Title: Bet On It
Summary: In which Danny shows up at his own wedding clad in boxers.
Pairing: DannyxStar
Rating: G
Warning: none, this is just a little drabble I thought up that happens during and after events of another fanfiction I am writing at the moment
Disclaimer: the idea was initially my friend's a couple years ago (don't ask me how I remember)…I just decided to rework it a bit :smile:

Author's Note: While this drabble is based on a DannyxStar WIP fanfiction I've yet to post, you don't have to know anything other than DP canon to read this. Enjoy!

Danny choked on his soda. "What?"

"I said you and Star should get married." Tucker replied calmly, tilting his head to the side in confusion at his best friend's outburst.

Danny's face was nearly identical to that of a goldfish. "Tucker, we're just friends. In other words, it's never going to happen." The smirk that suddenly stretched itself across the techno geek's face unnerved the half ghost slightly.

"You wanna bet on it?"

Without even pausing to consider, Danny answered confidently, "Okay, but if I win, you have to renounce your PDA forever."

Tucker shuddered at the thought but kept his smirk in place. "Alright, but when I win, you have to wear boxers on your wedding day!"

Four years later, Star—along with at least a hundred other guests—were treated to the amusing and slightly disturbing sight of her husband-to-be wearing a handsome tuxedo…and a pair of white and red polka dotted boxers in place of his pants. "Um, do I even want to know?" Said husband-to-be merely scowled.

Tucker chose that moment to fall out of his chair roaring with laughter.