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Well, this was a fine mess he had gotten himself. Tommy had to hand it to himself, he'd never imagined he could screw up quite so badly.

Now, you might be thinking, what kind of trouble could a man who had uncovered a diamond the size of a fist get into when, by now he should have thousand's, perhaps even millions of dollars from selling said diamond. I mean how hard is it to bribe yourself out of a jam?

Well, let me enlighten you, old habits die hard, and Tommy still tends to speak out of turn in the presence of dangerous people. This dangerous person is Jasmine Lenore.

A full head shorter than himself, coppery red hair slightly shielding bright blue eyes, the girl doesn't look like the type to cause trouble, but that's only because she's identicle to her twin, Charlotte.

Charlotte, her sister who never speaks out of turn, had taken a job at a local bar that Brick Top's former associates inhabit. Of course, Jasmine couldn't let her work in a place like this with on her own, so she helps out too.

Tommy wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary for a place like this, i mean sure he's pretty tipsy, but what did you expect in a pub? Charlotte was walking by and he commented on how cute her behind was, simple as that.

Jasmine was in ear shot and could tell that it had embarrassed her sister, even though she wasn't letting it on. So, she confronted Tommy and he didn't take in a single thing she had said, he merely claimed he was positive he was seeing double.

He then asked if they had a triplet.

OK, so it's not THAT offensive, but what Jasmine lacks in stature she makes up in temper.

I believe you are now caught up.

Tommy's POV

"Well, is there a third? Cuz i'd sure like to meet her," I'm talking funny! I don't think this lady likes what i'm saying though, her face is turning red.

Maybe if i give her a hug she'll like me more!

I step closer to her and wrap my arms around her in a tight bear hug, she started yelling something that i couldn't understand over all the noise.

I let her go. What happened next gave me a shock.

She slapped me! Which i definitely couldn't understand considering i'd just hugged her. Who doesn't like hugs?! Apparently she thought i was regarding her too closely, next thing I knew I was on the floor totally unaware of what was going on around me, with a nasty stinging sensation in my left cheek.