Konoha High school

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Hinata slowly opened her eye and looked at the man in front of her who's grinning? "See told you, you're beautiful" she felt all her blood rush to her head. She looked away and saw her glasses placed neatly at the table, she quickly grabbed it and put it on.

"Hey! Why did you do that?! You look gr-"

"Please Sensei, don't do that again." She quickly cut him off.

With that she stands up and said: "Class will start soon, we should head back to class."

They arranged the books that they were previously reading and put them back in the book shelves. Sasuke took a quick glance at Hinata, she still have a faint blush on her cheeks. They walk out of the Library, and proceeded to class.

"We should hurry."

"Oh, ok." 'She didn't even stutter.'

They finally reached class and with out saying a thing. This continued until the rest of the day. Hinata not saying anything and Sasuke staring at her.


Chapter III: Hinata's First Date (part I)

Hinata manage to wake up at 5:30 am and got properly dressed in just 5 minutes flat. "Maybe I should get something to eat." She said and remembered that she neither had breakfast nor lunch since in the morning she was late, in the first lunch she was with Sasuke and in the second lunch she was busy avoiding Sasuke.

She prepared and ate her breakfast. "Good thing I ate this morning, cause if I didn't I might get a headache." (A/N: Did you know that if you skip breakfast, you'll get and headache afterwards. I read that in the Encyclopaedia in our school Library. Yeah, I know! Bookworm…)

She washed the dishes and looked at the time "5 to 6 am" (5 minutes before 6 am.)

"Might as well get going" she get her things, went out of the house and locked the door. As she turn around, she saw a something that looks like a sports car. A familiar black sports car. (A/N: She's not wearing her glasses right now.) Near the vehicle she can see a figure. A male figure.

She became nervous when the male figure began to walk towards her. She starts to walk away, but the male figure caught her and grabbed her arm.

"What did I do wrong, for you to stay away from me like that?" the male figure asked.

Hinata turn around and gasped as she saw the man. It was the same male in the class that she's been avoiding yesterday only this time his eyes were different. His eyes were Red. Bright Bloody Red.

"P-pleas-e, l-let me…go!" the young woman squeaked, and begins to become scared. However, the male didn't release her instead he wrapped his arms around her petite waist. Hinata struggled and squirmed, then again the male Uchiha only tighten his embrace.

"Tell me, what did I do…?"

"P-please, just..."

Sasuke looked at her with unreadable Ebony eyes. "Sorry…" he breathed.

"No…" Hinata.

"Huh?" Sasuke.

"You're not the one that should be… sorry, I'm the one." Hinata.

"I… come with me." Sasuke.

"Eh?" Hinata.

"Just come, ok?" Sasuke.


"Hey, have you girls seen Hinata-chan?" Sakura asked

"Nope, why?" Ten Ten.

"We're supposed to meet at the Library this morning." Sakura.

"Your such a nerd." Ino.

"HEY!!" Sakura.


"A-ano where are w-we go-going? This isn't the way to the school."

"Who said we're going there?" Sasuke looked at her with a blank expression.

"T-then just where are we going?!"

"I'll take you…" Hinata stared at him waiting for an answer. She took a ride in his car thinking that he'll give her another free ride to school. Unfortunately, she haven't paying attention since she was worried that he might ire at her because of yesterday, she only realized it when Sasuke is driving so fast that they pass six blocks in a matter of seconds.

"I'll take you… on a date."


"Where the hell is she?!!" Sakura yelled.

"Who are pertaining exactly" Neji asked

"Yeah! Lee's already here." Naruto said

"No, not him!! It's Hinata-chan," Sakura

"Now that you said it, I haven't seen her all morning and it's almost time for class." Ten Ten.

"Well she's not in the house anymore, I checked. She's not skipping class, is she?" Neji.

"Hinata-chan, skipping class? No way!! Remember back when we were still freshmen she forgot to bring her assignment and she almost cried to death." Naruto.

"The talking piece of shit is right. When you find Hinata-chan's name and the words Skip class, the word DOESN'T is in between for sure." Ten Ten.

"Talking piece of wha-" Naruto.

"Maybe she just found another new Library or something; she IS crazy about books, right?" Ino.

"I guess." Sakura.


Hinata felt that her remaining intelligence and sanity was indeed diminishing, which also happened to her yesterday. All she wanted is to go to school, meet her friends, read some books, increase her knowledge, and most of all making her Father proud, the next thing that she knew, she was skipping class, disgracing her Father's honour, and above all of that is going on a date with her Teacher at eight o'clock in the morning nonetheless.

"We're here." He said with a monotone voice. Hinata looked around and saw a rather huge building with big bold letters: "KONOHA HOTEL"

"Come." She scared, very scared. Despite the fear, she followed him into the huge building. They went to the elevator, no one has even spoken. They reached the sixth floor, their destination floor. And finally found room 1134.

Hinata is now sweating with anxiety, blushing furiously, heart beating like a drum. She didn't dare to move, think, or even care to breathe. For sixteen years of her life, she never felt so tense and yet… excited?

'What am I thinking?! Pull yourself together, you idiot!!' she thought.

She opened her eyes and saw that Sasuke was looking at her, his blank expression doesn't disappear. Sasuke grabbed her shoulder and gently pushed her to the door, pinning her there, preventing her from escaping. They stared at each other eyes. Hinata swear if he moved closer she would have a nervous breakdown.

Unlucky her, he did…

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