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Note: This fic features characters up to the beginning of the Heuco Mundo arc, but if you're not there yet don't worry... none of the storyline will be spoiled except for characters you won't recognize... also as far as the language goes I want to go with the dub over the sub (I.e. Soul Reaper rather than Shinigami) though I might slip up somewhere just by habit, although Shinigami sounds better in the title to me than Soul Reaper.


One sunny day, everyone found themselves sitting around Urahara's shop at no particular time for no particular reason. Well, everyone important anyway. (sorry Rin Rin, Cloud, Nova... nothing personal, I just hate you)

"Uh... what were we just doing? And why are we sitting around in a circle on the floor like this...?" Uryuu wondered out loud.

"...spin the bottle?" Renji suggested, raising his eyebrows at Rukia. He was answered by a punch to the face. "Not today, Renji."

Orihime looked pensive. "Hey guys... this is random but, have you ever wondered if there was an alternate universe other than our own?"

Everyone looked at each other. "You mean like Soul Society?"

"No, beyond that. Another universe with another living world and another Soul Society and another me and another you."

Yoruichi rubbed her chin. "I wonder if that is possible, possible, possible..."

Urahara raised an eyebrow. "Failed attempt at echo fade, eh? Here's how to do it, do it, do it..."

(fade to black)

Chapter 1- Why Not to Take Public Commute

As the sun rose beyond the distant horizon over the quaint huts of the lower Rukon district, Isshin Kurosaki stood on the roof of his house, taking in the view. He was joyous, yet saddened, that his son was leaving for his first day at Soul Reaper Academy. He would miss him, but he knew young Ichigo would always be looking to his old dad as a role model, so full of respect for his beloved father...

His thoughts were interrupted by a pan to the back of the head thrown by his son. "Old man, why are you always standing out here staring at the sun?"

Isshin turned around, angered, with a sizable pink knot on his cranium. "What do you think?! It was for dramatic effect!"

"Dramatic effect? You're gonna get pneumonia standing out here like this."

"Ha! No problem, I'm a doctor."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes. "Just because you found a dirty old stethoscope in the street doesn't make you a doctor."

"Yeah, well just because you have crazy orange hair doesn't make you a rebel."

"It does too!" Ichigo threw another pan at his dad, this one barely dodged.

"How many of those do you have?"

"Enough to shut you up!"

"HEY!!!" shouted Ichigo's sister, Karin, from below. "You're gonna be late for the train."

"Yeah, come get your breakfast quick!" called his other sister, Yuzu, from below.

After a delicious breakfast and stretched out farewells to his father and sisters, Ichigo entered into the streets of lower Rukon. He was wearing white tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a yellow T-shirt. He was soon met up by his two friends, Keigo and Mizuiro. Mizuiro was passively content while Keigo was practically bouncing off the walls. "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichigo! Are you excited or what?! We're finally gonna be Soul Reapers!"

Ichigo, still looking forward and walking at a constant pace as though not acknowledging his energetic friend, responded, "How the hell did you even get admitted into the academy in the first place? You have no fighting abilities, no spiritual pressure, and you're just a loser..."

"Ah, harsh, man! But I'm an important staple to the show! It wouldn't last two episodes without me."

"You are not a staple!" He randomly pulled one out of his pocket. "This is a staple. Face it, you're just a side show sketched in for cheap, meaningless laughs when the rest of us don't feel like doing anything important. If I were to describe you in one word, it would be 'expendable'."

Mizuiro and Ichigo continued walking as Keigo stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth open in disbelief. "How can you say such things..."

"That was kind of mean, Ichigo..." Mizuiro said.

"Yeah, I know... I guess I'm just nervous about the academy. Sorry, Keigo."

Keigo started to cry. "But I thought we were friends, pals, buddies, copains, amigos, just two saucy guys living life to the fullest--"

"Shut the hell up! What are you even talking about? I said I was sorry."

Keigo shook it off by the time they got to the train station, still literally bouncing off invisible walls as they got their tickets... waited on the platform... and even in the train on the way to the academy, he was still energetic as ever. Finally, Ichigo grabbed his collar and threw him down into a set. "Sit down and shut up, will ya!?"

"OK, OK, no need to be rude..." Keigo shook himself off as he looked out the window. He could see the massive wall of the Seireitei approaching as the train neared the station at the base of the wall. When they got there, they would be escorted to the academy to begin their training. As excited as he was, he stayed calm as silently directed by the demonic glare from Ichigo.

A/N: Well that's my chapter 1. Unlike my last Bleach fic, I'm actually planning on making a chapter 2... in which I plan to introduce more main characters. I do want to fit as many as I can into this story, somewhere, somehow... anyway. Hope you enjoyed and reviews are greatly appreciated:)