The focus is on Sheppard but most everyone gets a turn. Bit of whump as I learn it is called. This is my first fic so I am a bit nervous. I own of course none of the Stargate Characters, nor any other characters that are well known, just the ones I created. Some language and violence but I don't think anything horrific, but anyway just in case. Oh yeah and all the other disclaimers that people put, those apply too. I am just not sure what else I need here. Bottom line: It's all just for fun!!

I try to stay as true as I can to the characters, but I am not perfect and like I said, I have never written anything of this nature before so there will some mistakes. Alternate universe is probably best and spoilers throughout for seasons 1-3 and maybe a little of four but not much since this was mostly complete before the start of season four.

So anyway here goes.

Evander's Heir


He ran down the long corridor. It was quiet except for the sound of his soft shoes on the hard floors. His heart rate quickened as he neared his brother's quarters, and he shoved open the door without even a knock.

"Brother, the king is born!"

The younger man looked at his older brother incredulously. "What did you say?"

The older man smiled broadly. "In my dreams brother, I saw the child born...heard his cry." He smiled as he remembered the sound. Burned it in his mind.

"How do you know it was him?"

"I saw him come through the ring…what he will look like, tall, strong, a warrior," His voice trailed, "A king."

The younger man's heart was beating fast. "When?"

"He is an infant brother. It will be many more years, but he will come."

"We must let the others know."

"Yes, they must know that we must prepare for Evander's heir."

Chapter One: Discovery

"You must admit McKay, a natural carrier of the ATA gene must be a descendant of the Ancients," Ronan said across the table, knowing the reaction he would receive.

"Not necessarily," and exasperated McKay grated through clenched teeth. "There is no way to prove that they are actual descendants or simply part of an experiment. Much like Dr. Beckett's gene therapy. There just isn't any evidence."

"Well there are stories of ancients and humans creating children on various worlds" Teyla offered helpfully.

"Once again," McKay sighed impatiently. "Folklore is not evidence."

"Why does it bother you so much, if say Colonel Sheppard is a direct blood descendant of a superior race," Ronan asked with a smile. Bait set.

Lt Col Sheppard smiled at the exchange but otherwise tried to look impartial and innocent.

"If would not bother me as you say," Rodney clipped, "I am merely saying it is improvable and therefore irrelevant. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do," he said with a final humph. Bait taken, but the fish makes an escape. Ronon still looked pleased.

Sheppard looked after him then turned to his friends. "You guys really are too much. You know that subject irks him."

"I wonder why this bothers him," Teyla said. "The gene is very rare on Earth and in most worlds here, it seems to be even rarer except for a few worlds."

"Maybe that is why it's rare on Earth. The Ancients learned their lesson. You can't trust humans to have the gene because they get all power hungry on you."

"John," Teyla said seriously, "You are not power hungry."

"What? Oh, yeah, I mean if a bunch of people on Earth knew about and had all kinds of ancient toys to play with, they might get all crazy and would start wars or get greedy. Look what the trust did with the Go'auld. Now imagine them with a bunch of people with the gene and ancient toys. We have seen it before here, how many times?"

"Well. I do not think it is irrelevant. If it was, you may not be here," Teyla replied.

"That's the truth," John said standing up. "Well, I'll leave that to the docs and other scientists to figure out. I am just interested in dessert right now. Need a good meal before our mission in oh about an hour," he said as he left them to finish. They sure seemed eager to meet us.

He remembered the look on Rodney's face when he asked him to look up to see if a particular gate address was in their database. It was and had not been explored yet. Rodney grilled him about how he knew about it and why he wanted to go there. Sheppard had evaded that question. He did not want to tell him that a voice in his dreams had mentioned it to him. That the dreams had become urgent. Rodney soon forgot about asking him how he got it when they had sent a MALP through and made contact with the people. Sheppard thought Rodney was going to have a seizure when he learned that the culture was the most advanced than any other they had encountered with plenty of toys and archives to rummage through. This all came about after the expedition had sent the names of John's teams and pictures. Apparently a tradition of the culture. Picture ID required to visit this planet first time around. Their planet was in a system as far to the edge of the galaxy as you could get. They rarely had visitors from outside their own system. John was actually looking forward to it, and he felt as if Atlantis was…well almost excited. He felt her energy pulse through him and he could only characterize it as excitement. He sighed, trying to not get his hopes up. Probably nothing. Maybe we can get some more interesting fruit out of the whole thing. He grabbed his gear. Or at least not get chased back to the gate in a full run for their lives.


"Welcome visitors!" A jovial man greeted as he stepped through the event horizon. We received various visitors with which we trade, but we were most excited to meet your speechless robotic aid. It has been quite some time since we have met new people, particularly with any technology. Please, which one of you is the one called Sheppard?"

"Uh that would be me," Sheppard said, stepping forward. "LtCol John Sheppard at your service."

"Oh no sir. It is I at your service. We were most pleased to hear of your coming. We have not had any visitors from Terra."

Sheppard fidgeted uneasily. Terra? They had not mentioned Terra in their communication. So just how the hell did he know that? This was all just a bit creepy. Therus must have seen his look as he added quickly. "It was how our database translated your word Earth." Sheppard nodded curtly then turned to his team. "This is my team, Dr. Rodney McKay, Specialist Ronon Dex, and Teyla Emmagan of Athosia."

The man glanced and nodded a polite acknowledgement at each but could not take his eyes off of Sheppard. "Certainly a pleasure to meet each of you. I am Therus of the House of Kalil. Please, the Guardian awaits you most expectantly. We have prepared a feast." Great and we just ate, Sheppard thought.

Two grand, although not overly ornate mahogany colored wood doors, opened. Sheppard noticed many curious eyes on him and he could not help but squirm under his jacket. Perhaps they were not looking at him. He turned to look at his team. He realized that Teyla and Ronon were looking at the crowd then turned curiously to him. What made it most odd was that the room was absolutely silent.

They walked down what Sheppard thought a football length aisle. His mouth was dry. Damn. What am I so nervous about and what the hell are they looking at?

Finally they arrived at the end of the aisle. "Great Guardian," Therus said loudly after clearing his throat. "May I introduce you to Lt Col John Sheppard from Earth and of course his colleagues, Dr. Rodney McKay, Specialist Ronon Dex, and Teyla Emmagan of Athosia."

A slender man, with white hair looked at them with a warm smile that actually put Sheppard at ease, at least for a second. "Welcome Sheppard of Earth. We have long awaited your arrival." It was just a day Sheppard thought as the Guardian went on. "I am Saphides. Guardian of the throne of the Armentarii. Please accept our welcome to you and your comrades. Now let us feast," the genteel man said while putting a hand on Sheppard's shoulder. "We have much to discuss." Sheppard looked down at the man. Sheppard and Ronon stuck out like sore thumbs as they towered over most of everyone who appeared to be closer to Teyla's height than his own.

"This is delicious! The best food I have since coming to Pegasus Galaxy." Rodney exclaimed.

Ronon rolled his eyes. Teyla smiled knowing that the doctor would be in good spirits after a good meal. He had just eaten about two hours ago, but that would not stop the scientist. "It is rather good," she admitted. She sat across from Sheppard and Saphides. Sheppard appeared relaxed in conversation, but she knew it was a mask that he learned to wear quite well. She looked around the room and noticed that many were trying politely not to stare at him and only stole glances, but others were not so ashamed to stare.

"Why do they keep looking at him?" Ronon growled so only she could hear.

"I do not know," she whispered, "But it is most curious." She turned to look at John and Saphides talking.

"So you are an aviator then?"

Sheppard grinned. "Of sorts."

"Then I am sure you would enjoy flying some of our craft?"

Sheppard could not help but grin. Hell ya! "You bet I would." Now that was a pleasant surprise.

Saphides smiled back at Sheppard. He was pleased by the younger man's presence and enthusiasm. "I will introduce you tomorrow then to our Air Defense Minister. He would be very eager to show you. How are you enjoying your meal?"

"It's great sir."

"Please call me Saphides. I will have it no other way."

"Okay, but I need to ask you something."

"Yes anything."

Sheppard looked around warily, trying not to draw more attention to himself. "Why are all these people staring at me?"

"Oh my," the old man said looking around, "I do apologize. I was so intent on our conversation that I had not noticed." After a moment he said quietly, but matter-of-factly, "I imagine that they are very curious to know if you are the one to fulfill the prophecy."

John sputtered as he took a sip of his drink. "Excuse me. The what?"

"The prophecy of Evander."

John locked eyes with the older man. There was kindness, sincerity and also eagerness. John glanced over at McKay who was enjoying his third serving, then at Teyla who eyed him with curious concern. He looked back to Saphides and whispered. "What exactly is this prophecy?"

Saphides leaned in toward Sheppard's left ear and placed a hand on his shoulder and drew him close before he spoke. He whispered clearly, "Sheppard the son of Evander shall return from Terra after 10 millennia and lead his people to victory."