Konoha High school

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Chapter I: Hinata's First Day Of Second Year High


"Huh? What time is it anyway?" Hinata ask. Looking at the alarm clock that shows the time which is now 7:45 am.

"Oh no! Fix bed!! My things!!! Uniform!!!!" after going hysterical and searching her uniform in the trash can, she put her enormous eye glasses on and manage to get going for only 5 minutes flat. She usually wakes up early and going at the school at exactly 6:00 am and reads her book in there until 8:00 am and that's when the class begins. But since she's been reading a lot of books recently, she got tired and over slept. And being late doesn't help when it's the first day of class in 4th year High school.

'Oh, this day couldn't get worse!' well that's what she thought when all of the sudden she was almost hit by a black sports car.

"Owww, that hurts!" she shouted sitting on the ground. "Sorry, I was in the hurry and I didn't quite see you back there" male voice was heard, his hand reaching out for the girl. "That's ok, I was just-" Hinata gasp as she looked at the male figure that helps her to stand up. He was in the same age as her, good-looking, tall, and has a gorgeous body.

"Umm, are you alright?" the male asked with a very husky voice, looking at the dumfounded Hyuuga who was still holding his hand. 'What in the name of Einstein is happening here?! There is no way that there's a hot looking guy is here with me and I'm holding his hand' Hinata blushes as she forgot to let go of guy's hand. "Ahh…sorry I……………umm"

"Getting late?"


"Hop in, I'll give you a ride."


"Are you just going to stand there or step into the car?" the man asked.

"Well, I……"

"We're getting late, you know. And don't worry, I don't bite." He said teasingly.

Hinata looked at her wrist watch; the time was 7:54 am. She was indeed going to be late if she doesn't take the man's offer. Still having doubts she took the offer and sit besides him. The man smirk as he looked at the nervous girl besides him. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear: "Hold on tight." At that the car started moving in the speed of lightning and in a flash their at the gate of the school at the parking lot. But Hinata was still shocked about the car moving so fast, even her calculative mind can't solve this equation.

He glanced at her, she wasn't moving and he swear she's not even breathing'Was I really driving that fast?' He clears his throat, thinking that the girl besides him will snap but nothing happened. He was now glaring at the woman 'Is she ignoring me?' He clears his throat again but this time much more louder that Hinata actually hears it, normally she won't hear anything when she's thinking, not even a shout that combines with a megaphone. No way! Did this guy really break her trance?! Now that was odd.

"Why are you staring into space anyway?" He finally broke the silence.

"I was just calculating the acceleration of you car as well as the distance and the time that it took from where we met until we got here, that's all" She said still thinking if it's possible.

"Umm, yeah. Aren't you worried that we can still get late if we don't move right now?" He asked.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! She step out of the car and dashes off.

"Hey!!" Hinata looked back.

"What's your name, silly girl?"

"Umm... its H-Hinata Hyu-Hyuuga, you?"

"Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke." With that she dashes off again

'Hmm, I wonder if she's in my class...?' Sasuke thought as he step out of the car and followed the path the Hyuuga took.


'Wow there's really a lot of people here' She suddenly realized that it was okay for her to be late since classes doesn't start until tomorrow. 'Waa... I totally forgot! But it was nice of Sasuke-kun to take me here.' She blushes as she thought of man who gave her a ride and how she became comfortable saying his name, especially when this is the first time she met the guy. 'Wait a second, did he know that class doesn't start until tomorrow? What am I thinking this is an all girls school, but he said that WE are getting late.' 'And how did he knew that I study here!' she looked down and knew the answer already 'Oh yeah, I forgot. Uniform.'

"Yo! Hinata-chan!" a certain blode yelled.

"Naruto, stop being so loud!! People will stare at us!" pink-haired bashes him on the head.

"Wow, I think you really killed him this time Sakura-san" another Hyuuga said.

"Oh, hi there! Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan and Neji-niisan!"

"Good morning, Hinata-ojousama"

"Please, niisan stop that! Why are you and Naruto-kun here anyway?"

"Hinata-chan, you're so oblivious. They're here because of their girlfriends."


"You know Ino and Ten ten"


"And Lee?" The male Hyuuga asked.

"Yeah, he isn't here?" The blonde asked while rubbing his head.

"Well, his busy and can't come" pinkie said.

After a few minutes, Ino and Ten Ten came and soon the bell rang.


They were in the classroom. Ino and Ten Ten talking about their boys, Sakura mumbling something about Lee being busy and not with her at the moment, and the last was Hinata reading a book entitled How to avoid Stupidity because due to the incident that happened recently (Sasuke offering her ride then find herself calculating an equation and finally hitting a dead end) she actually think that she Hyuuga Hinata, Little-miss-i-know-eveything-that-happened-and-will-happen-in-the-face-of-the-universe was indeed getting brainless by the second.

'This is pointless' she put down the book and stared at her wrist watch, the time was 11:28 am. It's been 3 hours 28 minutes and 34, 35, 36 seconds and still running till the class has started. The Teacher should be in the class 3 hours 28 minutes and 48, 49, 50 seconds ago. Suddenly, the door swung open revealing a silver-haired man wearing a mask and an eye patch.

"Sorry class, I was..."

"LATE" all the girls shouted.

Hinata stared at her wrist watch, again. His 3 hours 28 minutes and 58, 59, 60 seconds oh, scratch that he was 3 hours 29 minutes and 3, 4, 5 seconds late.

"Heheh... anyway I'm only here to introduce your new Homeroom Teacher." Kakashi smiled sheepishly.

'A new Teacher, huh? I wish his not like Kakashi-sensei' Hinata thought.

"Alright, come in." with that the door opened and a man walk into the room he was 6 feet tall, his hair was colour raven with tinge of blue, ebony eye, and nice figure. Hinata looked closely at the man and immediately recognized him. "This is Uchiha Sasuke, your new Homeroom Teacher" Kakashi introduced. She stared at him wide eyed and stand up in shock 'His as old as me so how come he's our new Homeroom Teacher?' Kakashi looked at Hinata and back to Sasuke and said: "You two know each other...?"

Sasuke smirked as Hinata blushed. "Yeah, sort of." Sasuke said while still smirking and staring at the girl with the flushed face in front of him. "Oh, that's good cause she's a committee member and she'll be assisting you. I must say that she's pretty smart, even though I'm her Homeroom Teacher last year she amazed me with her grades!"

"Hn" 'This will be interesting.'

"Well, have fun!" Kakashi said as walk out of the door.

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