Nya...here's my oneshot! I got inspired because, you see, me and my friends are making a new manga...but it isn't quite working...lolz...

I'll be quite surprised if one of the people in our manga group actually reads this. Because, that would be totally insane. And I don't know anyone who actually reads PoT fanfiction...meh...

Oh. Yays.

Hyoutei was working on a new project. That had absolutely nothing to do with tennis.

What was it, you may ask?

A manga project. Yes, the characters in a manga called Prince of Tennis decided to make their own manga.

Psh. Yeah right. I'll bet they'll fail. Horribly.

"So, what are we supposed to do first?" Shishido asked, twitching.

"Um...I have absolutely no idea," Mukahi said.

"Idiot, you're the leader of this thing."

"No, Atobe is. He's the one who created this whole project."

"And why exactly did he create this, may I ask you?"

"Because...he's stupid?"

"Good point. But I still don't get why we have to put up with this."

"Because he's the captain of the tennis team and if we don't listen to him he'll kick us off the regulars."


"Yeah, great."

"So, what now?"

Atobe began fiddling with his tennis racket. "Ore-sama does not know..."

"You're the idiot who created this thing, you MUST know what you're supposed to do," Shishido protested.

"As Ore-sama just said, Ore-sama does not know."

"You suck..."

"Ore-sama does not..."

"Yes you do!"

"I'm emo," Jirou said randomly.


"Um, yeah, Jirou, you're emo," Shishido said. "And Mukahi's the smartest scientist in the world."

Jirou pouted. "That's not a nice thing to sa-!" He was cut off abruptly? Why? Guess...

He fell asleep. Great.


"Um, anyways, why are we here again?" Mukahi asked.

"Ore-sama has thought up of a manga project we could all work on."

"Really? So, do you have any idea what the heck it's supposed to be about?"

"Ore-sama was thinking it should be about somebody who has magical powers, and he carries a sword!"

Shishido coughed. "Hm, a guy with a sword. Wow, it sounds SO familiar. Wait, I know! It sounds alot like...BLEACH!"

Atobe frowned. "Ore-sama was just giving a suggestion."

"I know!" Mukahi shouted out. "Let's make it this really stupid guy who doesn't know anything but then becomes really really strong!"

"Like a ninja?" Shishido asked.


"Sorry kiddo, the idea's already been taken."

"Really?! BY WHO?!"

"Um, I think it was called 'Naruto'."

"What? You mean as in the thing they put in ramen?"

"...Not going to comment on that one. Anyways, any other suggestions?"

Oshitari pushed up his glasses. "Perhaps it could take on a completely random theme to it?"

"What? Like Gintama?"

"HOW IS IT THAT YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT MANGA?!?!?!" Mukahi shouted at Shishido, slamming his hands down on the table in frustration. "DAMMIT!!!"

"...Um, because I just do?"


"Ore-sama has an idea."

Shishido rolled his eyes. "What?"

"Ore-sama thnks that Ore-sama should be in the manga."

"Sorry, but it's already taken."

"Oh really now? By whom?"


"I think Shishido's acting a bit too dramatic about this whole...manga buisness," Oshitari stated.

"I AM NOT!" Shishido countered.

"Yes you are..."

"I am most absolutely DEFINITELY not."

"How did we get dragged into this mess, exactly?" Hiyoshi asked.

"No idea..."

"Ore-sama wants a manga to be finished by this Friday!" Atobe said stubbornly.

Shishido had an incredulous look on his face. "Are you crazy, Atobe? That's only like, four days away! WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH YOU?!?!?!"

Atobe snorted. Yes, he snorted. "Ore-sama thinks you have the ability to finish it in time."

"I thought we were supposed to be focused on tennis, not some...stupid manga thing."

"We are focused on tennis. We're developing our geometric knowledge that we can use on the courts."

"Say wha?" Mukahi looked confused. "Wait, what does manga have to do with geometry anyway?"


"Um, drawing is kind of like geometry, right?" Ootori said. "So, maybe it helps?"


"Right, anyways, what should we do now?"

"I have NO idea."

"Ore-sama has another idea."


"Absolutely fantastic."

"ZOMG there's a chicken eating cactus," Mukahi said dully.


"What? I'm emo."

"Oh yes, you're emo." Shishido rolled his eyes. "And I'm a GIRL."

"Oh, really? That's nice..." Mukahi sighed. Yes, he SIGHED. Oh, what has the world come to?!

"...He didn't respond like I thought he would."


"Gakuto, what's wrong?" Oshitari asked.

Mukahi began slapping the table with his English textbook. "I hate manga."

"But you said you liked it! What the heck is up with that? You were readingg all this girly stuff like Fruits Basket and Vampire Game!" Shishido cried out.

"Vampire Game? Is that even a manga?"


"Okay...anyways, what now?"

"No clue."

Atobe coughed. "As Ore-sama was saying, Ore-sama thinks that we should have a guy getting killed with a violin in this piece." He coughed again.

"Do you need a cough drop?" Mukahi asked.

"No, why?"

"Oh, because, you know, you were coughing and all that, and I was wondering if you needed a cough drop."


"Is Hong Kong a country or is it a part of China?" Jirou asked. No one knows how he woke up. And no one really cares.


"Please don't tell me he just asked that," Shishido said.

"Well, there is a valid reason on why he's confused about that." Oshitari fiddled with his glasses. "You see, Hong Kong was originally a part of England for about 97 years, but it went back to China recently."

"Oh, so Hong Kong's like, right next to England then?" Mukahi asked.



"Okay, anyways, maybe we should have someone choke on a cactus," Mukahi continued.

"Or get killed by a flying piano," Shishido murmured.

"Maybe Harry Potter can come and kill someone," Jirou suggested.

"Or someone can get killed by flying carrots."

"Someone can get killed because a computer got dropped onto them."

"There's a nuclear war which causes major global warming and everyone drowns."

"DELL gets out of buisness and everyone's devestated and they commit suicide."

"This kid gets banished from society and decides to kill himself."

"Maybe we should mix up all the manga and anime together. Like, the popular ones."

"Someone's already done that."


"The person who created Gintama, that's who."


"I'm sorry, but Gintama was just retarded."



Atobe sighed. "Ore-sama does not get why everyone has to die in our manga piece."

"It's because you just made eveyone emo. Gosh, Atobe, so stupid. Just live a little, okay?" Shishido was bitching. Which was Mukahi's job, but he didn't give a piece of crap about what he should and shouldn't do at that moment.

"Ore-sama thinks we should give up on this..."

Shishido glared. "Okay, first you gather everybody for some weird manga meeting, and now you're saying, as the leader of the group, that YOU'RE GIVING UP?! ARE YOU RETARDED OR ARE YOU JUST INSANE?!?!?!"

"I think he's both..."


"Ore-sama does not feel appreciated."

"You were never appreciated, Atobe. Just deal with it."

Atobe went to his little emo corner and cried for the rest of the day...

Yeah, I know this was a bit...random. But, yeah. Okay. Whatever XD