Note Number 6: I wrote a bonus chapter for this story. It was supposed to be another story, but unfortunately, it wasn't going to work into any where. Plus, I've started another story about... Well, you'll have to wait.

Bonus Chapter: PetaXPhantom

Phantom opened his eyes. He had fallen asleep on his throne. He yawned and stretched. He turned his head to find Peta in his usual place - standing next to him. Peta smiled when he noted Phantom was awake.

"Good morning," he said. Phantom rubbed his eyes.

"Not really..." he replied. Peta frowned. He pulled out a roll of paper and read off it.

"We have three War Games on today..." he started. Phantom raised a hand.

"Stop there. I'm sick... I don't want to see any Games today." Peta was shocked. 'Phantom would never turn down an opportunity to see a War Game... He must be very ill,' he thought.

"Are you alright? I've never known you to not want to see a Game before," Peta worried. Phantom shrugged his shoulders.

"I just want to be alone with you today," he mumbled. Peta frowned again.

"Oh... Okay, I'll cancel the Games for today." He bowed. Phantom smiled.

"You don't need to bow to me anymore, my love," he said in his sly voice. Peta blushed. He glanced around the room.

"Are you crazy? What if someone heard? We can't afford to let everyone find out about us now!" he hissed, slightly annoyed at Phantom for calling him that when the doors were wide open.

"Don't need to get so testy, Peta," Phantom replied coldly. Peta sighed.

"You don't need to get angry again. You need to relax..." he said. "Let me massage you!" Phantom neither accepted nor declined the offer. The prospect of getting a nice relaxing (and slightly arousing) massage from the one he loved dearly was a good, but Peta's massages were not to be desired as he usually accidentally carved up your back with his claw-like nails. Peta stepped towards him expectantly, rubbing his hands together. Phantom bit his lip. He liked the pain, but he couldn't risk it. Whenever Peta saw blood, he craved it madly. So, if Peta saw Phantom's blood, he might go in frenzy, maybe even draining all the blood in Phantom's body. He shook his head.

"No. No massage," he said quickly. Peta dropped his arms, rejected. Phantom smiled sweetly. He leaned forward and whispered into Peta's ear in a mischievous voice.

"Maybe tonight... If you get what I mean..." Peta blushed and pulled away.

"I'll cancel the Games at once!" he said briskly. He made to leave when Phantom caught his arm. Peta started and looked at Phantom. He was standing now. He pulled the long-haired boy to his body and wrapped his arms around him. Peta shivered as he felt Phantom's hot breath on his neck. He felt Phantom squeeze him tightly, guiding him closer to his cold body. Peta was so close now, he could have heard Phantom's heartbeat: if he had a heart.

"What's the rush, sexy?" he whispered. Peta froze. He closed his eyes.

"Phantom, not now...Someone might see us..." he started but Phantom cut him off by saying,

"Didn't you say that last time?" Phantom then put his mouth to Peta's neck and kissed him. Peta stood there. There was no point trying to struggle against him. Not that Phantom was physically stronger than him. No, not at all. It was Phantom's 'spoiled-brat' personality. If he wanted something, he was going to get it. This was true for everything: power, ARMs, sex... Peta opened his eyes and turned his head to face Phantom. He gave Phantom his most evil glare.

"Phantom. Not now." Phantom's eyes met Peta's.

"But I want it now," he whined, his 'spoiled-brat' personality coming through. Peta stepped away from him.

"No," he said. "We can't. Not here. Don't you understand that if we're found out we would never live it down?" Phantom scowled. He folded his arms.

"But it doesn't matter. Thanks to you, my enemies all know I'm gay now, plus Rolan," he said in an angry tone. "I can't see why not..." Peta stroked Phantom's face.

"Not now," he said, and then he turned around and swept from the room. Phantom sighed and returned to his throne.