Okay, my second story, there are a lot of main characters, Ash, Misty, May, Drew, Paul, Dawn, Kym, and Brendan, but it fits with the story. So yeah… I hope y'all like it

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"Are we there yet?" asks a raven haired boy with a small yellow rodent on his head.

"No" says a red-head beside him, with an Azurill in her hands.

"What about now?" the boy asks again.

"No, Ash, we're not in Cerulean City yet!"

"Okay, okay, sheesh…so what about now Mist?"

"For the last time Ash! We're-"

"Here!" says a girl with midnight blue hair, her name was Dawn, beside her was a serious looking boy with dark lavender hair and onyx eyes, he was Paul.

"Finally" Paul says while rolling his eyes.

"Well I don't know if you noticed but traveling from Sinnoh to Kanto doesn't take like three seconds" says Dawn with irritation in her voice.

Paul just shrugs and continues to walk up the path way to the Cerulean City Gym.

"I can't wait till we get there, it's been forever since I've been in a swimming pool!" A brunette with sapphire eyes says while clasping her hands together

"Do you even know how to swim May?" A boy with green hair and eyes says arrogantly.

"Pssh, of course she does Drew…you do know how to swim right?" Asks another girl with black hair tied up in a high ponytail and a Ninetales by her side.

"Of course I do!" May says while crossing her arms.

"Hard to believe…" Drew says with his signature smirk.

"Ugh, you're so…UGH!" May cries in frustration.

Paul POV

"Alright guys, chill and welcome to the Cerulean City Gym" Misty says while pointing to the giant tent-like building in front of us.

"It's been a long time since I've been here" Kym says while giving Misty a small smile. (She battled Misty for the Cascade Badge)

"Well I've never been here" Dawn says, "come on lets go inside"

Sometimes I wonder why that girl is always so…preppy, okay well maybe preppy isn't the right word but she's always so cheerful…it's kinda cute…

We enter through the giant glass doors and see a lobby with a blue-haired girl sitting at a desk. She looks up at us and her face gets all…happy.

"Misty! How are you? It's been like forever since you've been here, we've lost so may badges while you were gone and you wouldn't believe how our shows have come to a stop, like we haven't been able to come up with a new show in like forever! Not to mention that the Pokemon are completely bored of training with each other and…"

Wow, can that girl talk, I'm guessing she's one of Misty's sisters, funny how they're all preppy and annoying and Misty is just annoying. (Paul isn't a very social guy, whatever he says he doesn't really mean, especially when he's talking about Dawn…:D)

"Okay, did anyone catch what she just said" Kym says skeptically.

"Uh, No" May says.

"Wait, you lost how many badges? And what do you mean you haven't performed a show in forever? And where are Daisy and Lily?" Misty says while trying to keep her cool.

"Oh they're in the Gym practicing"

In the Gym/Normal POV

"Alright, Gyrados, use like Hydro Pump!" Daisy orders.

"Dewgong dodge!" commands Lily.

"Lily! Daisy!"

Both girls look at each other and sigh a sigh of relief.

"Misty!" they both say.

"We're like so glad you're here-"

"We need help-"

"No kidding" Drew says.

"Okay, what do you need help with?" Misty says.

"Training the Pokemon-"

"Thinking of a new show idea-"

"Oh, hello Misty's friends" waves Lily.

"Don't tell me, Dawn, Dawn's boyfriend Paul, Drew, Drew's girlfriend May, Kym and her boyfriend Brendan, and your boyfriend Ash" Daisy says while pointing to each person.

Misty slaps her fore-head while everyone is just standing there blushing like crazy.

"Ahem, um, I can help with training the Pokemon" Kym says as she steps foreword and puts her hand on Misty's shoulder.

"Me too" Paul says.

"Me three" Dawn says while walking up to the other side of Misty.

"Pika!" Pikachu says while pulling Ash foreword.

"Okay, I guess Pikachu and I will help too" Ash says.

"Great, now Daisy, how long has it been since you last performed a show?" Misty asks.

"Um…like a month or two, I don't remember"

Misty sweat-drops.


"I can help you think of a new idea" May says cheerfully.

"I guess I can help too, what about you Drew?" Brendan asks.

"Sure, why not, there's nothing else to do" with that said he shoves his hands in his pockets.

"Okay, great, thank you guys so much, I swear I can't leave you guys alone for 2 months"

Misty, May, Drew, and Brendan head towards the "bleachers"(or whatever they're called) with Violet while Kym, Ash, Dawn, and Paul head towards the giant pool. (A/N: Ash is gonna have his Sinnoh team)

Dawn POV

We walk over to the pool and I see a Seadra, Gyrados, Dewgong, Goldeen, Seaking, Shelder, Cloyster, Staryu, and a Starmie.

"Wow, look at all the Pokemon, I've never seen any of them before!"

Well it's true, I live in Sinnoh and there aren't very many Kanto Pokemon.

"Okay, let's like, get started" Lily says as she walks over to the end of the pool.

"I'll battle you" Kym says as she and her Ninetales walk over to the opposite side.

"Me too" Paul says while walking beside Kym.

Lily and Daisy are parallel from them.

This is so cool. Sure I've seen Gym battles before but not up close and personal! I look around the Gym and my eyes eventually drift onto Paul. Why do I have to like him?

'He doesn't even like me'

I sigh as I sit down and watch the battle.

Normal POV/With Dawn, Paul, Kym, and Ash

"Alright, Seaking I chose you!" Daisy shouted.

"And, I chose you Dewgong!" Lily said.

"Seaking, sea!"


"Torterra, I chose you" Paul casually threw the Pokeball and our came a massive turtle like grass pokemon.

"Gabite Go!"

"Wow, a Gabite!"

Knowing Ash, he takes out his Pokedex and looks Gabite up.

'Gabite, the Cave Pokemon, a powerful dragon pokemon, it is said that the medicine from it's scales can cure any disease'

"Cool" Dawn says as she looks at the Pokedex then at Gabite.

"What you've never seen a Gabite before? Figures" Paul says as he rolls his eyes.


Here we go again…they would do this all the time in Sinnoh

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Dawn asks as she stomps her way over to Paul.

"Nothing, I just figured that you wouldn't know that much about Pokemon" he says casually.

"Well excuse me mister…"

You know, they really remind me of May and Drew…

"So how long is this going to take?" Kym asks as she walks up to me with Gabite and Ninetales following her.


"FINE!!" Dawn turns and stomps her way back over to the benches and plops herself down.

Kym looks and me and laughs then heads towards the field.

I just stare at Dawn, if she really likes him that much then she might wanna do something.

"What?" she asks.

"Oh, nothing"

Brendan POV/With Brendan. Misty, May, Drew, and Violet

From what I can see from up here, Dawn got mad at Paul, Paul said something rude, Dawn stormed back over to the bench, and their battle is about to begin.

"Dude, stop staring at Kym and pay attention" Drew says while nudging on the arm.

I feel my cheeks heat up as I turn and look at Drew.

"Well, I would say the same for you but May's up here"

Now it's his turn to blush, luckily for him May didn't hear.

"…and that's all they ideas we had so far" Violet finished.

"Okay, um well that idea would work if you had more people-" Misty adds.

"and a better plot" May says.

"Yeah, I like the whole romance thing but you're going…to…need"

Normal POV

Misty slows down and notices a mischievous grin on her older sister's face. Her eyes widened in shock when she understood the point.

"No, no…no way Violet no!" Misty waves her hands frantically in front of her.

"Oh, yes" Violet says with a grin stretched across her face.

This could not end well…

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