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Box Lunch Care Guide-

Oops, looks like your Box Ghost and Lunch Lady decided to breed and had a kid. Eww. Well, unfortunately, your new Box Lunch is not edible (despite her name) and no animal shelter will take her due to inheriting her mother's unpredictable personality. So, you'll just have to read this guide to find out how to care for her.

The Basics-

Name: Box Lunch

Alias: Eww, Ugh, Gross, You've Got To Be Kidding Me, Boxy, (Insert vomiting noise here)

Age: I'd guess three...maybe four...

Height: She's pretty short.

Weight: Um...14 hamburgers and a hat box.

Where to keep your Box Lunch-

Your Box Lunch will be perfectly happy in a kitchen, cardboard box, or a local McDonalds. You should NEVER keep your Box Lunch in a thermos or any other container that is not cardboard...or consists of healthy food.


It is best to let your Box Ghost or your Lunchlady Ghost take care of any personal hygiene your Box Lunch may need. Remember to take your Box Lunch to the dentist at least once a year...or century.

Interaction With Other Pets-

Due to her unpredictable and often violent personality, it's very difficult to find a companion a Box Lunch. We highly recommend letting her stay with her Box Ghost and Lunchlady Ghost parents as she seems the most comfortable around them.


Luckily for you, your Box Lunch will be able to feed and cook for herself. We recommend that you provide her with plenty of fast food and school cafeteria-style meals for her to prepare. In no way are we responsible for any tantrums your Box Lunch may have for having to cook a healthy meal.

Misbehavior and Discipline-

Since your Box Lunch is still quite long, she still has a lot of learning to do. We recommend giving her lots of love, but also to discipline her when she's misbehaved. However, it is best to let her parents care for her and help her grow up into...whatever Box Lunch grows up into...

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