This is Chiri/Tasuki. This is why I love this couple because they can both be on top! I LOVE IT!


WARNING: Yaoi lemon, slight OOC Chichiri. But, I believe he could do something like this.

Chichiri stood outside on the porch, sipping tea and watching the sun rise over the trees. Tonight's the night… He thought, closing his eyes and smiling a sardonic smile.

It's been a month since the other warriors found out about him and Tasuki's relationship. Or rather, it's been a month since Tasuki blabbed it out to Nuriko and Nuriko practically proclaimed it to the whole nation! Chichiri shook the obvious stinging irritation of that night out of his head.

Chichiri wouldn't have minded if Tasuki… along with himself, had told the others about it. But the way it happened was sudden and surprising… not the way Chichiri wanted to tell them. If only Tasuki had told him that he was going to tell, it would have been fine.

Chichiri and Tasuki laugh it off now, and the others seem to be happy for them and support them. But Chichiri was still going to get some revenge – some… playful, revenge – for gagging him earlier that day and then telling the others about their relationship.

"I'm gonna get you back for this, no da," he said before Tasuki blew out the lamp that night, but all Tasuki said was, "Yeah sure you will." He already had the plan in his head when they went to bed that night, but he was a patient man, he would wait till the time was right. Four weeks seemed like the perfect time, a perfect time for his rather thick-headed companion to forget all about it.

Chichiri went back inside and sat down in a chair, still drinking his tea slowly. His head turned and his eye opened when he saw his gorgeous lover come through the bedroom door, naked as usual. Tasuki yawned loudly, stretching one hand over his head while the other scratched his ass. Chichiri couldn't help but giggle cutely at Tasuki's silliness. Tasuki heard his boyfriend laughing and smiled that brilliant fanged smile of his toward the blue-haired monk. He walked clumsily over to his laughing lover and leaned down, kissing him on the forehead and playfully ruffling his blue bangs.

"Mornin', Chiri," Tasuki said quietly, his voice cracking. Chichiri smiled and brought a hand up to Tasuki's tanned shoulder, leaning him down even further so he could kiss him tenderly on the lips.

"Good morning, Tasuki." Chichiri replied. "I made breakfast for you already, no da."

"Sweet." Tasuki gave Chichiri a quick kiss before saying, "Thanks, love."

"No problem, no da!" Tasuki smiled warmly at Chichiri's cheerful tone. He straightened up and made way for the kitchen. Chichiri's expression darkened mischievously, staring at the red-head's perfect ass. He has no idea what he's in store for…

Later that evening

Why am I so damned nervous? He thought, pacing faster. I wasn't earlier today, or for the passed month. DAAAAA! Why am I so nervous?

Chichiri heard a door shut in the other bedroom. He peeked in, finding Tasuki undressing, taking off his green top first before going to sit on the bed to remove his shoes. Okay, now's a good time. Now! He instructed himself, and stepped into the other room quietly, trying not to give away his presence. He sat slowly on the bed behind Tasuki and grabbed his shoulders, causing the red-head to jump.

"What the f…" Chichiri reached around and put his hand around Tasuki's mouth.

"Ssh! Don't worry, no da, it's me." Chichiri removed his hand from Tasuki's loud mouth. "Chiri, what are you…" Tasuki was silenced when the monk began placing wet kisses from his shoulder all the way up to the spot behind his ear. Tasuki moaned and leaned his head to the side, giving his lover more access. Chichiri took advantage of this and began licking and sucking on the sweet skin of Tasuki's neck, Tasuki's breath hitching when the blue-haired man began biting as well. Chichiri bit a little too hard and Tasuki's neck started bleeding, but he licked the blood off, tasting the coppery liquid on his lips. Tasuki got his voice back and asked again: "Chiri, what're you doin'?"

Chichiri rolled his one eye at Tasuki's silly question. "I'm just getting some payback, no da." He plainly stated, going back to kissing his lover's neck. He was hoping the bandit wouldn't notice the hint of nervousness he still had.

"For what?" Chichiri chuckled at Tasuki's suspiciousness and lack of memory.

"For last month." He grabbed Tasuki's hair and tugged his head back gently so that Tasuki could look into Chichiri's wildly passionate mahogany eye. "You do remember that, don't you?"

Tasuki's eyes widened, the memory rushing back to him. "Oh yeah!" Tasuki smiled foolishly as Chichiri rolled his eye again. He went back to his business, pushing Tasuki down onto the bed rather forcefully and pinned his wrists over his head with one hand. He leaned down to quickly but heatedly kiss his startled lover, gently biting his lower lip when he pulled away. He looked Tasuki deeply in his eyes. He had a hint of malevolence in that one eye of his that made Tasuki feel uneasy about his situation. "Uh… yer not gonna hurt me, are ya?"

"Depends on what your tolerance of pain is, no da." Chichiri said as he dragged his long, sharp fingernails down Tasuki's muscled chest. Tasuki moaned, tossing his head back on the pillow. Chichiri followed, leaning down to capture his companion's lips with his own, pushing his tongue into the other's mouth, claiming it for himself. Chichiri used this to distract Tasuki as he tore off his kesa and tied it around Tasuki's wrists and the bedpost in a masterful knot. Tasuki tried to remove his hands from the entanglement, but it was way too tight.

How the hell did he do that so goddamn fast? Tasuki watched as the monk began sucking and biting his nipples, kneading the already hardened flesh there. Tasuki growled and pushed his hips up to meet his lover's, but he pushed them back down, much to Tasuki's frustration.

"Not yet," Chichiri said in a low voice against his lover's skin, causing him to shiver beneath him. The cerulean-haired man smiled, enjoying his lover's obvious frustration. Chichiri sat up, making sure that he had Tasuki's full attention as he tore off his own white top and carelessly threw it aside, staring sensually into his lover's orange eyes.

Fuck he's hot, Tasuki thought, letting his eyes take in the beautiful man's body, from his handsome face all the way down to his pants, noticing his growing erection. It was then that Tasuki realized that his was growing, too. Chichiri smiled wryly and came back down in between Tasuki's legs, continuing where he left off. He tongued the fiery warrior's muscle lines in his stomach while pulling off his pants quickly. Tasuki shivered as cold air brushed over his nether regions. He moaned loudly when he felt Chichiri's tongue swirl around his navel, suddenly feeling warm again. He jumped and twitched when he felt Chichiri's adroit hand grab his penis.

"Ah! Shit…" Tasuki moaned, grinding against Chichiri's hand. But Chichiri just pushed his hips down again.

"You're so impatient." The monk said as he began pumping his hand on Tasuki's erection. Tasuki groaned and writhed beneath his lover, still trying to free his hands from the bedpost. Chichiri spanked him when he saw him trying to escape. "Trying to get away?"

"N-no… I just… need…" Tasuki was so filled with lust he could hardly speak. But Chichiri understood what he needed. He ran his tongue along the underside of his length, and then as he got to the top, he put the whole length into his mouth. Tasuki gasped for air. "A-ah! Fuck… yes… Chichiri…"

Chichiri's head bobbed up and down in between Tasuki's legs. He kept his mahogany eye locked on his lover's glazed ones as he sucked, letting his tongue massage the underside. The bandit cried out in sheer ecstasy. He couldn't believe his timid and reserved Chichiri was doing this to him.

"Nnn… Chiri…" Tasuki said before releasing into his lover's mouth, Chichiri swallowing all of it before pulling away. He licked his lips of the excess semen while Tasuki stared adoringly.

Chichiri was surprised with himself. He was still a little nervous, but his lust for Tasuki helped him hide it. But he would congratulate himself later. He crawled back up to his beloved, kissing him feverishly and running his hand down the bandit's chest, abs, and to his inner thigh. Tasuki gasped in Chichiri's mouth as two invading fingers penetrated him, moving in and out of him at a rapid pace.

"Fuck!" Tasuki whispered huskily against his companion's lips, causing both men to shiver with uncontrollable lust. Chichiri added another finger while Tasuki moaned again, shoving his tongue into his lover's hot mouth, tasting his own seed.

"Tasuki…" Chichiri managed to say between kisses. When he felt that his bandit was prepared enough, he pulled his fingers out, making Tasuki whimper at the loss. Chichiri sat up and stood on the floor, removing his pants to reveal his proud erection. Tasuki gaped at amazement at his monk's body, but was also slightly confused as to why Chichiri was standing.

"Don't worry," Chichiri said as sensuously as possible. "I'm not done." With that, Chichiri raised his right hand, and his kesa mystically unwrapped itself from around Tasuki's wrists. Tasuki groaned in relief, rubbing his wrists and rolling his shoulders in attempt to null the pain. But then Tasuki suddenly felt very light. He looked at Chichiri, who was glowing red with magic, and then he looked down, realizing that Chichiri was making him levitate.

"Waah! Chichiri, whadda ya doin'?!" Tasuki said, struggling ridiculously to try to get down. Chichiri didn't answer as he moved his arm, causing Tasuki to fly against the wall, quickly but gently. Tasuki was frozen, his chest against the wall and his hands out to his sides, his head turned so he could watch the monk get behind him.

"I told you I was getting some payback, no da." Chichiri said while spanking his bandit's ass hard, making Tasuki whimper in both pleasure and pain. "You shouldn't underestimate me, Tasuki."

Tasuki was about to retort, but his breathing hitched as Chichiri began sliding his member into his tight entrance. Both men groaned amorously as Chichiri pushed as far as he could go into his lover. He pulled out all the way and thrust in again, this time faster and with more force.

"AAAH! Fuck, Chichiri… a-ah…" Tasuki cried as the monk found a steadier rhythm, pounding into him. Their sweaty skin brushed against each other, adding to the ecstasy.

Chichiri's pace became faster and Tasuki's muscles tightened around his member. "Uhhh… Tasuki… you're so tight…" Chichiri whispered into his lover's ear, gently nipping and licking it. He slapped the red-head's ass again, his other hand braiding into Tasuki's hair to use as an anchor. The monk had his man completely under his control.

"Chiri…" Tasuki moaned one final time before releasing against the wall. Chichiri found his release moments later, causing the bandit to scream. The monk's magic wore off as the two men slid to the ground, embracing each other, allowing their heartbeats to return to normal.

"Damn, Chiri. Where the hell did you learn that floating trick?" Tasuki asked.

"I always knew, no da." Chichiri answered. "I just… never had a purpose for it."

"That was amazing, though, Chiri." Tasuki lifted his head to kiss his lover lightly. "And I'm sorry for blabbin' to Nuriko, but he woulda…" the bandit was cut off by the monk's lips.

"That's all I wanted to hear, Tasuki." Chichiri said against Tasuki's lips. "I love you, no da."

"I love ya too, Chichiri."