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Years of running away will lead you nowhere, in spite of its implications.

You run from him because he is everything you fear. He is powerful, he is vengeful and he is unhappy. He wants what you have and he has the power to take it all away from you.

In all irony, your years of running have led you right back to him, and you find your hand pressed against the cold, impersonal glass that imprisons his physical self.

He lured you back without moving a muscle.

You cannot help but question the circumstance, for it could easily be another ploy of his. He knows what he wants and he can and will do anything to achieve his ends.

You lean your forehead on the cold surface and inwardly sigh.

He dreams through you now.

He dreams of liberation. He dreams of power. He dreams of comfort and want and need.

You see these dreams and you internally cry out to set him free, if only for a moment.

Never forget what he's done to you, Tsuna

…and you can't, you won't because it lurks behind every corner and peeks from behind every wall, watching for a simple mistake and waiting to attack.

Dwelling only leads you to believe that it's guilt. That he is not manipulating you through illusionary dreams of innocence in an indirect approach at controlling you.

Guilt, because you know and understand perfectly well that it's because of you he is constrained. It was you who put him here, tied down and chained.

You know it, and he knows it, and that's strike one.

In your dreams, he claims to forgive you. He smiles gently and embraces you tightly as if you could escape.

You would try, but in his dreams it is you who is chained down in the darkness and you feel like you can't breath and all you can see is him.

You do not want it, but are given the gift of his reality.

It's because of you that his reality is so bleak he relies on the illusions he once prided himself on as a method of perfection in killing.

Ahead of you, you sense a movement. Raising your gaze to the captive before you, you barely restrain your surprise at the sly smile that has slowly etched itself into his fine features.

You let up your guard and that's strike two.

For once, there is no darkness.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi…"

You fear to see what's behind you.

What is love, my love?

Startled at the disembodied statement, you turn around and gaze at the immortal apparition before you.

Tell me, do you know?

Gazes lock; strike three.

To me it's dirt and blood and seed.

You feel the vines crawling up your legs, wrapping around your body, holding you in place.

That's how my garden grows.

He laughs gently, his body slowly solidifying before you in a mocking irony.

His words resound in your ears. How naïve can you get?

He may be condemned to an impenetrable fortress, constrained in a locked watery prison and completely isolated from the rest of the word physically…

…but as you turn your back and walk out the door, you know that in the end, he has still won.

No, for the record, I have NO IDEA what this is about. The song doesn't even FIT.

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"Don't worry, I'm not going to give it a cold. I'm just going to go in there, step on it's neck, and shoot it in the head. Because that's how I roll."