanted to train them before she formally introduced them to the other lords of the lands. The other lords have been demanding for years that Lord Inutaisho present the next heirs of the West, but Sesshoumaru stood by his mate's side and her reasons for not doing so.

Kagome undertook her pups education, as she schooled them in what they needed to know. They were very intelligent and learned quickly. They learned how to use their Reiyouku once she unsealed their powers. They were both very powerful and her son was the one that learned the fastest. Often you could see him helping his sister learn her lessons.

It was during this time that Inuyasha finally came to his maturity. His inner inu was coming awake and Inutaisho was helping him learn how to dominate his brassier side.

One day, Kagome was in a clearing showing her pups how to pick herbs and what they were used for. They heard a howl in the distance as Kagome felt a powerful aura coming her way. She did not have enough time to get her pups to safety and placed a powerful barrier around them. Kagome told Takahiro to protect his sister.

She had just risen to her feet when a giant inu youkai came into the clearing. She stood in front of her pups protecting them as the inu approached. She growled, telling the inu to back off and leave the area. The Inu, however, did not obey any commands it was given.

Kagome knew that it was Inuyasha and that he lost control of his inner inu. When he came towards her, Kagome jumped high into the air and smacked his nose for being rude. She channeled some of her Reiyouku into her hand so that it would sting when she hit him.

Inuyasha's inner inu stopped, as it blinked in confusion at what she did. He went into a sneezing fit as he shook his head trying to get rid of the sting from his nose. He tried to attack again and Kagome hit him again. This time with a little more bite.

The Inu quickly backed away from the female that was hurting him.

Kagome seeing that she had his attention place her hands on her hips and said, "Down!" When he didn't comply with her wishes, she let her whip hit his nose again as she ordered, "DOWN!!!!"

Inuyasha's inu complied immediately, as he lay down on the ground. Kagome was pleased as she growled, barked, and yipped, "You will learn how to behave around me. You have no right to come here and scare my pups to death. The next time you do this your punishment will be more server, is that understood?"

The giant inu whined, yip, and growled, "Yes I understand. Sorry for scaring your pups."

Once Kagome forgave him for scaring her pups, Inuyasha's inner inu started wagging his tail. Kagome smiled at him, "Why are you being difficult? Your other half is very nice and only wishes to protect his pack. Don't you wish to do the same thing?"

The giant inu nodded his head up and down as he answered, "Yes, I do. But I want to be able to play too. Its boring to have to always listen to what I'm being told to do."

Kagome understood as she turned to the other inu that was sitting behind Inuyasha, "Leader male do you think that you could allow him some play time? If you do, you might find that he will be more agreeable to do his training."

Inutaisho had raced after his pup when he lost control of his inner inu. He chased after him knowing that Kagome was in the area with her pups and did not want them to get hurt. To his surprise, he witnessed as his little one stopped Inuyasha from getting near her pups.

She disciplined Inuyasha's inner beast as he listened. He sat there and watched what his little one was doing. He was amazed that she could have such control over any creature. Then he heard her question and said, "I will think about it when he learns how to obey. For now, we will leave this place so we can continue with what we were doing." He turned his attention to his other pup, "Come, we must leave this area."

Inuyasha's inner beast complied with his father's wishes as they left the area. Inuyasha finally learned how to control his inner beast when he took Kagome's advice and he learned how to be its friend instead of trying to dominate him. He was a lot happier for it, as his inner beast helped him when he needed it the most.


Then the time came when Sesshoumaru told his mate that the pups were old enough to train. Kagome undertook their first training. The first thing she taught them was everything that she promised Sesshoumaru's Hiijiji that she would pass on to her pups.

Inutaisho was present for the lessons on his Jii-san when Kagome went through and told of their family lineage. He was amazed at the amount of knowledge that she possessed of his Jii-san. Some of it he never knew until she spoke about it.

The first thing she taught her pups was how to control their Reiyouku along with their Youki. They were both smart and learned quickly on how to control and use them together in a fight.

Kagome then trained them in all her fighting styles and when she was done, she then trained them in the ways of the Inu of over 1000 years ago. She had promised Sesshoumaru's Hiijiji that she would pass on his legacy and she did.

She taught them how to fight with different weapons and they were both ruthless in their attacks. Her daughter was as powerful as her mother and had a temper that rivaled hers. Her son was as calculating as her mate when he fought, but would viciously protect this mother and sister if they were in danger.

Kagome finally figured out that it was her son that protected and concealed his sister's existence when she carried them. It was shown in their earlier years that he had the power to conceal her to make sure that she would not get hurt.

Everything she learned from Sesshoumaru's Hiijiji she passed on to her pups. The time came when the pups had to be tested with a sword and this was a mother's worst fear, but Kagome was confident that she trained them well for this.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome were present together in the training dojo with their pups.

There, in a passing of age ritual, Sesshoumaru gifted his son with a sword fashioned out of his own fang. With time, as the pup grew, so would the power of the fang.

Sesshoumaru inclined his head to his son, indicating it was time for their match to begin. Surprising his father, Takahiro took a defensive stance that Sesshoumaru has never seen before. The two-tailed alpha turned his eyes to his lovely mate. Sitting off to the side with their daughter, he spied Kagome with a smile on her features.

Sesshoumaru returned his attention to his son. Without a moment's hesitation, he raced forward to attack his pup. But, Takahiro avoided his initial attack, twisted and parried his father's second move with ease. Sesshoumaru was amazed by the way his son moved as he defended himself.

Sesshoumaru upped his son's training by seeing how the pup would react to defending his mother. Devoid of the slightest indication, Sesshoumaru went after the pup's mother.

Takahiro guessed what his father intended to do and prepared himself to defend others. He would not allow his father, the attacker, to reach his mother and sister.

Takahiro, though young by youkai standards, had the body of a 10 year old. But, the power he held far exceeded the capacity of his small body.

Takahiro's aura flared around his body and swelled in size. His aura was so great that it would make even an adult youkai stop and stare. Surprising Sesshoumaru, Takahiro intercepted his attack and fought viciously to protect his mother and sister. Sesshoumaru found to his astonishment that he could not get through his pup's defenses.

Sesshoumaru could not believe that he was having a hard time trying to break his pup's defenses. Takahiro proved he was powerful and defended his mother well. Sesshoumaru then used his youkai speed and disappeared from in front his son and went straight for his mate. But, before his sword came down, Takahiro was already there to intercept the strike. With surprising force, Takahiro pushed his father back with a blast of youki.

Sesshoumaru landed on the other side of the dojo. He looked up and was amazed at what his son has done. He did not think it possible that at such an early age, Takahiro could be this powerful. Sesshoumaru flared his aura, letting it grow in power and attacked again. A barrier stopped his attack and pushed him back once more.

Sesshoumaru could not get by his son's strange fighting style no matter how hard he tried. When he saw that his pup was getting tired, he stopped the fight and walked over to his mate. "Mate, you have done a wonderful job in training him, but what is this fighting style that he is using? It's so effective that even I can't counter."

Kagome smiled at the praise she got from her mate. "Your Hiijiji taught me that fighting style and I promised to teach it to our children. In this way we will honor him."

Sesshoumaru was blown away by her response. He will have to get her to teach him this fighting style. It would not do for his son to defeat him in battle. Yes, his son was strong, but he had not used all of his power to defeat his pup. Sesshoumaru was still the most powerful and he wanted to keep it that way.

Next, Sesshoumaru tested his daughter's fighting skills. He found out quickly that she was as good as her brother. His mate had trained both pups well and that made Sesshoumaru come to the conclusion that his young were ready to be presented to the other Lords of the Lands.

For years now, the other lords have been demanding the ruling pair to present their pups. But, Kagome was not willing to do so because she prophesied that someone at the introductions would attack them. However, seeing that Takahiro and Ayako were more than capable of defending themselves, the couple made the decision to finally introduce their pups.

The date was set and the two ruling lords of the lands were invited to the Castle of the West to be introduced to the next generation of rulers.


Kagome was fit to be tied. She was a nervous wreck and could not stop planning counter steps should anything happen at the ceremony. Time passed quickly and before Kagome knew it, it was the day of the presentation. The time has come for her to go down with her pups to initiate them into the life they were born to. Kagome was proud of her pups and did not doubt that they could not defend themselves should the need arise.

Kagome gathered her pups and led them downstairs to the grand audience chambers. She stopped outside the doors. Anxiously, she looked at each pup and saw the smiles that they gave her. From those smiles, Kagome received strength. She knew she could not stall this day any longer. But, she hoped against hope that her premonition of the attack will not come true. Kagome nodded with a smile as the doors opened to the chamber that was crowded with youkai.

A hush came over the room as they entered. She noticed her mate making his way towards her. A slight sense of relieve washed over her knowing he was near. Her Otou-san and Oka-san were standing with the rest of the lords of the lands, gazing in her direction. It was too quiet for Kagome's taste, then she felt it, the hair on the back of her neck started to rise and before she could react to the threat, her son responded to it.

Two powerful blasts were sent their way, but Takahiro intercepted the attacks. He did not have his swords, but he did have his mother's powers. The pup made a sword out of his Reiyouku and destroyed the blast before they could hit his mother and sister.

Kagome placed a barrier around everyone to protect them, while her son went after the culprits that attacked.

Sesshoumaru growled, as he saw the attacks going toward his family. He saw his son save his mother and sister and go after the one's that attacked. Sesshoumaru leaped after Takahiro. He did not want him to kill the attackers because he wanted information and he was going to get it.

Takahiro had both youkai on the ground withering in pain as he cracked his knuckles readying his poison to kill them. He stopped when he heard his father say, "Do not kill them Takahiro. I want to find out who is behind this attack."

Takahiro lowered his hand, not wanting to disobey his father. Sesshoumaru nodded and the guards came forward and took the two Inu's prisoners. Then, Sesshoumaru turned to his son and said, "I'm proud of you for protecting your mother and sister. The females of our pack are our most prized possession. They are to be loved and protected at all cost. You have honored me by protecting them."

Takahiro has never heard such praise come from his father before. He felt proud that he did well to protect his mother and sister. They both turned and walked back to where Kagome and Ayako were standing. They noticed that both mother and daughter were encased in a powerful barrier that would allow no harm to come to them.

When Sesshoumaru was close enough, the barrier fell. He walked up to his mate and held her in his arms. He pulled away just slightly as he asked, "Are you hurt?"

Kagome smiled at her mate, "No, I'm not hurt, just a little shaken up that's all."

Sesshoumaru understood, he turned his attention to all in the room and announced, "I want to introduce my heirs, Takahiro my son and Ayako my daughter."

The whole room gasped when they noticed that the pups both had twin tails. There was no doubt that these were Sesshoumaru's pups. But, what they could not understand is why they were full blooded youkai instead of hanyou.

The room erupted into a buzz of whispers. Their guests were making presumption upon wilder presumption that in order to obtain youkai heirs, Sesshoumaru has bedded another. The incensed two-tailed Sesshoumaru stepped in the middle of the room and with a loud growl, said, "Kagome is capable of producing youkai pups. That's why they are full-blooded."

The room grew quiet again as Sesshoumaru lead his family to where his father was standing with the other lords. The other lords of the lands inclined their heads toward Kagome in respect. If they did not, they will definitely meet with their demise with Sesshoumaru, for not showing his mate respect.

Kagome inclined her head to them in greetings and stayed by her mate's side to listen to the conversations being carried. During the course of the evening, her pup's tails grabbed her hand, seeking comfort from her. Kagome, of course, bestowed her affection readily on them. They did what was required of them and stood silently. Even the twin's grandparents were very proud of the duo. From time to time, Ayashiko came to Kagome's side and took the pups off her hand's literally to give their mother a break.

At one point in the evening, Inutaisho could be seen walking around the room with a giggling Ayako in his arms. Ayashiko went to Takahiro and asked if he wanted to be carried by his grandmother around the room. But the two-tailed inu pup's face turned red as he shook his head rigorously.

When the party started to break up, Kagome excused herself to take her pups to bed. They were tired and she wanted to put them to bed. She walked away with her pups after wishing the other lords and ladies a good night.

Once Kagome had left, the Northern lord turned to Sesshoumaru, "You have definitely gotten yourself a good mate, Sesshoumaru. She is one of a kind and powerful. To think that a mire ningen could produce a youkai pup. That is truly amazing."

A growl was heard from Sesshoumaru as he said, "Yes, I am truly fortunate to have found Kagome. But she is more than you think. She will make sure that the youkai survive what the fates have in store for them. Only by living side by side with the ningens will we survive what is to come. If you should refuse her request, it will be your demise.

"I plan on leading our country into a future where our pups will grow free and happy. We have peace now, but the future is changing. We will have to stand strong together. Outside forces from foreigners will come here to change our ways, but we must hold true to our heritage."

The other lords took the warning that Sesshoumaru gave. They all have to bow to his rule for he was more powerful than the rest of them.


The years continue to pass, Kagome and Sesshoumaru kept the lands safe from all those that wished to destroy it. They fought together side by side and killed those that did not comply with their rule and would set the future of their lands in jeopardy.

The fate of the future of Japan did change. It was meant to change, that's why Kagome was sent back to the Heian era of Japan. They sent her back far enough to affect future generations of youkai if they were to survive what was to come. Ningens lived in harmony with youkai. Together they set the future of Japan to a prosperous one.

Youkai having a sagacious mind for business made them the perfect businessmen. Japan prospered under their care and became the leading nation in economics. They developed ways in which to save the environment and still keep pace with the growing population.

Kagome was blessed with two more pups during her life with Sesshoumaru. They were two more sons to help them manage the vast empire that her family accumulated over the centuries.

Inuyasha was given the Southern lands to rule as his own. Knowing that he will never rule over the West, he took the lands with pride. Ayashiko did not want to see him go, but she knew that he had to make a life for himself. She made him promise to visit and that she would go and see him whenever she could.

It was not until a century later that Inuyasha appeared in the Western lands and introduced the female that he wanted to mate to his parents. Her name was Shirori. She was a bat youkai with a very kind heart. She had the power to protect and to create strong barriers. She made a wonderful addition to their clan.

Shirori and Kagome got along wonderfully. They became close to each other and would talk for hours. The rules on how to choose a mate for the nobles was dissolved once Sesshoumaru took his rule. Though it was the way that he met his mate, it was not right to keep them apart until they fought for the mate they wanted.

The other ruling lords agreed to his decision after seeing how depressed their own pups were for not being able to choose the mate they really wanted. So, that's how Inuyasha was allowed to mate with his love. Together they ruled the South and kept it safe.


Sango's and Miroku's family also grew in numbers with the passing years. Their sons had each married powerful priestesses and continued to live near the Lord of the Lands. Miroku's promise made several centuries ago was still enforced by his sons, grandsons, and so forth. Each generation took the oath with pride. They had a rich life and one that was filled with happiness throughout the years. They protected the youkai Lord and his family and they wanted nothing in return.

Kagome watched each generation grow and prosper. Her sister's family grew large, some of them, having left the confines of the Western Castle to help the people of the lands. They settled around the area and some even moved to Edo and settled there. When the priestess Kaede finally passed away Kagome was heartbroken. She loved Kaede like her own baa-san and her death was hard to take.

One of Sango's great grand daughters went and settled in the village when the last remaining priestess died and there were no more to take her place. They wanted to make sure that the village had a priestess that will keep the peace in that area. Kagome would check on her from time to time and any problems she would have with the villagers it would be fixed when she stepped in.

After several centuries, the villagers were grateful for all that the Lady of the Lands has done for them. They built a shrine in her honor, not too far away from where the bone eaters well stood.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru went to see the new shrine. Kagome's eyes opened wide when she noticed that it was the shrine in which she grew up in. It needed a few more buildings added to the grounds but it was her home.

She spotted the well in the distance and walked over to it. Kagome stood by the rim and looked down into it. This was the place where she first emerged into this era and yet she could not return to her era when she tried to jump back in. It sadden her a bit, but then she remembered that her mother has not even been born yet. She took comfort in that thought as a powerful arm snaked its way around her waist to hold her close to a warm chest.

Sesshoumaru had seen his mate deep in thought, he was wondering what she was thinking about as he walked over to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his chest. His chest vibrated for a few minutes before he said, "Mate, what are you thinking about?"

Kagome leaned back into his arms as she took comfort from him. She sighed, "This is the well that brought me to this era. When I first came here, I had no idea where I was. The area was so clean and beautiful, like it is now. I tried to jump back into the well to see if it would take me back home but it wouldn't. The only thing that happened was that I hurt my pride. After realizing that I couldn't return, I decided to take a look around the area.

"I found the Goshinboku and it was younger here in this era. You see that tree still exists back home where I'm from. To see it here was a shock, I always knew that the tree was old but I could not determine its exact age, but I knew it was over a thousand years old. It seemed to me that I was wrong since its here but much younger.

"Then, I found the village of Edo and figured I was sent back to the past. There was not a lot of information on this era back home, so I observed the village from afar to see how they lived. Then the Oni's attacked the village and I had to help them. Kaede was not strong enough to purify the youkai.

"I lead them away from the village and fought them. Once all of them were killed, I turned my attention to your father. I detected his aura in the area but he didn't attack me. So I figured that he really didn't want to hurt me. But something was telling me that if I went with him, like he wanted me to, that there would be trouble.

"We fought and he won, because I was already weakened by the fight with the Oni's, that's how I got to your castle and met you."

Sesshoumaru was surprised. He never thought that's how she met his father. That time seemed like a lifetime ago and they were happily mated now for over 600 years.

Kagome stirred in his arms as she continued, "This shrine is the start of the Higurashi shrine, my home, in the future. This shrine along with a few others will be there in the future, where I grow up. It holds a lot of memories for me, both good and bad." She turned and wrapped her arms around her mate as she settled in his arms. She felt protected in his arms and never wanted to leave.

Sesshoumaru now understood why she was acting this way. He swore that he will protect her in the future and would make sure that she has a happy childhood. He could not stand to see her this way as he turned them around and started walking back to where his father was waiting for them. It was time to head back to the Western lands.


The years continued to pass. Kagome was able to tell them what was to come. They avoided a lot of the trouble that would have meant certain death for all of them. The wars that raged around them still happened but they kept the youkai safe from harm and they continued to prosper.

With Kagome's knowledge, they were able to buy into companies that were to make certain items, which were to be a hit in the future. They expanded their holdings by buying lands overseas like in Canada. They also purchased several islands that were near Japan which were for youkai use only. It was a place where they could go and live in peace if they so wished it, or take a break from the pressures of the modern world.

Kagome requested many years ago to never have her picture taken or for her identity to be known to the world at large. She explained that if they actually saw or had a picture of her, that her family here in Japan might recognize her and she didn't want that. She preferred to stay hidden until the day came and she was sent to the past.

Inutaisho understood her concerns as they agreed to her request. Kagome would never be seen and she was always protected when she went out into the public. For years now the media and new reporters wanted a picture of the heir's mate. They were doubtful that Sesshoumaru was mated and wanted proof of her existence.

Inutaisho would rebuff the allegations that were written and when they would print untruths about his son, he would go after them with a vengeance. They learned quickly not to print anything that was not true about the Western Canines.

They were the most powerful family in all of Japan and they were well respected for their kind hearts and for helping those in need.

But, that didn't stop the hordes of females that would show up trying to entice Sesshoumaru into mating with them. If anything, Sesshoumaru was very loyal to his mate as all inu youkai were to their females.

Often times Kagome would sit in front of the television and looked on as her mate dedicated a new building for under privileged children or a new wing to a hospital for the needy. She would watch, as the hordes of bitches would flaunt themselves in front of her mate. Slowly, her eyes turned red and her aura would crackle around her as her anger grew.

She would then take a calming breath to still herself. No one could take her mate away from her and she knew it. But, it didn't mean that she could not extract vengeance on the females that were trying to lure her mate away from her.

Kagome became very protective of her mate after all these years. As protective as he was, she was even worse. There have been countless times that she had to step in and protect her mate from the females that wanted to do him harm. His honor would not let him fight a female but she did not have a problem thrashing them around the area before she got rid of them.

Soon though, it would be time for Kagome's younger self to leave for the past. She had just been born and is now with her mother in the shrine. Kagome would go there from time to time just so she could see her mother. She saw how loving her mother was towards her, but then her father would show up and she saw nothing but loathing in his eyes. He did not want her as his daughter and it sadden Kagome deeply to see that he only despised and hated her.

She would leave with tears in her eyes as she went back home.


Sesshoumaru tried his best to keep his mate out of Japan while she was growing up not too far away from their current home. They have a mansion near the city of Tokyo, it was the biggest mansions in the area. Their castle was still in tact and was protected by a barrier that prevented anyone from seeing it. Only those that still lived there were allowed to pass through the barrier.

His mother played a big part in keeping his mate occupied while all this was happening.

Sesshoumaru got his mother to take Kagome to their home in Canada. He told her he needed her out of the country for a while so she would not be so depressed. He had followed his mate on several occasions and found out where her shrine was located. He spotted a woman with a small baby in her arms. The ningen onna looked a lot like his mate and he thought that this onna could be her mother.

He did some investigation and found out that this onna was her mother and he stayed in the area until he found out who her father was. Once he saw what he looked like and he had his scent, a plan started to form in Sesshoumaru's mind. His father informed him that he wanted to be involved with anything having to do with his demise.

They took turns watching from a distance at the way the ningen treated the young Kagome. Sesshoumaru couldn't believe just how much his beloved mate resembled their daughter when she was a child. They were identical to each other in every way except that their daughter was youkai.

At times it took all of Inutaisho's strength to hold back his son when he saw this ningen male hit Kagome for no reason. They saw how he mistreated her in her young life and now understood the suffering she went through as a pup. But even Inutaisho had a difficult time in restraining himself from running to his musume's rescue when he heard little Kagome screaming as her father beat her.

Sesshoumaru and Inutaisho came up with a plan that would eliminate the male from Kagome's life and allow her to live in peace once and for all.

They had the names of all the doctors that studied Kagome from the age of four. Some were gentle with her, but the others meant to do her harm. They wanted to see if they could program the mind into doing what they wanted. They often took children that were prodigies and treated them in this cruel manner. Those were the doctors that Inutaisho went after. They have no right being doctors when all they did was hurt children.

The doctors either met with their demise or their licenses were revoked so that they never practiced again. Inutaisho was ruthless when it came to his little one and he made sure that no one was ever treated that way again.

He developed programs that brought in all of these talented children and let them be creative with their ideas. He fueled their passions and they became wonderful adults that would later work for him in one of his many companies.


Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru were hiding in the trees near the shrine. They kept watch as the ningen male came out of the house and headed into town. Inutaisho gave a signal to several men that were waiting in the shadows to follow the ningen. They were on a mission and they knew who to collect.

The two men followed Kagome's father through the streets. They were dressed in black and blended in perfectly with their surrounding. It was night and only the low lives in the city were out during this time.

The two men followed their target and looked around the area. It was deserted, there was no one around that will witness what was about to happen. One of the men pulled out a sutra from within his jacket and chanted his spell. When he was ready he nodded to his partner as they got closer to their target.

Yakumo Higurashi was walking down his favorite street. He was heading toward his favorite bar to get his normal drinks for the night. He was just paid to have his daughter help these fools with their research. His life was perfect, as long as he had the little bitch to sell to these doctors for their work. Who would have thought that they would pay so well for a lab rat?

He continued walking down the street as he was approaching his favorite bar. He noticed that there were two men following him on the street. He didn't pay much attention to them until one of them came along side him and asked, "Excuse me but are you Yakumo Higurashi?"

He stopped as he looked at the man from top to bottom as he answered, "Yea my name is Yakumo Higurashi, what do you want?" Before he could even move a sutra was placed on his chest as the man next to him said, "Now you will come with us."

Yakumo obeyed his commands, the other man that was with the first, came to the other side of Yakumo and escorted him into an awaiting car. They shoved him into the car as it took off to an unknown destination. The car traveled outside the city and stopped only when they reached a secluded part of a forest.

The men got out of the car and escorted the ningen to the awaiting youkai. Once they arrived at their destination they both bowed, as one of them said, "Milord, this is Kagome's father, Yakumo Higurashi. No one noticed what we did nor did they see us leave with him."

Inutaisho nodded his approval of their work, "Very good, now take the sutra off him so that we may speak to him." The man in black did as ordered as he removed the sutra from Yakumo.

Yakumo came out of his dream like sleep as he saw two youkai standing in front of him. He has no idea who they are nor did he care. All he wanted was to get to the bar so he could drink the night away. He turned his attention to the youkai and said, "What do you want? Why have I been brought here?"

Inutaisho took a step forward and said, "You are Kagome's father are you not?"

Yakumo stood straight as he said, "Yea, I'm her father what of it?"

Before Yakumo knew what was going on he was smack across the face as he landed on the ground. He looked up at the youkai in front of him that now had blood red eyes. He spit on the ground to get rid of the taste of blood that was there, as he heard him say, "How does it feel to be slapped across the face? How does it feel to have blood in your mouth? This is the way your daughter feels every time you hit her for no reason."

Yakumo got up from the ground, his eyes turned hard as he spat, "What is it to you if I hit my daughter? She has to be disciplined into listening to the doctors. It's none of your business what I do with her. What gives you the right to interfere with what I do with my daughter?"

Sesshoumaru had enough as he rushed in and grabbed the ningen by the throat and raised him off the ground. "You have no idea what you are doing to her do you? You are not there at night when she screams in her sleep begging for you not to hurt her. You are not there when she wakes up from her nightmares, shaking in fear, for what you have done to her. You are not there when she cries herself to sleep at night because of the pain you have caused her throughout her life. You have a wonderful daughter and yet you don't care about her or her feelings."

Sesshoumaru let some of his poison seep out of his claws as it made contact with the ningens neck. He released him and let him fall to the ground as he withered in pain from his poison.

Inutaisho came to stand by his son as he continued, "Your pup has suffered much in her young life all because of you. She only seeks your approval of her, as your daughter. She tries hard to impress you but instead of protecting her you beat her for loving you.

"Many nights I had to hold her in my arms so she would quiet down from her fears. I love her with all my heart and she has filled an empty place that I thought would never be filled. She is the daughter that I never had and she will stay there for the rest of eternity.

"You on the other hand will never see her grow into a woman. Your life ends tonight for what you have done to her. But tell me ningen why do you not accept her?"

Yakumo was scared of these youkai, they meant to do him harm as they talked about his daughter. 'How do they know Kagome? She has not been anywhere and we have never seen these youkai before. So who are they?' Yakumo thought as he eyed the youkai.

"How is it that you know my daughter when she is only six years old? As far as I know we have never met." Yakumo asked with conviction in his voice.

Sesshoumaru was the one to answer as he said, "Your daughter will grow up to be a beautiful woman and a powerful one. About twelve years from now she will fall through a well that will take her back to the Heian period of Japan.

"There we will meet and she will become my mate. We have been with her for over a thousand years and we know the damage you did to her. She didn't want to love or trust in any man until she met my father. He showed her, what a true father was like, we had to work hard to get her to accept and live through all the pain you inflected on her.

"We are the ruling lords for Japan. Your daughter is my life mate and my queen that helps me rule. So you see even if you don't love your daughter, I love her and she has not gone without as long as I'm here to provide for her."

Yakumo's eyes opened wide as he said, "You are mated to my daughter? You are Sesshoumaru the Supreme Lord to the Lands?" Sesshoumaru nodded his head yes to his questions. "How dare you take my daughter as your mate without speaking to me first. You owe me for her and I intend to collect on it. You can have her for one million yen. She is worthless to me anyway, I wanted a son and my stupid bitch grants me a daughter as my heir."

Inutaisho grabbed his son, as he was about to attack the offending ningen for his words. "Sesshoumaru let me take care of him, that way if Kagome asks you if you had anything to do with his disappearance you can answer her with honesty that you didn't."

Sesshoumaru backed off knowing his father was right as he let him take care of the ningen for him. But he will see him die this night.

Inutaisho turned to the ningen and said, "You have no right to make any demands on us. Kagome was 18 when she came to us and according to her you were dead. So we are going to make that come to pass. You will never see your daughter grow into the young woman she will become."

Inutaisho was about to teach this man the meaning of pain. He was going to beat him the same way he beat his daughter only worse. He brought up his right hand as he put two fingers together. They started to glow a golden color as he lashed out and his golden whip made contact with the ningen.

Yakumo cried out in pain as a golden light made contact with his legs. He fell to his knee's as he looked at the youkai and screamed, "What the fuck was that for?"

Again Inutaisho flicked his wrist as his whip made contact with the ningens back this time. It ripped his jacked as his whip cut right through it and his shirt going directly to the skin that was being protected. He heard his question as he said in a deadly voice, "You are going to feel all the pain you have given your daughter. How does it feel to be helpless while someone is towering over you, beating you for no reason, other than they hate who you are?"

Yakumo cried out again as another whip mark hit his back. "You bastards! You have no right to do this to me! I can do whatever the fuck I want with the little bitch and you can't do anything about it!"

"Ah, that is where you are wrong, ningen. I am doing something about it and I'm enjoying hearing you cry out in pain with each flick of my wrist." Inutaisho continued striking the ningen on his back and legs in the same way he would beat his little one.

When the ningen was a withering mass of flesh on the ground he finally had his revenge on him for all the beatings he gave his daughter.

Yakumo was in a great deal of pain as he tried to get on his feet. He figured that if he could get up he would have a chance to attack them, while he got away from them. With them being the ruling youkai of the land he could get a lot of money for keeping his mouth shut about what they did to him. He finally made it to his feet as his eyes opened wide in fear.

Inutaisho let his claws grow as poison started to come out of the fingertips. Yakumo saw this and tried to run from the youkai. Inutaisho struck with his claws, as he let his poison go, there was nothing left of the person who used to be Yakumo Higurashi.

Inutaisho turned to the two men that were standing there watching as he said, "Make sure this mess is cleaned up, I don't want anyone to know what happened here tonight." Both men bowed deeply to their lord as they got to the task at hand and got rid of what was left of Yakumo.

Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru left the area, they were feeling good knowing that they have gotten rid of the one person that was causing the most pain in Kagome's life. They both knew that if they lived long enough to reach Kagome's era that they would be the one's to get rid of the ningen. He never cared about his daughter because she was not a male. They both shook their heads not really understanding why he couldn't accept her as his pup.


Finally the day came when Kagome knew that she would be heading to the past. Now it was time that the world knew who she really was. She has talked to her mother about what she was planning. They went shopping and they found the perfect dress for the gala that night. Ayashiko knew that Kagome needed this. She was about to put all those bitches in their places when she appeared next to her mate. She couldn't wait to see what will happen tonight.

Everything went as it usually did. Kagome would see her mate leave with his parents and she would stay at home, well not tonight. She had some servants help her get dressed and to do her hair. She then got her guards to get the limo and have it ready to take her to the gala. The servants were excited that their mistress was finally going to stand by her mate's side. It was about time that she did this. There has been tension between her and her mate because of her self-imposed exile from his side.

When they were done with her, she looked gorgeous in the outfit that she was wearing. She looked like the queen she was and she was ready to meet her king. The servants escorted her to the awaiting limo and wished her luck.

Kagome smiled as she got into the limo and took off to the gala. Ayashiko knew what to do since they talked. They will be waiting for her just inside the entrance to the gala and from there they will be together.

Kagome's limo arrived at the gala with plenty of time. Her guards made sure that no one got near her as they helped her out of the limo and then she walked into the hotel that was hosting the event.

Pictures were being snapped as everyone whispered, "Who is she? We have never seen her before in one of these events."

Kagome smiled inwardly. She knew that she was turning heads as she walked into the hotel. She stopped as she looked around the area. She was keeping her aura hidden so her mate did not see her just yet. She spotted them off to the side as she made her way towards him. She noticed a female youkai posturing in front of her mate trying to get him to take her on his arm for the night. This was the same bitch she has seen on the television, on numerous of occasions, and tonight Kagome would set the female straight about her mate.


Sesshoumaru and his parents arrived at the gala on time. Sesshoumaru always hated to come to these things without his mate. He wanted to stay home with her, but this was an event that he had to make an appearance. He needed the exposure for future products that his company was in the process of selling. If anything, this was the perfect place to meet the top executives of the most prestigious companies of Japan. Even though he and his father had the biggest companies, they still had to deal with others.

There were standing at the main entrance of the hotel as they waited for everything to get started, so the people could be seated for dinner.

Sesshoumaru groaned when he noticed the female inu that was approaching him. He had several confrontations with her in the past and he just wanted to be left alone. She was not even beautiful compared to his mate.

She was tall and slender and didn't have that many curves. She had dark brown hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black form fitting dress that didn't look good on her at all. He snorted when she stopped in front of him and said, "Good evening Sesshoumaru, fancy meeting you here, I was wondering if you would do me the honor of escorting me this night?"

Sesshoumaru was about to reply to the bitch when he heard someone say, "I'm afraid not, he is already escorting me to the gala, so go find yourself someone else to sponge off."

He knew that voice as he turned and saw his mate standing there next to him. She was beautifully dressed in a black evening dress that came down to the floor. It had a slit up both sides of her beautiful legs and it stopped just short of her thighs. The dress was cut low to show her beautiful milky skin between her breasts. She had on a shawl that covered what was his as he growled at her and wrapped his arm around her waist in a possessive manner.

The demoness that was standing in front of Sesshoumaru growled and said, "And who are you to tell me to go away? I saw him first so it's you that needs to leave." She flexed her claws at Kagome trying to scare the ningen away from her intended.

Kagome, up to this point was hiding her aura. When she released it the markings on her forehead was revealed. The entire room went quiet as she said loud enough for everyone to hear, "Who am I? Well, I'm his mate of course and I do not take kindly to bitches like you telling me what they want to do with my mate. Now leave before I teach you a lesson for thinking that I will leave my mate to someone like you."

The demoness took a step back when she noticed the crescent moon on Kagome's forehead. The blue teardrop on her forehead was glowing with power as her aura spiked in the room. She backed away from her as she bowed in respect and said, "Please forgive me milady, I thought that the rumors of him being mated were false. I didn't know that he was actually mated to you."

"Well know this, I stand by my mate and whoever wants to challenge me for him then they are more than welcome to try and defeat me, but I will guarantee that you will die by my hand." Kagome spoke with command in her voice as the demoness left the area very quickly. Then she felt a nip on her neck as she calmed and turned to her mate.

Sesshoumaru had no idea that his mate was coming to the gala. She certainly put every demoness in the area in their place when her aura flared around her body. Everyone that was standing around them took a step away as the confrontation started. There were whispers going around the area about the female that was on Sesshoumaru's arm for that night. She was the most powerful female in the area and they were giving her the respect that she earned.

They all noticed the crescent moon on her forehead and knew that this must be Sesshoumaru's mate. They have never seen her before this night and they didn't blame him for keeping her hidden. She was beautiful and the way he was holding on to her told of his love for her.

Sesshoumaru turned to his mate and asked, "Kagome, why didn't you tell me that you wanted to come to the gala tonight? I would have preferred to escort you instead of you coming by yourself."

Kagome smiled as she said, "If we came here together then all those photographers outside would have taken my picture with you. This way they saw you enter and then they saw me enter. They have no idea that I'm your mate at least for a little while. I do hope that they don't let them in here to take pictures. I would prefer to spend the evening with you in some semblance of peace before we go home and they catch us."

Sesshoumaru growled as he kissed her. He was happy that she was by his side once more. He missed her at his side whenever he had to go to these functions. He turned to his parents and saw them smiling at him. 'They knew that she was coming to this gala tonight and they didn't tell me.' He thought as he growled at his parents for keeping this a secret from him.

Inutaisho just shrugged his shoulders at his son. He had no idea that his little one was coming to the gala. He looked at his mate and saw the gleam in her eyes. Yes, the females of his pack still conspire with each other to pull something like this off. Throughout the years they have been able to surprise them with anything, without the males knowing about what was going on.

Once everything started to calm down, everyone started to approach Sesshoumaru for a chance to meet his mate. They talked business and made deals prior to the start of the gala.

Sesshoumaru was very happy, he got all the deals that he wanted because his mate was now by his side. The doors to the dining hall opened as they all walked in and looked for their table.

Once the meal was done the music started as Inutaisho and his mate got up to dance. Sesshoumaru held out his hand to his mate as she accepted and went to the dance floor with her mate. They enjoyed their time together as they dance the night away.

Soon it was time to leave as they all headed for the door. There standing in front of the hotel, were the photographers and newspaper reporters, waiting for them. Kagome was a little scared at all the attention that she was bringing upon herself. She didn't expect this much attention when she showed up at the gala.

When she arrived here this evening there were not that many reporters outside taking pictures, now there seemed to be hordes of them waiting.

Word reached the photographers that the Sesshoumaru's mate has appeared inside for the gala. The reporters upon hearing this tried to get into the building, but were stopped by security. None of them were permitted to enter the building as they were told to leave.

The reporters sent messages to every single newspaper in town that the mate of Sesshoumaru was in attendance at the gala. They arrived by the carloads as they waited patiently for them to leave the gala that night.

Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru stood there, as they saw all the reporters standing outside waiting for them to leave. Inutaisho pulled out his cell phone, dialing a number, he got some of his security people to come and push the nosy reporters away from the door.

It didn't take long for the youkai security to arrive and push the reporters out of the way. There was a wall of youkai on both sides of the steps as the limo doors were opened and waiting for them.

Each male took their female and held them firmly around their waist as they exited the building and made their way quickly to the limo. They quickly entered the car as they closed the doors and it took off heading back home. It was the most enjoyable night that Sesshoumaru ever had in one of these events and he had his mate to thank for it.

They finally made it home as their mates went up to bed. Inutaisho spotted some of his spies off to the side and said to his mate that he will be up in a minute. Sesshoumaru having heard what his sire said went with him to see what was wrong.

They entered their study, the two spies kneeled in front of them, as one of them said, "Milord, we witnessed a building appear on the Higurashi shrine. It appeared out of nowhere as we watched what was going to happen.

"A ningen onna, dressed in low cut grey sweat pants and a short white t-shirt came to the shrine and noticed the building. There was a glow coming from the building and she went to investigate. She was only in the building for a few minutes when the light inside the building exploded and then the building was gone.

"The mother came home shortly after that and then the police showed up at the shrine. They reported the daughter missing from their home as they looked around the area for her. The dogs they had kept going to the area where the building appeared and then vanished. Their handlers thought that it was strange and just pulled the dogs away from the area.

"The mother came out later tonight as she went to the Goshinboku, she placed her hand on the tree and asked it to protect her daughter. Then she left to go back inside her house. We left the area soon after and came back here to report to you milord."

Inutaisho looked at his son as he said to his spies, "Thank you for the information. You do not have to go out there any more. You have both earned a good rest and you will be well rewarded for your efforts. Speak of this to no one, understand?"

Both spies nodded their heads in understanding as they left the library and went home. They were tired and wanted to get some rest.

Inutaisho waited until the spies were gone as he turned to his son and said, "That explains why Kagome went to the gala. Today was the day she left to go back to the past. She is now free to come out of hiding and live her life."

Sesshoumaru understood what his father was saying. His mate was now free to do as she pleased. He smiled as he growled and went upstairs to his mate. He needed some attention from his mate for everything she put him through this night. She was a breath of fresh air and made the gala a tolerable event for him. Now that she was free to do as she pleased, she will be able to go anywhere she wanted to go.

Sesshoumaru made his way upstairs as his father followed closely behind him. He too wanted to speak to his mate about keeping secrets from him. She should have at least told him about what was going on so he wouldn't be in the dark about things.


The next morning Asami sat down to drink some coffee. She was still upset at having her daughter missing. They searched everywhere for her but they have yet to find her. She opened the newspaper and was shocked to see a picture of her daughter on the front page.

The headline read, "Could this be Sesshoumaru's mate?" Below the headline was a picture of her daughter beautifully dressed in a long black evening dress as she attended a gala last night at one of the fanciest hotels in the area. She read the article that went along with the picture and she was shocked to read what it had to say.

Asami put the paper on the table as she went to get dressed. She had to find out if this was her daughter or did this girl just resembled her daughter. The only way to find out was to go to the mansion where the Supreme Lord lived and ask to see his mate.

She got dressed and then told her father where she was going and why. She asked him to look after Souta until she returned. Asami headed out the door and made her way to the mansion where she believed her daughter was located.


Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru were the first to make it downstairs to breakfast. Their mates will be down in a minute and that gave them time to read the paper before they showed up. As soon as both of them opened the paper, they saw Kagome's picture on the front page with the headlines saying, "Is this Sesshoumaru's Mate?"

Father and son looked up from the paper and paled. They did not know how they were going to tell Kagome about this. Just then, one of the servants came into the dining hall and said, "Excuse me milord but there is a ningen onna that is asking to see Lady Kagome. She says that she is her mother and wants to see her."

Inutaisho took a deep breath as he said, "Escort the onna into my study and tell her to wait in there. We will be there shortly." The servant bowed and left the dining hall in a hurry to carry out his orders.

Kagome and Ayashiko finally made it down stairs to eat with their mates. When they walked into the dining room, they noticed right away that something was wrong as they could feel the anxiety in the air.

Kagome was the first to speak as she asked, "Sesshoumaru, what's wrong?"

Sesshoumaru looked at his mate as he said, "I think that you will want to see this."

Kagome walked over to her mate, she took the paper out of his hand and opened it. Her eyes went wide when she saw her picture in the paper along with the caption. She quickly read the story that went along with the picture and had to sit down.

Ayashiko went over to her mate and grabbed the paper and started to read what it said. She turned to her pup and said, "Well, they really don't know for sure that you are his mate. They are making speculations that you are his mate."

Inutaisho cleared his throat, "Kagome, there is someone here that is asking to see you. She says that she is your mother."

Kagome looked at her hands as she started to shake. Tears were coming from her eyes as she said, "I'm sorry, I should have never gone to the gala last night and just stayed hidden from the world. All I wanted to do was stand by my mate the way I was meant to. I have been gone from his side for so long that all those bitches were trying to take what is mine. Now I made a mess out of everything and I don't know how to fix it."

Sesshoumaru kneeled next to his mate as he wrapped his arms around her. He held her tightly in his arms and said, "Mate, I'm not ashamed of you. I was happy that you went to the gala last night. It was the first time in a long time that I truly had fun at one of those affairs. What is done is done. Now we must take care of what comes next. The first thing we need to do is go see this onna and see if she is your mother."

Kagome nodded her consent as she dried her eyes and stood. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arm around her waist as they left the dining room to go and see this woman.


Asami was sitting in the study waiting to see if this woman was her daughter. She was nervous because if she was wrong, she was making a fool out of herself. She heard some footsteps coming her way as she stood and faced the door. The door slowly opened and the Supreme Lord of the Lands stepped inside the room with a young female tucked against his side. There were two other youkai that came into the room with him. They looked a lot like the Supreme Lord as she waited for the girl to raise her head so she could see her.

Sesshoumaru entered the room with his mate. She had her head down hiding her face from the onna that was there. His parents followed after him as they closed the door behind them so they could talk in private.

Sesshoumaru looked at the onna standing in front of him as he said, "I am Sesshoumaru, and this is my mate. We were told that you wanted to speak with her."

Asami swallowed hard as she said, "Yes, I did want to speak to your mate. In the paper this morning there is a picture of a girl that looks like my daughter. She has gone missing and I have been searching for her. I wanted to know if your mate is my daughter."

Sesshoumaru tilted his head to the side and said, "If she is your daughter what will you do?"

Asami was beside herself as she answered, "I want her back home where she belongs. I never gave my permission for her to be mated to anyone."

Kagome went stiff next to her mate. No one was going to separate her from the one person who has loved and protected her all these centuries. She lifted her head as she looked at her mother.

Asami's eyes went wide as she saw her daughter standing next to the Supreme Lord. She tried to go to her but she was stopped by what her daughter said to her. "Mother, let me tell you right now that I will not be going home with you. Yes, you see me standing here before you but the Kagome that you knew died a long time ago."

Asami paled as she asked, "Kagome, what do you mean? I just saw you yesterday morning before you went to the dojo to train the children. I came home and you were gone. I have been worried sick about you. You will come with me when I leave young lady, and I don't want to hear anymore of your lies."

Three growls were heard in the study as she just insulted the Supreme Lord and his family.

Kagome held up her hand to stop anything from happening, as she stepped away from her mate to face her mother. Sesshoumaru didn't want to let go of her, but the gentle pat of her hand on his reassured him that she will be all right. He let her go, reluctantly.

Kagome gestured to her mother to sit in one of the many seats in the study as she sat facing her, her mate sat to her left, Inutaisho and Ayashiko sat in another pair of chairs. "Mother, before I get started I would like to introduce you to Lord Inutaisho and his mate Lady Ayashiko, they are Sesshoumaru's parents and you will show your respect."

Asami was about to say something when her daughter cut her off, "Mother, disrespect them and it will be the last thing you will ever do. They are above you in everyway, they are royalty and you are not. I am Sesshoumaru's mate and that means I rule these lands with them. So, if anything, if you disrespect them, you are disrespecting me and my laws for these lands where youkai and ningen live together in peace."

Asami did not like it, but she kept her mouth shut as she let her daughter have her say. But, when she was done, Asami was going to make sure that Kagome went home with her whether she liked it or not.

Now Kagome had control over what was going to be said. She grabbed her mate's hand for comfort as she felt him squeeze her hand back. She looked up at her mother as she started her long story on what happened to her yesterday. She explained everything that she has been through and her life with her mate. The children that she gave birth to, and the ones that she was planning on having in the future.

Asami listened to her daughter as she told her story. She was amazed at what her daughter has done during her life and here she sits next to the youkai that is her mate for all eternity. "So, what you are telling me is that you went back about a thousand years to the past to set things right. That would mean that you are over a thousand years old! How can you live for so long and still look the same as you did yesterday?"

Kagome smiled as she said, "When I mated with Sesshoumaru my life span was extended to match his. I will continue to share his life span for the rest of our life together and even in the after life. We are tied together and I have found the one that I was supposed to be with. I had to go back a thousand years to find him, but he is my soul mate and I will not leave him."

Asami had enough of what her daughter was saying that she will not leave the youkai sitting next to her. "Kagome, I understand that you have been through a lot, and what you have told me is hard to believe. Now I want to go home and you are going to come with me. I will hear no more nonsense from you young lady."

Kagome stood up as she walked away from everyone in the room, her anger flared as she let her powers go. She transformed into her true form as she turned to her mother and said, "No mother, I'm not leaving here. This is my home, this is now my family and I will not leave them. They have taken care of me for over a thousand years where you and father failed in that responsibility. You let father abuse me and you knew what he was doing to me.

"I didn't want to think that you knew. I thought that he was doing all of this behind your back. But, you willingly left me in the house with him so he could punish me."

Asami rose to her feet as she faced her daughter, she needed to explain, "Kagome, it was not that way at all, you don't understand."

Kagome cut her mother off as she continued, "Oh, I don't understand. Hmm, let's see, with both my past self and current self in the same time period I was able to observe what went on in my life. I watched you on a daily basis to see why you never helped me when he was hurting me.

"You let baa-san get hurt by him and then kept her injuries a secret and she passed away. I saw it all. You lied for him and there was nothing I could do to prevent her death because she wanted to help me.

"You continued to let him hurt me because you are just like him and wanted the money that the doctors were giving to our family. I'm not a fool mother, I saw everything and yet you sit there telling me that I have to go back home. Over my dead body! I will never go back to that life when the one I have here is much better than that old life.

"If you even think that you are going to go to the reporters with this, think again. If you do go to them then I will expose you for what you are. You pretend to be a loving mother, but your not. You are no better than that so called father of mine and you don't give a damn about me."

Kagome's aura flared even more as her wings spread and took up the full length of the room. She was angry beyond belief. Sesshoumaru thought that even he could not calm her from her rage this time. She had to learn how to deal with her emotions and come to terms with them.

Asami didn't know that her daughter knew about what happened to her or her going along with her husband to sell her for experiments. Kagome was right, she let her father punish Kagome for not listening to the doctors. But, she made him promise to do it when she was not at home. She did not want her daughter to think that she was in agreement with him.

Asami noticed as her daughter's powers flare even more, becoming even stronger. Kagome spread her wings even more and looked like a goddess that has just been insulted. Asami got scared that her daughter would do something to her as she took a step back from her in fear.

Sesshoumaru could not allow his mate kill her own mother. He got up and cautiously approached his mate. He walked slowly towards her and gently called out her name, "Kagome." He saw her eyes turn towards him; they were white from her anger. He continued to walk to her as his Inner Inu purred to calm her. He has not had to do this in a long time as his purrs rose and lowered to comfort her.

He finally reached her and pulled her into his chest, while he wrapped his arms around her. He held her as she started to calm down from her anger. Slowly, Kagome's powers started to go down as she calmed. Her wings reseeded back and faded away. She went limp in his arms as he picked her up and held her against his chest to soothe her.

Asami watched everything that was happening. This male was able to calm her daughter as her powers went back down. She took a step towards him to get her daughter when a vicious growl came from the male. She stopped as a series of other growls came from him that she couldn't understand.

Sesshoumaru was speaking to his father as he held Kagome in his arms. 'Father, I cannot permit this onna to take my mate. I want you to wipe her memory of Kagome and then send someone out to the shrine to do the same to the rest of her family. In this way we will be able to protect her from the pain that she has suffered at their hands.'

Inutaisho understood what his son was saying. 'It will be done my son.'

Sesshoumaru then turned to the onna that was Kagome's mother. His eyes had turned white as his beast came forth to calm their mate. When he spoke it was with a voice of authority. "You will never speak to her in such a way again. She is my mate and as my mate she is above you. You must bow down to her and her will. You will not take her away from me when we have been bonded for over a thousand years. To do so would kill her. But worry not she will be well taken care of and you will have no memory of her being your daughter."

With that Inutaisho moved with speed as he pressed the spot behind Asumi neck and she fell unconscious in his arms. He put her in the chair as he turned to his son and said, "I will take care of what needs to be done. From what I know, the only one's that knows about Kagome is her Jii-san and her brother. The rest of the family has not been made aware of her existence. Her father was so ashamed that she was not a male that they never announced her birth to them."

Sesshoumaru nodded his agreement to his father as he turned and went upstairs to his room. His mate needed to rest and he will not leave her for the rest of the day.

Inutaisho turned to the business at hand as he put the palm of his hand on Asami's forehead and got rid of all her memories of Kagome. He turned to his mate and nodded. Ayashiko understood what he wanted. She walked out of the study as she told someone to bring the limo around the back.

The back of the mansion was heavily guarded against intruders and no one will see them taking the ningen onna from their home. Inutaisho picked up the onna and headed towards the back door. His mate was following behind him as they both got in and had the driver take them to the shrine.

Once they got there, both Inutaisho and Ayashiko walked up the long stairs to the shrine. They looked around the area and spotted no one on the shrine grounds. They went up to the house and noticed that no one was up or moving inside the house. It was still early in the morning so maybe the old man and the boy were still asleep inside.

They opened the front door and quietly walked into the house. Inutaisho noticed that an older looking ningen was asleep on a chair staring at the television. He turned to his mate as he quietly whispered, "Mate, go see if you can find Kagome's brother and erase his memory of his sister." Ayashiko agreed and headed upstairs where she heard the gentle snores of the young ningen.

Inutaisho moved into the living room and put the palm of his hand on the elder ningens forehead and erased his memory of his little one. Inutaisho hated to do this, but he had no other choice. They had to protect Kagome and that's what they will do. He pulled his hand away from the old one as he continued to sleep.

Inutaisho stood on his feet and walked into the hallway looking for his mate. He saw her coming down the stairs. Softly, he whispered, "Did you find the boy?" Ayashiko nodded as they both walked out of the house and down to the limo. They got Kagome's mother out of the limo and brought her up to the shrine, they knocked on the door as the old one opened it a few minutes later.

The elder ningen surprise was evident on his face as Inutaisho said, "Excuse us, but we found this onna on the street where she fainted, her identification says she lives here, is this true?"

Jii-san eyes opened wide as he looked at his daughter and said, "Asami, what happened to you?" He then turned his eyes to the youkai in front of him as he said, "Please, bring her inside and lay her on the couch."

Inutaisho agreed to his request as he walked into the house and laid Asami on the couch. She started to come around as Inutaisho waited to see if she remembered anything that happened earlier this morning.

Asami slowly opened her eyes as she saw that she was home. She looked around and saw some youkais standing there looking at her. Once the male saw that she was awake, asked, "Are you all right now?"

Asami sat up on the couch and answered, "Yes, I'm fine, but what happened?"

Inutaisho looked at his mate as he answered, "We were driving by when we noticed that you fainted. We looked in your purse and found out where you lived and brought you home. Are you sure that you are feeling alright? We could take you to the hospital if you are not feeling well."

Asami rubbed her forehead as she said, "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for bringing me home. I have no idea what came over me to faint in the middle of the street. I was on my way to the market and I must have passed out."

Inutaisho stood as he said, "Very well then, if you are feeling better then we will be on our way. Have a good day."

Inutaisho took his mate and then left. He felt sorry for his little one. When they walked in to get rid of everyone's memory, he saw that there were no pictures of Kagome in the entire house. It was a shame that they would think so little of her as to not have pictures of their own daughter. They had plenty of the boy, but none of Kagome.

They got back in the limo and went back home. Inutaisho and Ayashiko went and checked on Kagome, but she was still asleep with Sesshoumaru wrapped tightly around her small form. They left them alone until his little one woke from her sleep.


Kagome started to wake up. She remembered that her real mother had come to the mansion and she panicked. She started to get up from her bed when she felt a tightening of arms around her body. She struggled to get free, but a gentle purr calmed her down as she settled in her mates embrace.

Sesshoumaru noticed when Kagome woke up from her sleep. She was trying to leave their bed as he held on tighter and purred to sooth her. When she calmed, he asked, "Kagome where are you going? You are not in any danger and no one will take you away from me."

Kagome listened to what her mate was saying as she said, "But, my mother will make trouble for us. She will come back for me."

Sesshoumaru purred and said, "No, Kagome, your mother will not come after you or cause anymore problems for you."

Kagome was confused as she asked, "Why?"

Sesshoumaru did not know how she will take his news as he said, "We have taken care of her." Sesshoumaru felt his mate start to panic, as he continued, "No mate, we didn't harm her in any way. We knew that you will be upset if we did. We just took her memories of you away from her. She doesn't remember that she ever had a daughter."

Kagome was shocked as she heard what her mate said. 'She doesn't remember that she gave birth to me?' Kagome rolled over to face her mate as she asked, "She doesn't remember me any more?"

Sesshoumaru kissed her forehead as he replied, "No mate, she does not have any memories of you nor does the rest of your family. We knew that your parents never announced your birth to the rest of your family. Your father was ashamed that you were not a male, so he never told anyone of your birth. There were no pictures of you in your house only of your brother. We thought it best that we did this to protect you.

"From what you said, while we were in the study, your mother hurt you just as bad as your father. I didn't know that you were following around your birth parents. That could have been dangerous for you."

Kagome didn't realize that her mate and his family did this to protect her. Yes, her mother was just as bad as her father. She realized that her own mother did not care for her as much as she thought she did. She has received more love from her mate's family than she did from her own family.

Kagome brought her arms around her mate's chest and buried her face into his chest. It was a hard thing to learn that your own mother disowned you because you were not a male when you were born. Kagome cried, she cried because of all the people to love her it was his family that showed her what it was like to be loved and cherished.

Sesshoumaru continued to hold his mate and comfort her. He knew she was upset to hear this but it had to be said. He loved her very deeply and did not want her to be hurt ever again. He got an idea and said, "Mate, if you are up to it how about you get dressed and we go out to dinner just the two of us."

Kagome heard her mate's request as she said, "Yes, I think that I would like that very much Sesshoumaru. Are you sure that you just want to be with me tonight? You don't want to invite your parents?"

Sesshoumaru got an evil gleam in his eyes as he said, "No, mate I don't want my parents to come along with us. I just want us to go out and have a good time, just the two of us."

Kagome was happy to hear this. She didn't think that he wanted to go out alone, just the two of them. She wondered what Sesshoumaru had planned as she let go of him and he got out of bed and headed out the door.

Kagome sighed as she went to take a bath. Her life was all messed up and the only thing that was steady in her life was her mate. She never doubted that he loved her nor did she doubt that his parents loved her. She wondered, why couldn't her real parents love her as they loved her? These were the questions that were running through her mind while she bathed.


Sesshoumaru walked out of his room and went in search of his mother. She always had good ideas on what he could do to make his mate happy. He found his mother along with his father in the sitting room as they were reading a book. He walked in and approached his mother, "Mother, do you know of a good restaurant that I can take Kagome to and have it be a romantic dinner?"

Ayashiko put down her book as she thought about his question, then she got an idea as she said, "You could take her to that the fancy French restaurant downtown. I have heard that the food is wonderful and it has a very relaxing atmosphere. I think that Kagome will enjoy going there."

Sesshoumaru thought about what his mother recommended, "I believe that this place will be acceptable. I want to take her to a place where she will enjoy herself and not think about what happened today. She has come to terms with it, but she feels so betrayed by her own parents. I want to take her out so she can start living her life again."

Ayashiko understood what her son was saying as she said, "Fine, I can call the restaurant and make reservations for you." Sesshoumaru agreed as he left his parents and went back upstairs. He knew that his mate was bathing and wanted to join her before they left for the evening.

Sesshoumaru and Kagome left the mansion a couple of hours later. They got into the limousine and the driver took them to the French restaurant that was located downtown. When they arrived, Kagome was amazed at the way the restaurant looked. It had the feel of a real French restaurant like those in France. It had low lighting that gave it a soothing feeling. They took them to a secluded part of the restaurant where they were seated at a table for two. There was a candle lit on the table for them as they ordered their meals and drinks.

Kagome could not help but feel happy that her mate took her to such a romantic place. She liked this restaurant and she would love to come back in the future.

The waiters brought out each of their courses once the couple were done with the first. Sesshoumaru and Kagome sat and talked for the longest time. It had been so long since they really had a conversation that did not involve politics or work. Kagome felt like a teenager again as she looked at her mate with love in her eyes. This dinner was rekindling her love for her mate, and she wanted nothing more than to be by his side.

By the time the couple finished their dinner the final surprise of the evening came. There on a plate was a single red rose. Sesshoumaru picked it up and gave it to his mate. Kagome was shocked. Her mate has never given her a rose as a present before.

It smelled heavenly as she heard him say, "Kagome you are the love of my life. I love you more than life itself. This rose represents everything that we have together. It intertwines within itself, just like our life together, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. You being my mate was destined to be. I will never give you up to anyone. I love you Kagome." He then leaned over and kissed her with such passion that it took her breath away.

Kagome's cheeks flushed a bright red as she heard her mate's undying love for her. Her heart beat faster with each word he spoke, when he was done he kissed her, it was like he was kissing her for the first time in her life. She loved this youkai, he was the love of her life and she was happy to be with him.

They paid their bill and then left the restaurant. But, the moment they stepped outside the restaurant the reporters were there with their cameras flashing. They took them by surprise as Sesshoumaru let out a feral growl from his chest, which meant death to anyone that got near his mate. They could not go out and have a meal together without the reporters having to be around them.

Kagome had enough as she flared her aura and destroyed all the cameras they were using to take pictures of her and her mate. Their limo arrived just in time as they got in and went back home.

Kagome was still clutching her rose in her hand as the thorns pierced the palm of her hand. Sesshoumaru picked up the scent of her blood as he panicked and looked to see where she was hurt. He opened her hand and noticed where the thorns had embedded themselves into her skin. He grabbed the thorns with his claws and pulled them out gently. Once they were out, he then licked her wounds to close them so they would not get infected.

Kagome smiled at her mate for what he was doing for her. He always took care of her no matter what. But, she knew that they will have to do something about the reporters before someone gets killed.

They arrived back at the mansion. If it had not been for the reporters the night would have been perfect. They went upstairs to their room and retired for the night. They were both exhausted as they fell asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning both Kagome and Sesshoumaru came down to breakfast. They met their parents there as they all sat down to eat. Once the meal was done, Kagome broke the silence and stated, "We need to do something about the reporters that keep showing up wherever Sesshoumaru and I go. I'm afraid that someone is going to get hurt if they do something that angers Sesshoumaru's inner inu. I was able to stop him last night, but if he ever gets out of control while he is protecting me, I will be unable to stop him."

Inutaisho and Ayashiko looked at their son so he could explain. Sesshoumaru seeing that his parents wanted an explanation, proceeded to tell them what happened. The good thing was they never got a picture of the two of them, because Kagome had destroyed the cameras.

"We are going to have to call a news conference and have them all in one place so we can introduce Kagome as Sesshoumaru's mate. I don't see any way out of this. If we don't present her they will be following you two around until we do. The problem is, what do we tell them about Kagome's origins?" asked Inutaisho as he eyed his pups.

Kagome looked up from her plate and said, "We can tell them the truth." Her mate interrupted her as he said, "Kagome, we can't tell them that you come from this era and somehow managed to travel back to the past. They will think that we are crazy."

Kagome sighed as she said, "Mate, let me finish what I was saying. I said we could tell them the truth; say that my mother was Midoriko and that I was born over a thousand years ago. I am a powerful miko and it is a proven fact that a powerful miko can mate a youkai and live as long as they do. Plus, if we don't tell them that how are we going to explain our pups? I will never deny my pups for anyone."

Sesshoumaru finished listening to his mate and she did have a good idea. They could say that she was Midoriko's child and that they mated a long time ago. They could never deny their pups and this will get rid of the reporters once and for all. "I agree with Kagome. I suggest that we tell them the truth that she is Midoriko's daughter and that we mated over a thousand years ago. This way we can get rid of these troublesome reporters."

Inutaisho agreed as he had someone set up the meeting so all those reporters could get their story and leave his pups alone. He did not want to explain why his son killed one of the reporters because they got too close to his mate.

A few days later a news conference was set up for all the news media's in the city. The story was so big that reporters from foreign countries sent their reporters to cover this event. There were thousands of cameras that where set up in the area to take pictures of Sesshoumaru's mate. Every single news station cut off their normal programming to air this news live.

Kagome was nervous as hell. She was pacing the room they were in while Ayashiko tried to calm her pup down. She knew that if Kagome didn't calm down she would let go of her powers and they did not need that.

Ayashiko heard as the reporters all quieted down, and her mate began the news conference.

Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru were standing on a stage, scanning the area. They were looking for threats to their mates and when they did not find any Inutaisho approached the microphones and began to speak, "Good evening everyone. I have called you all here today to introduce my son's mate, Kagome. I am aware that you all have been following them around trying to get pictures of Kagome. Once this news conference is over with, you will not follow them again. If you do, we will not be held responsible if Sesshoumaru's beast takes over to protect his mate.

"It is a part of all youkai to protect their life mates. We do have control over our beast, but when you endanger our mates, they will come free of our control and they will attack with the intent to kill. Now if you will all stay quiet, I will bring Kagome out here to meet you all."

Ayashiko heard her queue, grabbing her pup, as she walked out of the room. She saw her son walking over to her as she silently said her thanks. Kagome needed her mate right now to calm her before she walked out there.

Sesshoumaru seeing that his mother was having a hard time with his mate went over to get her. As soon as he wrapped his arm around her waist, Kagome calmed down as she walked next to him. He led his mate right next to his father and announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure of introducing Kagome, mate to the Supreme Lord of the Lands, and reining queen of all Japan."

There was a silence in the room as everyone got a good look at Kagome. She didn't look more than 24 years old and they could not believe that she was the one that was mated to Sesshoumaru.

One of the reporters was bold enough to stand up and say, "Are you telling us that this woman is the life mate of Lord Sesshoumaru? She can't be more than 24 years old, how could she be his mate?"

Talk started going around the area as they were all taking this presentation as a joke. There is no way this woman could be Sesshoumaru's mate. She would have to be over a thousand years old.

Kagome temper was growing as she stepped up to the microphone and started to speak, "Why do you think that I cannot be Sesshoumaru's mate? Is it because I look young? Well then I must thank you for the compliment. But, in truth I am Sesshoumaru's mate, and I am over a thousand years old."

Everyone started to talk all at once, they could not believe that she was Sesshoumaru's mate. They heard one reporter yell, "How can you be over a thousand years old? You look to be around 24 to me!"

Kagome chuckled as she answered, "My mother was Midoriko." There was a dead silence that came over the place as Kagome continued, "It was an arrangement that was made between our parents. I was betrothed to Sesshoumaru when we were young. My mother Midoriko made sure that I was taken care of before her death. Only a powerful miko can mate with a youkai and have a true-life bond. Plus, it helped that he was my soul mate and when we mated, my life was tied to his."

When Kagome finished there were whispers going around saying there was no way she was a powerful miko. Kagome turned her eyes towards the person that was saying that, as she said, "Why do you think that I'm not powerful? Because I don't let you see my aura or flash my powers you think that I'm weak? You are truly fools if you think that. Never judge your opponent by what you see, looks can be deceiving and it could be your death."

The person that said that comment swallowed hard as kept his mouth shut. But the rest of the crowd did no such thing until she proved that she was powerful. Their chatter continued to grow, and Kagome could not even hear herself think. Kagome had enough as she let go of her powers, transforming into her true form. She had enough of these fools for doubting who she was.

Kagome transformed into her true form as she gave a powerful flap of her wings and rose above the crowd. Her voice carried over the noise as she yelled, "Silence!" The room fell quiet as Kagome continued, "I am Kagome, daughter of Midoriko, and mate to Sesshoumaru. You fools don't think that I am powerful enough to enforce the laws to these lands. You all live together in peace because it was my desire for you to do so.

"We have taken care of the ningens and youkai for over a thousand years and you still doubt that I will not take retribution for your arrogance? Think again, now you all wanted to see my powers, so be it."

Kagome summoned her sword and then raised it into the air. She started to gather her powers as the sword pulsed with life.

Sesshoumaru did not like where this was going. His mate might hurt all of these fools for doubting her powers. He formed his cloud under his feet as he rose into the air and floated right in front of his mate.

He looked into her eyes as he saw her tears. She was crying as he said, "Mate, you don't have to do this. These fools don't have to see the powers that you hold. They don't deserve nor do they have the right to deny that you are my mate. Let them think what they want because we both know that if anything ever threatens these lands they will come to us to help them."

Kagome heard his words and she had to smile, he was right, these fools didn't deserve to see her powers but she had to teach them all a lesson though. She looked into her mate's eyes as she said, "Thank you mate for your words, but I think that I still need to teach them all a lesson in manners."

Sesshoumaru smirked as he moved to the side of his mate. He will stand by her side as she always stood by his.

Kagome looked down at the hordes of reporters as she said, "So, the only way that you will believe me, if I show you my powers? Well, I aim to please."

Kagome held out her sword as she created a purifying ball at the tip. She raised her sword over her head as she let her purifying magic go. It went straight towards the crowd of reporters as they all screamed and tried to dodge the attack.

Kagome placed barriers around the area to prevent anyone from leaving the hall. They were all forced to sit there and watch as the attack came closer to them. The attack hit her barrier as it showered the area with a gentle glow of light. The blast was not meant to destroy or kill anyone, but it was an object lesson to all those seated down below.

"Take heed, that blast could have been my purifying power or a blast that could have killed you all. But, I chose to show you just what I can do with my powers. I have never harmed anyone who didn't deserve it.

"I have protected this land and everyone on it for a reason. I think that all life is precious and should be protected at all cost. But if you still do not believe that I'm Sesshoumaru's mate, I don't really care, because I know that I am and no one will take him from me." With that said, Kagome came down towards the ground as she drew her powers back inside herself. She then made her way to her mate's side and stood by his side.

Inutaisho stepped up to the microphone, as he was still in awed at what Kagome had done. He thought for sure that she was going to kill all these fools for their arrogance. He looked out in front of him as he said, "Now, if you still have doubts that Kagome is Sesshoumaru's mate let me introduce you to all of their pups, first born Takahiro and his twin sister Ayako."

Both of Kagome's first-born came forward as they greeted their mother. Ayako stood by her mother's side and you could almost swear that they were twins, for mother and daughter looked so much alike. The crowd was awed as they continued to watch.

"Second born to Kagome, Kurogane." said Inutaisho, as he watched Kagome's second son come forth and give his mother a hug and stood by his siblings. He had black hair and white tips just like his sister. His eyes were just like his father's as his tails were streaked in black and white.

"And the final pup born to Kagome, Mitsukake." Inutaisho watched as Kagome last pup came up and hugged his mother. As the last of her pups, he was the one that most resembled both parents. His hair was white with black streaks running through his hair. He had one golden eye and one blue. He stood as tall and was built like Sesshoumaru.

All of Kagome's pups had twin tails giving no doubt that they were the ruling two tail for the lands. Their combined auras were the most powerful in all of Japan. No one who stood up to them will win the fight, especially when they were protecting their mother.

The reporters were shocked silent as they looked at the family of Inu Youkai that resembled the miko so well. There was no doubt that she was their mother and that she was the mate of Sesshoumaru.

Kagome turned to her mate as she said, "Sesshoumaru, please, I want to go home."

Sesshoumaru turned to his mate as he wrapped his arm around her waist and turned with all of his pups and left the news conference. They were done as he took his mate back home so she could have some time with her pups.

The next morning both Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru wanted to see what the papers had to say about Kagome. There on the front page was Kagome in her true form as the headline read, "Powerful miko is the mate of Sesshoumaru."

They both read with satisfaction that they accepted Kagome as Sesshoumaru's mate. This made them happy as they waited for their mates to come down.

Kagome and Ayashiko came down to breakfast and when they entered the dining hall, they noticed the smug look of satisfaction on both males faces. They looked at each other and smiled. They knew then that the world has accepted Kagome as Sesshoumaru's mate and that's all they wanted.

For now, Kagome was happy. She finally had the life that she wanted and a mate that loved her for who she was. His parents were her family now and they loved her as their daughter. She could not have asked the Kami's for anything else, as her life was finally complete and now she could start living it to the fullest.

Then Kagome felt a familiar pain in her stomach as her eyes opened wide. Before she had the chance to cover her scent, her mate caught it in the air. Her eyes opened wide as his eyes turned blood red. She got out of her seat with her mate following closely behind her, "No Sesshoumaru, I don't have time to go into heat, I have too much to do." She yelped as she rushed out of the dining hall and was tackled by her mate. She was made to submit to him as he put her to sleep and formed his ball of light and took off with his mate.

Inutaisho and Ayashiko smiled, they knew where their son was going and they wished him luck this time around.

Four days later, Inutaisho was looking out the window of his old room in the castle. They came home to wait for Kagome to get over her heat. The castle has stayed the same over the centuries. He did not want to spoil its beauty by modernizing it.

He looked up at the sky and gazed at the red moon hanging in the night sky. He called his mate to him as he said, "Look mate, there is a red moon out tonight. Let just hope that Kagome has reached the peek in her heat so Sesshoumaru can pup her. She should have never made that promise to him because he always tries to pup her when she goes into heat."

A few minutes later they heard the powerful howl of conquest as they both turned and smiled at each other. They knew now that Kagome was pupped and there will be another pup on the way.

Life could get no sweeter than this as Kagome lived out her destiny with her mate.


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