Konoha High school

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After a few hours of playing…


"My forehead, it stings…"

Both of their hands are against their aching foreheads.


"Hai, Sasuke-kun?"

"Let's not play that again… if not needed."



Chapter IX: Hinata And Sasuke's Curious Minds

They fell asleep on the couch when they finished playing. And at around nine in the morning, they woke up.

"Morning, Hina." Sasuke said.

"Morning." Hinata said while rubbing her eyes.

Hinata: "Are you hungry?"

Sasuke: "Yeah."

Hinata: "I'll cook, then."

Sasuke: "Ok, I'll take a shower first."

As Hinata went to the kitchen, Sasuke went upstairs to his room where the bathroom is located. (A/N: the whole KONOHA HOTEL is now converted into a house which is near the hotel. I think that it's better for them to live in a house than a condo unit in the hotel. Let's just all pretend that it was a house to begin with.)


After a few minutes, Hinata had prepared their breakfast. She went upstairs to tell Sasuke that it was all done and they could eat now.

As she opened the door, the other door across the room opened as well revealing a totally hot and shower-soaked Sasuke. And for your information, his only wearing a tiny towel around his waist.

Sasuke notices that the door was slightly open, as he look closer he could see someone. Oh, who could that be?

"Hey, Hina. What's up?"

"B-b-b-break...f-fast!!" she manage to squeak. She needs to stop blushing or else she might get anaemic.

"I'll be right down, after I change." Finally, he remembered that his only clad in a tiny towel.


At the Kitchen…

Both of them eats in silence, because Sasuke was too busy watching Hinata, and Hinata was too busy eating to forget the heartthrob's image in her head.

Things like…

'You have such a great figure.'


'Wow, abs!'


'What's that long thing under the towel?'

...floats inside her head.

"I'm going to take a shower!!" that's it, she really needs to take a shower for her to calm down.

"Oh… ok."


In the bathroom…

She sighed. The flowing water from the shower really helps her calm down. She always takes a shower whenever she's nervous, it reminded of the rain. She likes the rain, but why though? She used to hate it before…

Maybe something special happened to her and it was raining or something like that…?

Yeah, maybe… oh, well.


"There, the dishes are done."

Sasuke placed the plates back to their proper place.


Hmm… where is his wrist watch? It seems to be missing… where could he have placed it?




"Oh, that's right! I left it in the bathroom."


Isn't he forgetting something important? And it's not his wrist watch. It has something to do with the bathroom at this very moment. But what could it be…?

Oh, well! His already in his room and opening the bathroom door. He slowly opened the door, but he stop when he heard the water running.

Sasuke peer at the slightly opened door and saw the most gorgeous female human body he had ever seen in his entire sixteen year old life. Well, not that he have seen any of them, but you have to admit, looking at her makes him feel giddy.

He suddenly remembered that it is wrong to peek at someone when their in the bathroom. He slowly closed the door, not making any noise. And walk back to the living room.


Back at the living room…

Sasuke was still thinking of… the magnificent sight that he recently saw, in the bathroom.

Things like…

'Nice curves!'


'Snow white skin.'


'Hey! Those things are as big as Tsunade-sama's.'

…are floating inside his perverted head.

He wanted to ask Hinata about… her front line of offence and/or defence, but he needs to take it with caution. As he thinks of how his going to ask her, his leading lady also known as Hinata Uchiha, had finished her trip to the bathroom.

"Hey, there." Finally someone had broken the silence.

As he turned around, his curious –slash- perverted mind just can't keep his mouth shut and said: "Hey, are those things real?"


…real smooth Sasuke…

…nice one!


Ok… nice one, bad move.

"Ahh… I mean you're eyes." Good excuse, Sasuke. Good excuse.


"Is you're eye colour natural?"

"Umm… yes. Is it weird?"

Sasuke thinks for a moment, it's not weird; actually it looks good on her. But since she have poor eye sight and bear those freakishly huge glasses, I think we need some few adjustments.

"Wait here till I get back."

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