Title: "Dreams"

Author: Wish Wielder

Fandom: Ghost Whisperer

Pairing / Character Focus: Melinda Gordon

Challenge: N/A

Theme / Prompt: N/A

Word Count: 202

Rating: K / G

Summary: Someone had once said that you couldn't die in dreams, but Melinda didn't believe that.

Notes: Could take place at any point in the show so far, so you decide when you want it to happen more. Drabble in the purest sense of the word.

Disclaimer: "Ghost Whisperer" and all respective properties are © CBS. Megan D. (Wish Wielder) does not, has never, nor will ever own "Ghost Whisperer".


Someone had once said that you couldn't die in dreams, and soon it became a common fact. You couldn't die in dreams – heavens, no. You'd be so shocked by the very prospect that you'd wake up, and that was that.

Melinda didn't believe that, though.

She believed that when you worked so close to death, like she did, it became second nature. You didn't worry about what would happen when you reached the other side. Sometimes you'd even imagine how your own death would go. What it came down to was that you no longer feared death.

But that was just it, wasn't it? She didn't have horrifying visions of blood and gore and grisly deaths that could all be hers. She just saw herself slipping peacefully from life, and then seeing that warm, bright light so many spirits had talked about. She would walk towards it, and then everyone she loved that had gone before would be there. Her grandmother was the first one she'd see, every time – waiting there with open arms and a smile and always telling her how proud of her she was.

They said you couldn't die in your dreams.

Melinda died in hers almost every night.

A.n.: If you'd believe it, I actually got this plunny while watching the Director's Cut of 1408 – from a comment Mike makes. S'pretty self-explanatory, I think.