Stretching his arms, Edward walked out of the forest, he decided to let Alice know what he had come up with. Having probably seen that he planned on speaking to her, Alice was perched on the porch of their house, gazing warily at the direction Edward was coming from. He put up a hand, letting her know he was better now, and she relaxed her stance.

"I think I know what is wrong with Nala." he breathed, furrowing his eyebrows in determination to get his point across to his usually stubborn "sister".

"How could there be anything wrong with her?" Alice dipped her head to the side with curiosity.

"Remember your vision? What exactly did you see? Who was the girl you saw me with?" he asked.

"Yes, I remember," she winced. "I don't know who the girl was though. She was too blurry because it is someone we didn't know."

"Didn't?" Edward stressed the word, trying to get her to spit out whatever she was thinking. Because, all he could hear from her thoughts were her counting to one hundred in several different languages. Darn that Alice for being so fluent in foreign languages!

"Well..." she bit her lip, avoiding his gaze.

He clenched his teeth. This was going to be tougher than he had thought it would be.

"Alice... tell me what is up. You had another vision didn't you?"

Still not looking at him, she nodded her head. Edward sighed. Now they were getting somewhere.

"I-i saw almost the same thing, but some things were different..." she hesitated. "You... and Nala..."

I knew it. He thought in slight triumph.

"That's all I wanted to know. I suspect she wants to get to me, so whoever she works for, can get to Bella. She has some strange power that can control others. I know that for a fact, for, I have fought the pull of it."

Alice raised her eyebrows in anticipation, not uttering a word.

"She is a vampire too, Alice." he muttered in a dark tone.

"I've... sort of known this." she looked at him. If she could blush, she would be right about now. The nervous look on her face could never be concealed; the way her eyes were wide, and her neck and cheek muscles tensed.

Edward nodded. She was forgiven for not letting him know sooner.

"I need to find her." he said softly, looking up at the fading skies. "I have to find out what is going on."

Alice didn't answer. Taking that as her cue, she got up and flew inside of the house.

Edward was now on a mission. He needed to find out where this girl was, and why she was here. Turning, he rushed to his car and climbed in while turning the keys in one swift movement. The engine purred as he pulled out of the driveway, driving down the path of gravel, all senses aware and ready to find his target.


He passed cars on the freeway at above 100 miles an hour. He chuckled at the thought of what Bella would have said about this.

"Slow down Edward! You are going too fast!" she would say.

"Relax Bella, I am a good driver." Edward would reply, and then Bella would be in a complete freak out session.

Edward searched the minds of pedestrians on the sidewalk once he reached town. He searched for images of her or thoughts related to her. It took about an hour, but Edward had finally tracked her down. Pulling quickly in front of an apartment complex, the wheels of the volvo squealing in protest, he hopped onto the sidewalk, marching up to the door marked 192.


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