Reviewsare welcome. (I cherish constructive critizm). If you like this story I'll write more. (But I really need to think of a new story.) This is my first FAn-fiction story, so be nice :) Also I apoligiuse now if the characters go out of character during this story. Also Peta was not harmed in the making of this story... LOL.

Prologue- Blind Date

Phantom sat on his throne, thinking deeply about his life so far. He sighed. 'Gees, this is boring. There are no games on today and all the other Chess Pieces have gone out to watch the soccer. I hate soccer.' He screwed his nose up at the thought. He stood up and walked to his window. He looked out of it. He saw the Chess Pieces playing and watching their soccer game. He watched them. They all were having so much fun. 'They call that fun? Pah!' Phantom thought, 'Real fun is skinning your opponent alive. Real fun is smashing in his head and mashing his brains in. Now that is fun.' Phantom looked elsewhere to watch birds in a tree. They were preening each other with such love... Phantom felt his heart shatter. He returned to his throne. 'I need someone to love,' he concluded.

"Peta!" he barked. Peta appeared at his side. He was enjoying a nice quiet break in the next room. He was relaxing with a nice cup of tea, a good book and some of his favourite songs playing softly in the background.

"Yes?" Peta asked. Phantom turned his head to the side so he could face Peta.

"I have a mission for you," he said. Peta looked pleased.

"What is it? Destroying your enemies? Draining their blood? It would be an honour!" he rambled. Phantom shook his head.

"No. I need you to arrange some blind dates for me. I want to find a lover," he said. Peta blinked.

"Ok... But why do you want to go on a blind date? I mean... Lots of girls love you..." he said awkwardly. Phantom blushed.

"Ur... I do not like girls..." he murmured. Peta clicked.

"Oh... You like boys..." he said. He stared at the General. 'How could the stone-cold, heartless sadistic General of the notorious Chess Pieces be gay?!' he thought. 'Holy shit!' But he didn't show any surprise or disgust on his face. He bowed.

"I shall arrange five blind dates with five different guys at five different locations at five different times," he said. Phantom smiled at him.

"Thank you Peta," he said. Shaking his head, Peta left the room.